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Team Review: New Orleans Saints

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New Orleans Saints

The Saints went 8-8 in 1990 and made the playoffs as a wild card. They would follow that up with a division win in 1991 going 10-6. Unfortunately Tecmo did not reflect this good time in the Saints history. The Saints have tons of great players but not the standouts to get them out of the bottom end of the teams.

Key Players (for entire roster go to tecmogeek.com/teams/saints/)

John Fourcade 13 ms 44 Pc
RB Dalton Hilliard 50 MS
RB Craig Hayward 94 hp (use as kr)
RB Ruben Mayes 44ms
RB Gil Fenerty 44ms
WR Eric Martin 38 ms 69 REC
DL Ronaldo Turnbull 44 rp 50 MS 63 hp
DL Jim Wilks 44 rp 50 MS 56 hp
LB Pat Swilling 44 rp 50 MS 63 hp
LB Vaughn Johnson 44 rp 50 MS 63 hp
DB Robert Massey 50 MS 44 hp 56 in
DB Brett Maxie 50 MS 44 int

Team Strengths: kick off returns, running game, run defense.
Team weaknesses: Qb play, slower wr’s pass defense

Best matchup
Vs. Nyj, gb, cle
Other possibilities
Vs ari, atl, ne, sea, pitt

730 b.gif?host=tecmo101.wordpress.com&blog=4

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