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Player Conditions between Preseason and Season

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Hey all, I was fortunate enough to have recently acquired an NES Classic and after putting Tecmo Super Bowl on it (and experiencing a lot of childhood nostalgia playing season-after-season as the Bills), I've got a few quick questions that I think I know the answers to, but I just want to confirm with the experts...


1. Obviously player conditions change while playing a season and those conditions are reflected in any preseason games played while the season is underway (including injuries). I'm assuming then that the only "fair" way to play a preseason game is to ensure the season data is reset? Is this standard practice in something like a live tournament where all games are played in preseason mode?

2. Assuming the answer to the first question is that yes, you'd reset the season data before playing any "fair" preseason games, I was wondering if the condition changes that occur during the preseason games are "remembered" between preseason games. In other words, do you have to reset the player data after each preseason game to maintain the original player conditions? Or are the changes that occur during a preseason game "forgotten" after the game is finished?

3. Along the same lines as question #2, I found this post: 

which seemed to indicate that player conditions in preseason games transfer into the regular season...that seems like it would be a bit of an issue in order to maintain a "fair" season (i.e., let's say your star player in the season was in bad condition, this would insinuate you could go play a bunch of preseason games until his condition improved and then go back and play your season game). Can anyone confirm or deny that this previous post is accurate?



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1 - Yes, you reset the season data.

2 - No, the preseason game memory (stats, player data, etc) is not saved in-between preseason games. It will save your team data changes though - playbooks, roster changes, etc. If you want those default, you'll need to reset data each time.

3 - No, this is not true. You referenced a post from 15 years ago. That is kind of awesome, but the info is definitely wrong.

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2 hours ago, buck said:

at a tournament, the first thing I do at the table where I'm playing is go in and reset the game.  the last thing I need is an EXCELLENT johnny johnson coming at me in the 1st quarter.


I LOL'd irl at this.

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