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2 minutes ago, Maynard_G_Krebs said:

Yesterday's Red Zone channel pandering to the military was brutal. For those not watching, or who didn't read about it, anytime yesterday that someone tweeted "SaluteTheTroops," $5 would be donated by the NFL to their military-based nonprofit partners. Obviously, any donated money to military veterans is a good thing. The Red Zone channel host, however, was in full on telethon mode. And the pandering... oh, the pandering. The NFL is in massive walk-back mode on all of this military stuff, despite the fact that military presence in NFL programming has historically far exceeded that of any other professional sport by a wide margin.


The NFL handled the whole anthem protesting thing like complete chumps (both the players protesting and league management - but mainly the protesters, which caused the entire league to look like idiots).  See my post here to show the difference between the NFL and NHL.


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Looks like if you are a war vet who turns down a trip to a aints game, due to anthem protests, you are "sad and devicive". 




But that's Typical backwards bullsit, these days.


and it shows that a man gives honor to an award, the award does not honor the man.

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Was last weekend Veteran's Day Weekend?  That could explain the overtly patriotic display last weekend.  But be as it may, it makes it even more disgusting given the blatant hypocrisy on display whenever the players protest the National Anthem, and the NFL establishment barring the owners are just sitting by and allowing it to continue.


Time for Roger Goodell to go.  He is no longer a commissioner in my eyes but a politician.

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Now for my weekly power rankings, and boy did a few things the last couple of weeks really show me a lot.  Here are the results for this week:


32.  Cleveland Browns (0-8):  The best week of the year for the Cleveland Browns.  Why?  It's their bye week.


31.  San Francisco 49ers (0-9):  I do not think any NFL franchise as a more pathetic quarterback than the guy they plucked up in the draft earlier this year.  In fact, maybe it's just me, but the 49ers look so much worse now than they did with Brian Hoyer under center.  Like how does a guy like that fail to complete a single fucking pass throughout 4 quarters!?


30.  New York Giants (1-7):  And finally, one of two NFL teams that best exemplified by three simple words:  Zero fucks given!


29.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6):  Talk about shockingly bad.  Ever since beating a Mike Glennon-led Chicago Bears squad as well as snuffing out a win against the Giants, the Bucs have become next to useless overall.  What makes their situation even worse is that Jameis Winston is out, Mike Evans is suspended for a game, and the team has no direction or leadership to think of whatsoever.


28.  Denver Broncos (3-5):  Ever since that embarrassing home showing against the Giants following their bye week, the Broncos have done everything in their power to make themselves out to be equally unmotivated to do anything that even remotely resembles trying to win a football game.  That's what you get when you sign players like Demarius Thomas and Von Miller to such explosively expensive contracts that they stop giving a fuck, and the entire coaching staff refuses to do anything to rally the team to start winning again.  Because things like job security has a tendency to make players and coaches to stop trying.  We're heading into the dark ages, and frankly I think it is time to blow the whole organization up.  If there's any consolation at all, if we go winless the rest of the way, and the Bucs and Giants win a couple more games, we might land a solid NFL quarterback next year in the draft.


27.  Houston Texans (3-5):  At least the Texans have every excuse to be ranked this goddamn low on the power rankings.  Their entire defensive line is on injury reserve as well as their superstar rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson.  Now the Texans pretty much have nothing left to help them do the one thing that matters most, and that's win football games.  If there is a plus side, the Texans at least feel less like a trash tier franchise at this point in time and more like a longshot.  But at this point in time, their situation looks far more dire than any other longshot currently, including.....


26.  Indianapolis Colts (3-6):  I contemplated ranking the Colts a little lower, but a win is a win, and a win against the Texans pretty much validates that they are just marginally superior to the goddamn Texans.  Given that they still have another game against them, as well as a matchup against the hapless Broncos, a 5-win season awaits Indianapolis!


