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KFC Bowl I

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Elmsford, NY is the location for the first ever KFC Bowl. New York, CT & PA were represented at this tournament. Special thanks to Patrick B. for organizing the tourney. 


I do not remember much of the tournament, other than it was awesome how the Elsmford KFC sponsored it. Spectators from all over came to watch.



There were a couple intense games. Ryan Krebs came out of retirement and was advancing to the semi's, but Brian Rausse scored on a last second sliding catch to Ellard for a TD.


I played Jon B. Pat B. Ryan K. and Brian R. Brian and I were in the final. Bengals- Dolphins. James Brooks got the chicken leg award for a good game on the ground. Final was 21-7. Bengals over Dolphins.


This was the most memorable tournament I have ever experienced. Always order extra crispy.



Had a great time with everyone. Until next year for KFC Bowl II

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