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Just letting everybody know that I've taken the plunge and started a YouTube channel, featuring (at the moment) gameplay in a showcase of sorts of my collection of ROM edits.  I say "at the moment" because I plan on expanding it to more than just my Showcase Series, eventually.  Check it out (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl0R-NHLaukRJd7pC60fBmw) and give it a Subscribe.


As of right now, there are only four videos up that I created in the last week to include:

  • Carmelo vs. Lebron - One-on-One, First to 11 (from Melo vs. Lebron)
  • Sammy Sosa vs. Babe Ruth - Home Run Derby (from Ken Griffey Legends)
  • All-Time Steelers vs. All-Time Cowboys (from Tecmo Super Bowl Gold)
  • Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Tecmo NBA Basketball 2016)


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