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If anyone is making one, I'd be willing to offer assistance where I can. 


Here's a first pass at which teams should be included.  I don't have much rooting interest with college football, so this is open to debate.  Suppose we could ditch the Misc or Ind division for a second Big Ten.  Another idea that has been used in the past is to make Army/Navy the pro bowl teams.



* What are the chances Tecmo ever expands to 8 divisions with 5 teams each (40 total) for NCAA purposes?  Most likely just a pipe dream.  I have zero idea what it would take to accomplish that or what challenges this would present.  Or even if only 4 of the divisions had 5 teams, etc.  Just throwing around ideas.

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If I were to make mine this year...


SEC East - UF, TEN, GA, KY (Gave Cats the nod over Cocks.  FU MuschUmp.)

ACC - CLM, FSU, LOU, MIA (VT got 5th spot so moved them to INDEP with WVU.  WVU in BIG12 is asinine so I fix that.  Worse than MD in BIG10.)

IND - VT, WVU, ND, BSE  (BSE will win 9 or 10 again but who cares?  VT-WVU, bring back the Black Diamond Trophy!)

BIG10 East - OSU, PSU, MICH, MSU (Hoosiers maybe over Spartans but no MSU seems off to me.  My buddy went there too.)

BIG10 West - WIS, NW, NEB, MIN

BIG12 - OKL, OKS, TCU, TEX (I dropped KST over TCU and TEX even though they will probably do better.  Bill Snyder, so underrated.)

PAC12 - USC, WAS, STAN, UCLA (Oregon or Wash St could have made it but I gotta have U$C-UCLA.)

Pro Bowl Teams - Army vs Navy

Worst Team Possible - Hmm, maybe the Gophers or maybe I add Hoosiers in their place and make them The Worst.

I was thinking about making WVU the worst with Will Grier Jr. #7, UF Transfer and now QB1 for WVU.  He'd be Jeff George.

Sorry - no Purdue, Boston College or Syracuse :-P


By the way, Kansas is 9-51 in last 5 years.  You'd be hard pressed to find a team that's done worse.  Kansas State went 43-22 in last 5.  Kansas has lost to Kansas State in all 5 of those years by the score of 217-72.  They streak is at 8 losses.  And for a fun comparison, Alabama is 64-7 in those 5 years, with 4 SEC Titles and 2 National Titles.  ..l.. Tide

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leaving off K-State is a mistake.  they must replace TCU or TEX.


bill Snyder is a pretty good coach, but he doesn't (never had, never will) have what it takes.  

he can get the best out of players that most DIV 1 coaches would not even look at.

he is a man of integrity, too.  

I appreciate him, but he is not underrated or overrated.  I both love Snyder and hate him.  

his playcalling is more predictable than my 8th grade coach, where we literally ran 4 plays, and the Guards/Tackles would swap sides to the side the play was going to.  

he also blows all team timeouts in the 1st two drives of each half, 90% of the time.  heck, usually will blow all timeouts in a single drive, and usually these drives result in a goddamm punt.

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6 hours ago, fatcheerleader said:

Sorry - no Purdue, Boston College or Syracuse :-P



IF I were to make an NCAA ROM, I wouldn't go near it unless Syracuse was a part of it.  No Orange, no deal.  I wouldn't touch that piece of trash with a mime's lightsaber.


No Syracuse... indeed.

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11 minutes ago, Bodom said:

Alright, then it's settled.  The final division will be Kansas, Syracuse, BC and UMass.


Jeff Sagarin's Final 2016 Rankings of both FCS (A) and FBS (AA) levels rates 253 teams.

#62 Boston College

#83 Syracuse

#125 Kansas

#142 UMass


For what it's worth, James Madison University was ranked #33 and ahead of 96 FCS or A-level teams.   National Champs 2016!

Maybe they should be #32 in the NCAA rom?  :-D

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With Syracuse at #83, I'm surprised they cracked the top 1/3 of the country.


In regards to team selection, I made it a point to (in future releases) include the winner of the previous season's Armed Forces Bowl so that at least one military academy is included.  If I'm not mistaken, last season's release of Tecmo Bowl NCAA (not Tecmo Super Bowl NCAA) I included all three.  So as not to fill almost 10% of the schools with academies, this is why I've decided to limit it to at least the winner of the AFBowl.  Now, if all three end up as Top 10 juggernauts, that's a whole other story.


That's if I release one.

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You may not know this but I always have the Army-Navy game as an option in my NCAA roms as I make them the Pro Bowl and call it the Military Bowl.  I even make them even teams so the game is fair even though Navy has had the upper hand in recent years.  I love that rivalry.  Some people disrespect it because they're not the top caliber players but there isn't a game where teams want to win more in my opinion.  I also love their run-happy offenses and think it's refreshing.  A buddy of mine comes over and we play Army-Navy and only call run plays, no passing and no field goals.  We love it.  Ground and pound.


I have played your NCAA Tecmo Bowl and loved that you added Army, Navy and Air Force.  Cool.

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