Bloomington, MN - 08/12/17 - Millard's Mayhem 2: Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney

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Me too.  Registered and plan on attending.   Will likely bring a set with me (Console/controllers/cartridge)

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Awesome!  Noonan and RetroNathan in the house things are coming together.  I just met with the one of the heads of the 2D Con today.  We are the first tourney happening on Saturday at 11:00.  I would really like to get going at 11:00 so please come around 10:00-10:30.  I will be there at 8:30 getting TV's, Systems, and games ready for action. You can show up early too if you want too. If you want to get in some practice feel free.  There will be no pre-tournament stuff on Friday but 2D con will be running full force from 2pm until the late hours.  They will have plenty to do check out the flyer I have attached. If you want to practice maybe try coordinating with each other hotel style.  I would be interested but I have the brothers and parents coming in for the tourney.  You know George has to get his game face ready.  


On the flyer it says we have a Sunday time too.  That is an error we are only running Saturday.  There will be plenty to do when you are not playing as well.  There are stand up arcades and pinball games and other tourneys going on.  I will be doing the Injustice 2 tourney on Sunday. If you have any questions please feel free to message on here, email, or discord.  I will be on all three frequently now that it getting close.


If you want to bring your own equipment that is fine.  I know Nick and Tom had originally four systems each but they are down to two systems a piece.  I know Justin Peters, Nate, and Noonan are bring a system.  If anyone else would like to that would be great.  We are 13 systems of as now.  16 would be perfect. 


Thank you all for making this happen.  It means a lot and I am hoping this will be a great experience for you all as well.  


It's going to be a blast.



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Kyle Nelson (thegamer1185) is going to be playing as well.  Can't seem to get him to register like I did though, but he'll be there.

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As a part of our yearly qualifying tournaments, the winner of certain events gains a FREE entry to Tundra Bowl in Green Bay the following year. I'm proud to announce that the winner of this weekend's tourney, Millard's Mayhem 2, will receive FREE entry to Tundra Bowl V in Green Bay on January 27th, 2018! A complete list of qualifying tournaments is available on Tundra Bowl's website.


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I'm booked in the host hotel Friday night. I will post my room number if anyone wants to play. im looking at arriving around 9pm.

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I'm registered. I'm holding out for the millions of dollars I expect to be paid for showing up. Be leaving Saturday morning, heading back Saturday night. Just like Elton John would.

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"It's gonna take a couple Vai Sikahema's to set me on my feet again."

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Posted (edited)

to increase everyone's chance of winning i will be try to "forget" Mort at a random wayside or gas station


Edited by ricor33

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Also I could not find the beer in the hotel so if I'm up for a game I'll be at the TGI Fridays next door.. 

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I really enjoyed my time at this tournament, and @SammieSmith33 did a great job with the tourney itself, as well as having a plethora of excellent door prizes. Thankful to be a part of it and see a lot of the brotherhood. 


Congrats to @mort1237 on another spectacular run, and congrats to @thegamer1185 for winning not only Millard's Mayhem today, but also free entry to Tundra Bowl V in January!


Disclaimer: The cash prize for winning Millard's Mayhem significantly outweighs the free TBV entry, but it's a nice bonus. 

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Great job running the tourney @SammieSmith33.   Really liked how everyone got to advance to bracket play!


Shout out to The People's Champ on his first victory in Tecmo Tourney play.



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Great job @SammieSmith33 


Tourney had it all

- Great Venue - lots of other stuff to do with free arcade, indie games and magic card players that make a nerdy looking guy like myself resemble a prom king.

- Tons of people with 2dcon going on - (I saw Chris Kluwe, Batman, chicks in spandex and portly guys wrapped in hotel pillows)

- Great group of guys between Sammies 38 brothers, the rest of the Wisconsin Dells crew, the large Iowa contingent with @noonan energy (I think 5 hour energy drinks are just Noonans sweat)

- all the tecmo swag for raffels.  wish I was first out and got this shirt

And some great finishes.


This one was right after the Pass block Saftey Glitch Happened

And of course the Championship game mele at the end.  Glad @RetroNathan caught it on camera.  I was trying to as well.  (that's my elbow that keeps getting in the way) but I didn't press record.

Mark Carrier is Unstoppable. 

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Top 10 Moments From Millard's Mayhem 2:


#10: Everybody coming!  This tourney couldn't of happened with all of you coming.  You all really brought the Mayhem to the tourney.  Hopefully you are all back next year.  I have heard of or  seen most everyone at the tourney but it was nice to actually talk and get to know some of you a little more.  At Madison it is so crazy trying to get to know others is pretty tough.  


#9: My buddy Tony losing with the 49ers against the Bills against my brother Mike.  I think of the 49ers as the unbeatable team and my buddy Tony should of easily won with way more experience.  It was funny to see him lose and my brother getting his first Tecmo victory.  


