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Team Review: Los Angeles Rams

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Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had great talent on offense in 90 and 91 but did not perform well on the field. Five wins followed by 3 wins. Tecmo was kind to the reflect the talent on offense which makes up for a subpar defense. The best thing about the rams is there offense makes it so they can beat better teams if you play a perfect game

Key Players (for entire roster go to tecmogeek.com/teams/rams/)

QB Jim Everett 13 Ms 56 ps 63 pc
RB Cleveland Gary 50 MS 38 bc
RB Buford McGee 44 ms 50 rec
Wr Willie “Flipper” Anderson 56 ms 75 rec
Wr Henry Ellard 56 ms 81 rec
LB Kevin Greene 50 rp 56 ms 69 hp lb4 lurch
DB Bobby Humphrey 50 MS 56 int
DB Vince Newsome 50 MS 56 int

Team strength passing, fast wr’s plus good RB core
Team weaknesses bad kicker, slow db’s despite the high int. lb4 is just hard to use every down because of sweep plays.

Best matchups.
Vs Den, Minn, Det, Wash, Tb, Sd, Dal, Mia
Other possibilities
PHX, PITT, Cin, Oak,
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Rams

727 b.gif?host=tecmo101.wordpress.com&blog=4

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