(NES) SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 - Preseason Edition

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SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 - Preseason Edition




It's been a long time since I got back into editing games and I wanted to share two versions of a 2017 update I have been tinkering with this off-season. One version is a "BASE" version with no hacks added other than what is already in the 32-team rom (in-game playbooks, TE Sim fix, etc), modified playbooks and what can be edited in TSB TOOL (other than the sim codes). Both versions have had the team uniforms edited so the home teams wear their primary uniforms and the road team wears either their road whites or their dark uniforms if the home team wears their white uniforms. The conflicts in the uniforms will be found with the NFC West teams since their is no way to control what uniforms those teams wear. I have not edited the player sim codes other than to use the auto-sim update feature in TSB TOOL. My regular season release will be complete.


The BETA version has all the hacks and IPS patches noted below installed. These are a collection of edits that I like to use in an effort to have a better MAN vs COM experience. It's been a long while since I released an edit so any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to tinker with both versions since they are both editable with TSB TOOL. The only hack not applied that I love is @bruddog's Push/Pull hack. It breaks the game when applied with TSB TOOL's SET command feature and my editing skills aren't at a point to where I know how to find another place to stuff the hack in and point the game to use it. Attached you will also find a text file with all the SET commands used in TSB Tool. All of the hacks used can be found in the SET Command List thread.


Hopefully these versions can help people learning how to edit Tecmo Super Bowl with some ideas for more good edits down the road. I plan on releasing an updated version after the NFL's preseason ends and will release a post season version after the Super Bowl. Enjoy and let me know what you think! 


Game Specs:

Base Rom: Updated 32-team ROM posted by @QBSHARKS

Editors Used: TSBTool, TSB Playbook Editor Beta03, Lunar IPSTranslhextion


IPS Patches added to Beta release:


Modifications added to Beta release:


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Just a note that I updated the game files to put up the file I intended to. This file has the team sim codes edited. However, the player sim codes are edited simply by using the auto-update feature in TSB Tool. I uploaded a backup file by error. 



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