#8: The Raffle prizes: I gave away a 12 month calendar the People's Champ made with some of his greatest sports memories.  It was hand drawn by him.  I believe Cory (Noonan) won it.  Ask him.  He can tell you it was a real Picasso. Also Segathon's buddy Nate winning the autographed Jeff George Card giving him good luck and getting him to the Elite 8 of the tourney.  He truly did give 110%.  I spent many of hours during my summer school prep periods on craigslist and ebay bargaining for low prices.  I tried to make sure almost everyone won something.  If you didn't let me know I will make you a card of your favorite player and bring it to Tundra Bowl.


#7: Everyone making bracket play.  It meant a lot to my buddies who aren't the best and new players that I haven't met (who were part of 2D Con) to be in bracket play.  Also for those traveling from far away distances it makes it worth while.  Everyone at least got 4 games in.  It gives a fighting chance to everyone.  It was also great to see my friends and brothers matched up against each other in the brackets.


#6: The People's Champ getting his first victory.  He almost had 2 in bracket play.  He had Segathon on the ropes for most of the game in a Jets (Segathon) vs. Phoenix (George) it took a last quarter drive to get the win.  Then the next game he defeated my brother Alex to cement his name in the win column. My brother could be an up and comer.  I bet in 20 years he could take Madison.


#5 and #4:


RetroNathan  stepping up and helping me out.  Tom (8-Bit) was suppose to help me run this but for some reason just didn't. I know he did move so he was busy with real world stuff but it is hard to run a tourney one your own.  My buddy Scib reduced him to 4 Bit because of his performance and play. Nate really came through with setting up the bracket putting in scores and helping clean up.  I really appreciated it.  He received a Joe Montana Starting Lineup as a reward.  I couldn't of run the tourney as effectively without them. 


Segathon bringing his Tv's and NBA JAM.  Having extra controllers which we needed two of and an extra TV which we needed and NBA Jam was awesome.  Not only did my buddies love NBA Jam a college favorite for us but other people from 2D Con were playing NBA Jam.  I really wished I wasn't running the tourney because I was jealous watching my buddies and brothers playing NBA Jam. I wanted in on that action. Miller and Smits never were able to get their groove on.


These guys are also great guys in general.  Awesome personalities and super fun to hang around. If you don't know them go to Tundra Bowl this January which Retro Nathan host or a Segathon event.  It will make you smile.


#3.5 and 3:  The Iowa boys representing. I had heard of these guys but to really meet them was a joy.  I played Kyle in group play in a classic match of Cleveland vs. NO which was back and forth until I fumbled on the kickoff and he took the lead for good. I played Cory in the final 6 in which he crushed me. I played Kris Kramer in the Elite 8 and he won in a Bills vs. Giants matchup which I was lucky to comeback and then lost on on my final drive.  He blocked my JJ.  I didn't get to play Justin or the other Kramer Brother but they are fun guys. I think they were all part of the Elite 8.  Partying with you guys would be great.  I  hope to make it down there for one of your tourneys.  I have tried a couple of years and each time snow has been my nemesis.


Josh coming in from ND.  He was classic.  He had a classic game against my buddy Scib in bracket play.  He also brought a  case of Coors tall cans in and had great enthusiasm.  That is what I call class.


#2: My buddy Scib (Nostradamus)(Bills) and Josh (ElijahPeters)(Oilers) game in bracket play.  Segathon posted the video a must watch.  Scib throws a pass and it goes out bounds in the endzone for a safety with a minute left up one.  He then kickoffs and Josh throws a JJ to get himself to the 50 with 3 seconds left.  Zendejas lines up a perfect kick only to get blocked and win the game.  It was pandemonium!  I forgot how it all broke down until I watched the video that is how pumped I was.


#1: The Championship game Francis (Mort)(Buccaneers) vs. Kyle (The Gamer)(Cardinals).  This game had some of the best back and forth action I had ever seen for a championship game.  It was classic.  Mort was doing JJ's with Carrier like no one I had ever seen.  He was on fire.  Next year could definitely see a name change to Millard's Mayhem because of this game.  Kyle did come back on a JJ to Roy Green and then out tapped Mort to score to send the game to overtime. I think the total play was 80 yards with the JJ happening on Mort's 48 yard line.  Mort won the toss in OT and then after two plays fumbled on his 27 yard line.  After two plays Kyle kicks the game winning field goal with Al Del Greco to seal the deal.  He wins the Championship Belt and the prize money.  It was great.  An awesome way to end the tourney.  Super fun and super exciting.  


Thanks again everyone.  There were other great games and lots of excitement across the board to talk about as well, but that will all be in the book I write.  Just kidding.  Thanks for the memories.  




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Thanks for a great time, fellas!  Great tourney, SammieSmith33!  The Jeff George card will be cuddling next to me in bed until the next tournament.  I'm going to practice knocking controllers out of opponents' hands, so I have a chance next time!

