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1986 MVP (vote)

1986 MVPs (vote)   21 members have voted

  1. 1. Offense

    • QB Warren Moon (Raiders) 2,928 yards (3rd) 37tds (most TDs) 160.2 rating (top rating) 13-3 led team best record in league
    • RB Otis Andersen (Eagles) 2,179 yards w/ 25tds (both most in league for RBs - only RB over 2,000 yards)
    • WR Freddie Solomon (Steelers) 50 receptions (most ) 26tds (most) & 1,646 yards (3rd)
    • WR John Taylor (Miami) 46 receptions (3rd) w/ 1,764 yards (most yards) w/ 13tds - rookie took league by storm!
  2. 2. Defense

    • DL Howie Long (Patriots) 3 sacks w/ 4 interceptions w/ 28 tackles (most interceptions & tackles for DL)
    • LB Lawrence Taylor (NY Jets) 4 sacks w 12 ints & 67 tackles (most ints & tackles for LB) broke own record for LB ints in season
    • LB Chip Banks (Steelers) 21 sacks w/ 1 int (most sacks in league, 2nd place had 13 - Banks had 8 more than 2nd)
    • DB Albert Lewis (Raiders) 19 interceptions (2nd most was 12, had 7 more than 2nd place) tied record for most INTs in season

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ok so i guess byner gets snubbed.. no he wont win but he rushed 65 times less then top rusher.. he was a B grade and he averaged 10.8 per rush.. whens last time that happened.. idk.. he wouldnt win anyways but deserves to be up there..


Warren Moon stupid good well done GoATS..


Albert Lewis grody.. again well done GoATS..

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Posted (edited)

Warren Moon is your MVP on offense.  2 more days w/ LT leading 8 to 6 over DB Albert Lewis & LB Chip Banks still w/ a slim chance w/ 5 votes.  3 remaining votes are still out there as of Friday 6/30/17 @ 6pm est 


deadline is midnight Sunday. 

Edited by arncoem

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