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Team Review: Green Bay Packers

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Green Bay Packers
The 1990 Packers went 6-10 and dropped to 4-12 in 91. Thankfully for Packers fans it was the end of a long period of futility between the stand out play of the 60’s and 1993 onward. The teams best player is Sterling Sharpe. One of the best wr’s of the day but his career was cut short by injury. Never forget Sterling Sharpe is always open. His hands skills are so great that he even caught himself upon exiting the womb.
Green Bay is an offensive powerhouse on the lower end of the game. Yet they have little on defense.

Key Players
QB Don Majkowski 25 Ms and 50 PC
RB Keith Woodside 44 Ms
RB Michael Haddix 94 hp
WR Sterling Sharpe 50 ms, 75 rec
DL Bob Nelson 69 RP, 38 ms, 56 hp
LB Tim Harris 50 RP 50 MS 56 HP
DB Jerry Holmes 44 MS 50 int
DB Mark Murphy 44 MS 50 int

Team strength running the ball, QB mobility, Sterling Sharpe.
Team weaknesses lots of bad drones, weak ol and not too many good choices for manned defender.
Best matchups.
Vs Sea, Cle, No, Nyj
Other possibilities
Ne, Atl, Ind, Phx
Stretching it
Watch the video below as we go further in depth on the Lions.

623 b.gif?host=tecmo101.wordpress.com&blog=4

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