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@Lebron of the 'Thon @segathonsovI hope to make it to the Segathon NHL Tourney.  I bet that is allowed since it's Hockey. I'll have to practice up.  My favorite team was the Islanders.

Edited by SammieSmith33

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Everything was great. Had a blast. All the speed running going on next to us was awesome to watch. Everybody had a blast it seemed, win or lose. That play was actually 95 yards I think. I ran out of bounds at the 5 on the KR to make sure I could get a few plays off. Not to many people can say they have a 95yd TD in a Tecmo tournament under their belt. I did it against Mort with no time left to tie it! That's crazy. Mort's a great sport and incredibly fun to play with. Hope he dominates every where he goes except for when I'm there, haha. I'll definitely be back next year.


I'm with you Chris. If I wasn't in the tournament, you bet your ass I was going to go looking at all the other game centers going on. Never been to any game expo before. I know that was a small-ish one but it was awesome. I can't even imagine what E3 would be like.

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      Green Bay WI, 8-3-2017 6:30PM - GBLAN Presents, 3rd Beebe, a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament
      My wife is due with our 3rd child at the end of August.  This is the first available Thursday night after baseball season ends for those in our area.  Thursday night tournaments have been a great way to get that accelerated tournament experience.  Our last two tournaments got us 49 total participants.
      Here is the official FB page for signup  Sign up at 6:30, games start by 7PM.
      Games are played on official NES hardware, or hardware clones with real cartridges, no rom dumps or emulation.  Controllers are NES OEM, and games are played on CRT tvs.  We can do up to 18 stations, but will likely have 10-12 setup.  To this point we haven't had any waiting due to unavailable systems since moving to our Thursday format.
      Official rules can be viewed on this document.
      If we exceed 16 players we will use a group play format, followed by a single elim bracket.  If we are at 16 or under, we will use a standard challonge double elim bracket.
      The entire event goes on for about 4 hours typically, with the majority of the field done by 10 or so..  The last two times we had pizza provided by a sponsor, and we are working to see if we can get them onboard again.  Drinks are $1 off for participating.
      Entry fee is $10 per person.  Payout is 50% to 1st place, gift certs to 2nd and 3rd place, remaining proceeds go to pay for equipment.
      Please RSVP on the FB page if you are coming.  If you are interested in coming, and not use Facebook, you may message me on the boards, or email with your intentions.
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      Tecmo Milwaukee Presents: Who's Next?
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      Game Rules: Tecmo Milwaukee rules/ Tecmo Madison rules
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      2) Coin toss winner picks Lotto Ball. Coin Toss Loser picks matchup. Coin toss Winner picks Team or Controller. (Player can only choose a team 1 time during round robin play. Teams resets in tournament play.)
      3) Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes: Customizing playbooks is permissible. You can access your “change” screen (screen where you check player conditions and make substitutions) only twice per half. This helps speed up the games.
      4) WR/TE at RB: A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. To further clarify, players such as Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, Mel Gray, Keith Jackson and Andre Rison cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse.
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      6) Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs.
      7) Nintendo Malfunctions: If there is an equipment failure in the first half, games will be replayed from the start. If equipment malfunctions in the 2nd half, only the second half is replayed. In that event, the scores from each half are added together to obtain a final score. If the game was uncompetitive or the equipment malfunctioned due to human error, the tourney organizers reserve the right to declare a winner without replaying any portion of the game.
      Tournament Disputes: Rico, Coconuts, Troy and myself.
      9) Controllers: Tournament competitors are not allowed to bring their own controller to use in games unless approved prior to tournament. Tournament organizers will coordinate obtaining equipment for the competition.

      Entry Deadline is 11/1
      Email address:

      Top 8 places paid out. 

      Each tournament has been a huge success fielding a very competitive playing field coming from all parts of the country. The venue is fantastic with great service, food and of course Adult Solutions. Our set up is fantastic with game play moving fast and furious. There is large interest already for this tournament. Don’t miss out!

      Thank you,

      Hardy Nickerson
    • By DetoxScission
      So I know i'm not the only one and I know Midwest Tecmo, Northeast Tecmo and Madison Tecmo all stream their tournaments (which are awesome to watch!), but i'm throwing my hat in the ring, too, because... why not? I'm doing it, I might as well briefly advertise that I do. For a while I was doing Let's Plays on Youtube with newer roster edits of the original game (There's a thread for it buried somewhere), but editing is obnoxious and I grew tired of doing it. Plus I have a real 40 hour-a-week job, so I don't have the time. But I do have time to stream a few nights a week for an hour or two. So... long-winded and all, if you're interested in watching another person stream Tecmo Super Bowl, follow me on Twitch. If not, ignore my post. It will mostly be season-runs, as every instance i've had of playing in the TPC online arena has ended with me getting throttled. However, maybe a possibility down the road if the stars align. Anyways, link below. If enough people start showing up, i'll set up my microphone. Otherwise, i'm just playing various created music playlists in the background and talking in chat. Thanks for reading!
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