25.  Cincinnati Bengals (3-5):  That bye week essentially killed off whatever momentum the franchise may have had following an 0-3 start.  They have since then gone 1-2, with that one win having come against the goddamn Colts of all teams.  Through all intents and purposes, they're pretty much the Browns best bet at a win this season.  Marvin Lewis, you may very well be on the hot seat right now...provided of course the fact that you're black as well as likely finish with a 4-12 record happen to not be excuse enough to keep you around another season.


24.  LA Chargers (3-5):  Boy, am I looking forward to that matchup against the Bungles soon, aren't I?  Answer:  No fucking way.  To quote Urinating Tree over on YouTube, FUCK YOU, STAMOS!


23.  Green Bay Packers (4-4):  Of all the 4-win teams so far this season, the Packers by far look the least impressive.  Once again, it's hard to pick this squad to win very many games without Aaron Rodgers, isn't it?  Alongside the Bungles, this is probably the next best shot at a win for the pathetic Browns this season.  Except even then, I somehow doubt the Browns will ever figure that out.  Packers, you may be looking at 5 or 6 wins this year!


22.  Chicago Bears (3-5):  Heading into this week, it must have slipped through the cracks the fact that the Bears actually had their bye this week.  Be as it may, I actually like for the Bears to rally past longshot status and become a dark horse in the near future.  Even though Mitch Trubisky isn't anything special so far in his rookie year, he can at least manage a Chicago Bears offense to a few victories while their defense does all the work.  The only question remains as to whether or not the Bears will ultimately flounder like the Broncos following their bye week.


21.  New York Jets (4-5):  One of many NFL teams that refuse to go away, even though their talent level is severely lacking.  They continue to overachieve well past their talent level and stealing games from mediocre-to-bad football teams.  Still, they did manage to beat the Jaguars and Bills this year, and both teams actually look like playoff contenders.  They are the very definition of what a dark horse team looks like; by all accounts shouldn't be that good, and yet they refuse to go away all the same.  They could even potentially get a giftwrapped win from the Patriots during the season finale; it is a possibility, after all.


20.  Arizona Cardinals (4-4):  Maybe if the 49ers had a quarterback that knew how to throw a football, the Cardinals wouldn't have won.  Be as it may, Adrien Peterson is the only reason the Cardinals are anywhere near dark horse candidates at the halfway mark of the season at all.  If Drew Stanton can continue to play mistake-free football the rest of the way, and Peterson continues to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders, the Cardinals can turn things around and at the very least leave an impact on the playoff hunt at large.  I'm not saying they'll make the playoffs.  But they still have two games against the Seahawks and a rematch with the Rams; anything can happen in those three games.


19.  Miami Dolphins (4-4):  I suppose the Dolphins are really going to miss Jay Ajayi going forward.  But to be fair, Adam Gase is pretty much doing everything that he can to try and right the ship before this current season becomes lost to them.  But in spite of his best efforts, the Dolphins merely look somewhat average and limp at best.  They do look modestly better, albeit in defeat.  But for now, they just look like a meh team.


18.  Oakland Raiders (4-5):  The Raiders had unwittingly dug themselves into an 0-4 hole following a 2-0 start.  And now they are steadily digging themselves out of it.  Given the fact that the Broncos now suck, and the Chiefs are slowing down quite a bit, the Raiders could very well find themselves stealing the division right from under their noses.  They did beat the Chiefs a couple weeks ago, after all; one more win against them, and the Raiders would own the tie-breaker.


17.  Baltimore Ravens (4-5):  The Ravens are exactly where they need to be and where everybody's expecting them to be...smack dab in the middle of the power rankings.  They simply stink of mediocrity.


16.  Atlanta Falcons (4-4):  On the bright side Falcons, you didn't wait until half time before choking the game away; you did it in the second quarter.  Let me guess; Juilio Jones was given a huge contract extension in the offseason!?  If so, it's no wonder the chemistry between him and Matt Ryan is off, and the Falcons don't know how to close out games.


