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Hex editing help, player names

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Hi, I'm hoping someone could give me a little insight on hex editing player names.  I'm editing one of xplosiv's roms, JBI OG 1.2.  I was attempting to replace phil Simms name with Eli Manning.  Phil Simms has nine characters, Eli Manning has ten.  I don't understand how to shorten or lengthen names via hex edit without screwing things up.  Any help would be much appreciated!



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thanks for the response, but unfortunately this certain Rom isn't able to be edited in tsb tool on account of data not being in the place the tool is expecting them to be.  Thanks for your response

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So its really a pain to edit the names without a tool,spreadsheet, assembly file to autocalculate all the new pointer offsets after the name being changed.


Say I need to change QB bills to something longer. I have to change every single pointer to EVERY other player = 30*28= 840 pointers.


This file I'm attaching will be your best bet. Just edit them in there with the last NAME capitalized. 


Once you are done I can build that into a something you can paste into the rom or I can explain how to do it. 




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