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"Griffey Baseball" Ump Steve Palermo dead at 67

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Most baseball fans agree that Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball is one of the best "games of the game" ever, and a lot of us still play it thanks in large part to the updates made available here. Sadly, a key figure in the game, umpire voice Steve Palermo, passed away today at 67 (5-14-17) after battling cancer. He was known as a hero for stopping a 1991 robbery (and taking a bullet to the spinal cord for his effort) as well as a really good umpire, and in a way his legacy lives on every time any one fires up the game and hear his voice.


RIP Mr. Palermo.

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12 hours ago, Baron von Lector said:

I saw the news, but didn't associate him as being the voice of Ken Griffey Baseball.


Sounds like I need to stop dragging my feet with my Griffey 2017 release.


Must say I'm very excited to play it. My Braves' record isn't great but we've got a great lineup. Pitching's just let us down a bit. Can't wait to take some swings.

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