15.  Detroit Lions (4-4):  Truth be told, I never thought that the Lions were awful; they simply struggled against the Panthers, Saints, Steelers, and had victory stolen from them by the refs against the Falcons.  It's not like the Lions weren't giving it their all against some really good football teams.  They are even one of two teams so far to have beaten the Vikings, so if they are to run the table the rest of the way, and get a bit of outside help against the Vikings as well, they can still win the division.


14.  Washington Redskins (4-4):  The very definition of a dark horse football team; they refuse to go away; they continue to find ways to beat some quality football teams; and yet all their losses so far have been against some of the league's finest football squad.  They're not rated any higher because as of this moment, several other football squads including the Seahawks have a much clearer path to the playoffs than the Redskins do.  Still, they continue to show the kind of resilience that I witnessed in Seattle, and they can make the playoffs and possibly even make a bit of noise.  But those are some very big "ifs."


13.  Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3):  I was worried for a moment.  At first, I thought the Jaguars would get right back to losing.  But alas, they got the bye, and then they got the Bungles.  It took them until the 4th quarter as well as an AJ Green ejection to help them out, but the Jaguars were able to put the game away eventually.  I'm not totally onboard the Jaguars train yet--let's just say, if this particular squad were to reach the Super Bowl, doesn't matter who it is against, they would most likely end up losing.  Still, they've got a Super Bowl-caliber defensive line and are one of the very few football teams of the season whose offensive line doesn't suck ass!  That in of itself is amazing.


12.  Tennessee Titans (5-3):  As pedestrian and limp the Titans have looked all season long, they at least hold the current tie-breaker against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They don't even do anything all that well except score when they reach the end zone.  But that may just be enough to at least clinch a playoff spot given their piss easy schedule that includes teams like Cincinnati, Houston, Indianapolis, Arizona, and San Francisco (the Steelers and Rams do look like intimidating foes for them though, and they still need to settle the tie-breaker against the Jags during the season finale).  Overall, 10-6, maybe 11-5, are definitely strong possibilities, even though it'd likely mean they have to settle in as the 4th seed in the process.


11.  Buffalo Bills (5-3):  I may have suspected that something like this on a Thursday Night game would result in them getting their asses handed to 'em by a team that refuses to go away.  Even worse--they get the Saints next week, and they have yet to play the Patriots, Dolphins, or Chiefs.  So in a sense, the Bills have quite an uphill climb, as a really good start to their season could just as easily evaporate into yet another collapse into mediocrity in a heartbeat.  Still, none of these teams are unwinnable, and if they can pull away with major upsets against the Saints and Chiefs, and at least split their divisional series with the Patriots and Dolphins, then they'll make the playoffs.


10.  Seattle Seahawks (5-3):  If not for Blair Walsh's missed field goals, the Seahawks would have beaten the Redskins handily.  Their defense is still scary good, and their offense by all accounts dwarfed the Redskins by a wide margin.  It's becoming increasingly harder to run the football against the Legion of Boom.  But look on the upside--YOU GUYS LOST AT HOME TO KIRK COUSINS!  MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  FUCK YOU, YOU SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR SOB'S!


9.  Carolina Panthers (6-3):  The Panthers have beaten the Falcons, snapping a three-game losing streak against their division rivals dating back to Week 16 of 2015.  But barely.  Through all intents and purposes, at least the Panthers actually look like playoffs teams, even though they haven't exactly looked all that flashy this season, and they nearly lost it big time to the Falcons anyways.  Still, you grind out those wins, and they can get there.  After all, aside from the Bucs and presumably the Packers as well, the Panthers don't really have any games left on their schedule against notably easy opponents.  They still have rematches against the Saints and Falcons too, as well as a matchup against the vaulted Vikings defense.  So they do have it fairly difficult still going forward.


8.  Kansas City Chiefs (6-3):  Oh, how the mighty have fallen!  Following a 5-0 start, they have since then lost to Steelers, which in turn gave rise to an upset loss (with assistance from the refs) against the Raiders, and then a thrashing against the Cowboys.  Hopefully this doesn't become a scenario where the Chiefs suddenly  spiral into an NFL collapse.  At least they have their bye this week, so they should use this time to get their heads on straight.


