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Tecmo Bloomington XV Saturday January 27, 2018

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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to throw out this save the date for Bloomington's 15th annual Tecmo Super Bowl tournament. I realize this event is still a long ways away, but I know several other locations hold their tournaments on this date. My goal is not to compete against these other tournaments, but to just throw this out there that next years event will be open to a limited amount of new players. My main goal of this post is to see what kind of interest people have in playing at our event. We usually only allow 32 local competitors, but next year we will be looking to grow. We haven't discussed the number of people we will allow for the next event, but we have the equipment to run 16 systems.

A quick run down of what Bloomington Tecmo is about. We are the longest running Beer league tournament that we know of. We've been going strong since January 2004. We run our event in a warehouse building, so the event is invite only. We charge an entry fee to play, but all money is 100% dispersed through prizes, food, and beer. So bottom line this is pretty much a day long drinking festival self funded by the people with a lot of tecmo super bowl added in. Everyone plays for the love of the game, and to earn a shot a winning our custom made championship belt. We don't do cash prizes. We feel this takes the fun out of the game, and makes everyone to serious. Don't get me wrong the level of competition is not easy, but you won't need to be practicing for weeks to play here. We always guarantee everyone at least 6 games so it's not a tournament where you lose, and go home. So if this sounds like something you might be interested in then you can hit me up on here, email me at Bloomingtontecmo@gmail.com, or if you want you can talk to me or any of my other guys at Madison next month. As the date gets closer I will add more details. Thanks!


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