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The Many Achievements of Tim Ubick Thread

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Joeygats arch nemesis Tim Ubick has achieved much in life.  I will share what I have heard about this legendary figure.


I encourage you to do the same in this thread.


Regulator wears Tim Ubick pajamas


Tim Ubick wins with default playbooks


Tim Ubick starts Grogan George and McMahon


Tim Ubick taps 18 with roundhouse kicks to the controller


Tim Ubick goes back and b by pressing forward and a


Bob Nelson calls lurching Tim Ubicking


Tim Ubick subs out Jerry Rice and John Taylor for Harry Sydney and Dexter Carter


Tim Buck is 9 feet tall and his beard smells like honeycomb


Tim Ubick recovers onside kicks as player 2





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Bud Lights Real Men of Genius was inspired by Tim Ubick


Tim Ubick taps 18 with his left and right hand


Tim Ubick in his past life was Bruce Wayne


Tim doesnt lose but when he does its to himself.


Tim doesnt trash talk to his opponents he lets them trashtalk to themselves 

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I heard that Tim Ubick has an NES controller input installed in his butt cheek. When he depants and plugs one in, he controls himself IRL running around screaming "LOOK!!! I'm playing with myself... muahahahAHAHAHAHA!!"


Good luck with that, gats.

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On 3/6/2017 at 1:29 PM, OL' Dirty Tecmo said:

Tim Ubick handed off to Johnny Johnson and the cartridge caught on fire. 


I was almost in tears while reading this thread....................and then I read THIS^^^.......I almost died.

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