7.  Dallas Cowboys (5-3):  The Cowboys with Ezekiel Elliot on the roster are now suddenly one of the most highly motivated of all football clubs in the entire lead.  We may be looking at a 2016 New England Patriots-esque football squad in the works.  But with the inevitable suspension hanging in the clouds, one must wonder if the Cowboys will fall off a cliff once Elliot's gone.  Personally, if his suspension is indeed inevitable this season, my suggestion would be to stop fighting it and allow it to play out.  Because if that suspension ends up getting reinstated right as the playoffs loom around the corner, the end result could prove disastrous for the Cowboys.  But on the upside, Dak Prescott has already starting to show signs of being quite the competitive leader.  So it's not like Elliot's suspension would kill the Cowboys' season right then and there.  Fingers crossed.


6.  LA Rams (6-2):  The Rams by all accounts probably could be rated much higher, but as they continue to win, so too do all the other NFL squads ranked higher than they.  But, there is some good news on the horizon--in the second half of their season, they will have their opportunity to sink their teeth into NFL matchups against three of the top five teams in the entire league, as well as settle a score in a rematch with the Seahawks.  Not only are the Rams an offensive juggernaut, but they appear to have also got Wade Philip's defensive schemes locked down tight.  This team is really, really good, and I await the opportunity to present itself where the Rams actually look like real Super Bowl contenders!


5.  New Orleans Saints (6-2):  Following an 0-2 start, the Saints really started turning things around, starting with an upset win against the Panthers, which in turn escalated to big wins against everyone in their way.  They still have yet to face the Rams, and they still have a rematch against the Panthers in the wake (they also lost to the Vikings back in Week 1, so they don't get a higher ranking than this, at least not yet).  Their remaining schedule isn't necessarily the friendliest of ones--they still need to face the Bills, Rams, Redskins, Falcons (twice), and Panthers.  But on the bright side, they still get the Jets and Bucs.  So who knows what's gonna happen, really.  For now, the Saints are at least elite enough to be where they are now.


4.  Minnesota Vikings (6-2):  The Vikings' two losses were crushing losses to the Steelers (just shortly after Case Keenum was acquired), and then a narrow defensive slugfest against the Lions.  They also have rematches against all three of their division rivals, as well as matchups against the Redskins, Rams, Falcons, Panthers, and Bungles, with the latter team being their only remaining "easy" game left on their schedule.  We'll see just what the Vikings' lethal defense are really made of during a brutally difficult 8-game stretch.


3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2):  Is it me, or was Big Ben's conference speech following that debacle against the Jaguars his own version of "We're on to Cincinnati," press conference from Bill Belichick back in 2014?  If so, we may very well be staring at the next Super Bowl champions in the flesh.  They definitely have what it takes to get there, and they have yet to lose any key pieces due to injury so far this season.  Also, their defense actually looks really good for once.  Who knows?  We'll find out once they play the Patriots later on this season.  Otherwise, their schedule looks pretty manageable, with rematches against each of their division rivals, as well as against Houston, Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Green Bay.  Anywhere from 12-4 to 14-2 seems highly likely at this point in time.


2.  New England Patriots (6-2):  So far, I have to rate them this high.  Not just due to record, but also precedent.  Without a Manning Brother to serve as a rival, the only thing that can possibly dock the Patriots down would be either an injury to Tom Brady or his age.  We could definitely see the Patriots' rankings get chipped away by their division rivals, or against the Steelers.  And then we also have matchups against the Raiders and Broncos, the latter at this point in time looking like the only sure thing for them.  Still, nothing about their remaining schedule, at least not at face value, looks like anything that cannot be overcome.  Not even the Steelers, who as in accordance to NFL history dating back to 2001, the Patriots tend to have the Steelers number all but two or three times and never during the postseason.  Still, I'm predicting anywhere from a 10-6 to 13-3 record for the Pats (if they do run the table, then I'll predict a meaningless loss to the Jets in Week 17, unless the Chiefs also run the table by then).


