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The Ultimate Weapon

Mantua, OH - 5/6/17 - NEO Tecmo Meetup Group Mini Tournament

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I wanted to put this in a seperate thread in case anyone missed it and so it could be pinned as a tournament.


Below are the details of our Northeast Ohio Tecmo Meetup:


WhoFirst 16 guys to respond

What: Tecmo Super Bowl

When: Sat, May 6th, 12-5pm

Where: Italian Garden Restaurant 10511 Main Street, Mantua, OH 44255


Cost: $20


Payouts with 16 participants:

1st: $160

2nd: $80

3rd: $40

4th: $20


Confirmed participants:

01. Ryan M.

02. Chris H.

03. Jason A.

04. Cliff P.

05. Steve R.

06. Clarence J.

07. John C.

08. Jon R.

09. Louis B.

10. Francis B.

11. Tom J.







Please let me know if you are able to bring any of the following:


-NES Systems

-NES Controllers

-Tecmo Super Bowl Carts

-Extension cords

-Power Strips


If if you are able to bring any of the above items, please come 30-45 minutes early to help setup.

Format will be informal, decided the day of the event and depend on number of participants and systems available.


We guarantee the following: 

- At least 4 rounds of preliminary seeding where players with like records face off each round

- A single or double elimination bracket where teams will be drafted based on seeding

- (SF, GIA, BUF, HOU excluded from the draft)

- If you win in the bracket round you can keep your team or swap teams with your opponent

- Payouts to the top 4 finishers ($160. $80, $40, $20 if we get 16 guys)


This format allows everyone to play a lot of meaningful games and is extremely fair and laid back


If time permits, we will also have a single or double elimination NFL Blitz 2000 side tournament on N64.


Participants are welcome and encouraged to order from the menu and BYOB. I have eaten there a number of times and everything is great - the dough is homemade every day and they make awesome pizza (I also love the JoJos) below is a link to the menu. Hope to see you there!



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Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday to make the first NEO Tecmo Meetup a success at the Italian Garden in Mantua, OH!

We had 8 competitors so we changed the format where everyone played each other once in the regular season then had a double elimination playoff bracket. The format worked really well and with 4 systems setup, we breezed through the regular season quickly and players enjoyed some delicious food from our gracious host Chris H. (Tecmo Ninja).


While we may have been few in number, it was one of the most fun and laid back Tecmo events I have ever attended. Each competitor was guaranteed a minimum of 9 games (7 regular season followed by a double elimination playoff bracket).  Everyone there was a Tecmo veteran who had attended at least one previous Tecmo tournament and the competition was fierce (there were very few blowouts, most games were extremely competitive and close)


Congrats to Timbone who caught fire in bracket play with CIN and ended up taking first place!


We also let anyone interested (including a few spectators) get in on super bowl squares for the Championship game for $5 one of The Italian Garden employees ended up winning $50!


Will start giving some thought to our next event and also want to carve out time at that event to discuss who wants to join the NEO Tecmo Meetup Groups Fantasy Football League for the inaugural 2017-2018 season!


Here were the seedlings after the regular season and who they initially drafted for the playoff double elimination bracket:

If a player won, they could keep their team or switch teams with their opponent.

Players who inherited a team after losing were given the opportunity to switch to any other undrafted team.

Once a team was defeated and a player switched to another team, their inherited or original team was eliminated from play.


Seedings follwoing the regular reason (decided by regular season record, if records were even, head to head results affected seeding, then point differential was taken into account if records were taken into account).

1. Francis B. - CHI 

2. TK - KC

3. Jimmy N. - RAI 

4. Timbone - CIN 

5. Chris H.  - MIA

6. Ryan M. - PHI 

7. Louis B. - RAMS

8. Jon R. - SD


Round 1 - No Loss Bracket

1. Francis B. (CHI) def 8. Jon R (SD) - Francis kept CHI, Jon. R opted to switch to DET (SD off the board)

7. Louis B. (RAMS) def 2. TK (KC) - Louis stole KC, TK opted to switch to PIT (RAMS off the board)

6. Ryan M. Def 3. Jimmy N. (RAI) - Ryan stole RAI, Jimmy took PHI

4. Timbone (CIN) def 5. Chris H. (MIA) - Timbone kept CIN, Chris opted to switch to MIN (MIA off the board)


Round 2 - No Loss Bracket

4. Timbone (CIN) def 1. Francis B. (CHI) - Timbone kept CIN, Mort kept CHI

6. Ryan M. (RAI) def 7. Louis B. (KC) - Ryan kept RAI, Louis kept KC


Round 2 - 1 Loss Bracket

2. TK (PIT) def 8. Jon R. (DET) - TK kept PIT, Jon R. Eliminated after 2nd loss

3. Jimmy (PHI) def Chris H. (MIN) - Jimmy kept PHI, Chris H. Eliminated after 2nd loss


Round 3 - No Loss Bracket

4. Timbone (CIN) def 6. Ryan M. (RAI) - Timbone kept CIN, Ryan kept RAI


Round 3 - 1 Loss Bracket

7. Louis (KC) def 2. TK (PIT) - Louis kept KC, TK eliminated after 2nd loss

1. Francis (CHI) def 3. Jimmy (PHI) - Francis kept CHI, Jimmy eliminated after 2nd loss


Round 4 - 1 Loss Bracket

7. Louis (KC) def 1. Francis B. (CHI) - Louis stole CHI, Francis eliminated after 2nd loss


Round 5 - 1 Loss Bracket

6. Ryan (RAI) def 7. Louis (CHI) - Ryan stole CHI, Louis eliminated after 2nd loss


Round 6

6. Ryan (CHI) def Timbone (CIN) - Ryan kept CHI, Timbone kept CIN (1st loss)


Round 7

3. Timbone (CIN) def Ryan (CHi) - Timbone 1st place - $120, Ryan eliminated after 2nd loss, 2nd place $40





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