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Tecmo passer rating requirement

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yes, bruddog, QBs with a passer rating "not equal to zero" are listed, regardless of attempts (although in my quick test I had two attempts).  


I noticed that a QB with a rating of "0" is not even listed.  They are listed on the "Attempts" page, but not the passer rating page.  so, add that to the "requirements".  lol


it's all good.  thanks again, man.

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Kind of related question. I've been doing a season and I noticed something was wrong after last game so I checked it out. All stat screens show my QB having 63 passing TDs (even though it was the same number for the previous game). Thought that seemed wrong, so I added up all my teams receiving TDs and it equals out to 70. I figured there would inevitably be stat maxes because it's an NES game, but 63 seems like a weird number to stop at. Is it a glitch or is this an ingrained thing in the game? I really brought this into question because I noticed my passer rating going down, even though I was mostly throwing above 95% accuracy every game.

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