1.  Philadelpia Eagles (8-1):  As they currently wield the best record in football, I have no choice but to keep them at number 1, where they will stay even next week.  But do not frown; as of right now, Carson Wentz looks like the runaway MVP candidate at this point in time, which is all but an assured death sentence for any Super Bowl prospect so far this millennium.  As far as remaining schedule is concerned, they still have the Seahawks, Rams, Cowboys (twice), Giants, Raiders, and Bears left on their schedule.  I rest my case.

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Without ordering them, this'd be my TOP-10, right about now:





very Nearly top-10age:  DAL


very barely Top-10age:  JAX

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I gotta say, the remaining schedules for the league leading teams (W/L ratio) are pretty soft heading into the second half of the season. Unless something really significant happens on the injury front, I don't envision very much changing heading into the playoffs.

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Of the top 6 teams in the NFL, the Rams have the hardest road--they have to rematch the Seahawks in Seattle, and they're the only team in the NFL that plays all three of the other division leaders as well in the Saints, Vikings (both third place divisional rankings from the previous season) and Eagles (divisional matchups).  They still have rematches against the Cardinals and 49ers, as well as a matchup against the Titans though.  So through all intents and purposes, the Rams can utterly bomb in their three or four tough games, and still make the playoffs.  They will simply drop down to the 5th or 6th seed is all.


In stark contrast, the Steelers have the easiest path to the playoffs out of everybody in the top 6; they only have one elite football team on their schedule in the Patriots, and if they are able to win that, they can then run the table and rest their starters in the season finale and still secure homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.


Although I suppose the Eagles have an easy remaining schedule as well.  And of the Patriots remaining schedule, outside of the Steelers, there are five games to play against mediocre-at-best divisional rivals, as well as a matchup against the Oakland Raiders.

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At this point, I would be very surprised if the Patriots didn't lock up homefield advantage through the playoffs. I'm not saying it can't happen; just that I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen. Typically, I'd say that there's not a snowballs chance in hell of the Patriots losing to the Steelers, but in this case, at the end of the 4-week away trip, it's possible.

The Patriots' greatest opponents are in the AFC in terms of matchups. The NFC has nothing to offer. They have so little to offer, that a couple of sophomore QBs are running wild on the whole conference. You're smoking crack if you're buying into the Eagles/Rams hype as legitimate threats to the Patriots this year. The NFC is playing triple-A ball right now. That the Vikings, Saints, and Rams are at 7 - 2 should tell you that.


The Eagles are legit, and if they play their cards right, could be legit for some time in the future, too. But I have a hard time swallowing the hype train that they have the wherewithal and poise to even get to the Super Bowl, let alone potentially beat the Pats there. The Seahawks are always a sneaky team to keep on eye on; their ability to go from out of the playoff picture entirely to serious threat is entirely possible.

Edited by Maynard_G_Krebs

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Eagles got a hard-hitting D, dude. And a running game. And a decent QB. And a coach with balls. I think they're a NFC favorite right now.


I don't know about the RAMS because I really haven't been able to see much of them, they are a mystery to me.


patriots are pretty amazing, all those white boys tearing shut up with the GOATs. Pretty funny to see them schooling teams, like they did last night. It will be a sad day when the GOATs walk away from the NFL.


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Totally, they seem to be the cream of the crop in the NFC. When it comes to the playoffs/Super Bowl, it's easy for me to assume teams that haven't been there before will struggle at some point. Experience goes a long way in the postseason. The Eagles could be the new generation version of the Patriots/Rams from Brady's first Super Bowl victory. Could be, but I doubt it.

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“Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them.”




watch out - major 1/2 white man afro alert.

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3 hours ago, buck said:

“Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them.”




watch out - major 1/2 white man afro alert.

Hmmm....let's see:


Arizona Cardinals:  Inferior to both Carson Palmer, and Drew Stanton.  And given how many people think both QB's suck, that's saying something.

Atlanta Falcons:  Matt Ryan is a vastly better QB than Kaepernick.  At least Ryan can run up the score board on his best days.

Baltimore Ravens:  Given that Joe Flacco outplayed him in the Super Bowl, and Joe Flacco is the embodiment of mediocrity, I'm gonna say he's better than Kaepernick.

Buffalo Bills:  Tyrod Taylor is average, but far more consistent with mediocre talent on offense.

Carolina Panthers:  No.  Just, no.  Cam Newton is definitely better.

Chicago Bears:  Mitch Trubisky in his rookie year appears more comparable to Colin Kaepernick, but without the baggage.  He is marginally better than Mike Glennon, however.

Cincinnati Bungles:  Andy Dalton and his backup are a more talented duo of QB's than Kaepernick, and neither one of them attracts unneeded attention.

Cleveland Browns:  To say Kaepernick is better than any of their QB's is utterly meaningless.  It's the Browns.  He'd be just as big a failure over there than all 30+ Browns QB's combined anyways.  Irrelevant.

Dallas Cowboys:  Dak Prescott is better, and so was the late Tony Romo.  Plus, there isn't a chance in hell of Jerry Jones ever going after him.

Denver Broncos:  It's not Trevor Simien, Brock Osweiler, or Paxton Lynch that are responsible for the Broncos' recent failures.  It's their goddamn coaching staff.  Comparable in quality at best.

Detroit Lions:  Matthew Stafford is a better and more hungry QB than Colin Kaepernick is.  And that's in spite the lack of talent around him.

Green Bay Packers:  No way he's better than Aaron Rodgers.  Even Rodger's backups are better than Kaepernick.

Houston Texans:  Now to compare Kaepernick to Deshaun Watson is completely foolish.  He might be slightly better than Tom Savage, but just barely, and not enough to offset the onfield distraction.

Indianapolis Colts:  Even in spite of the horrible season they're having, both Andrew Luck and Jacoby Brissett are superior QB's.  At least he's nowhere near as bad as Scott Tolzien.

Jacksonville Jaguars:  This is perhaps the only NFL team where Kaepernick could potentially thrive.  At least compared to Blake Bortles.  Especially when you consider just how loaded with talent the Jaguars happen to be.  Unfortunately, it is doubtful he'd be able to pick up the system and again, he's too much a distraction to gamble on.

Kansas City Chiefs:  Even though Kaepernick had ousted Alex Smith, Smith has demonstrated to be a much more disciplined and consistent QB.

LA Chargers:  Philip Rivers will likely go down in history as one of the greatest QB's never to win a Super Bowl, much less play in one.  You know who else played in a Super Bowl?  Steve Grogan, Rex Grossman, and Colin Kaepernick.  If life was fair, Rivers, Marino, and Tarkenton would all have won Super Bowl rings of their own.

LA Rams:  The Rams are fine as they are, and can do just well without Kaepernick.  Especially since their problems attracting an audience were comparable to that of the 49ers.

Miami Dolphins:  Jay Cutler is an inconsistent crutch, but at least he doesn't draw attention to himself like Kaepernick does.  And Ryan Tanehill is mediocre, yet more consistent than Kaep.

Minnesota Vikings:  The only thing Kaepernick is better at than Sam Bradford is in staying healthy.  He might be better than Case Keenum, but the man is already heavily ingrained into that offensive system anyways.

New England Patriots:  Nowhere near the talent level of Tom Brady.  'Nuff said.

New Orleans Saints:  Even at age 38, Drew Brees is one of the greatest QB's of all time.  Vastly better than Kaepernick.

New York Giants:  If Eli Manning cannot manage the mess Ben McAdoo created with this team, then neither can Kaepernick.  Plus, Eli's two Super Bowl rings makes him marginably better anyways.

New York Jets:  Probably the only team whose entire QB roster currently looks pathetic.  Fine.  Better than three shit QB's.

Oakland Raiders:  Derek Carr is better.  'Nuff said.

Philadelphia Eagles:  We all know that Carson Wentz is vastly superior already.  'Nuff said.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  No way he's better than Big Ben.  Or presumably even his backups for that matter.

San Francisco 49ers:  He might be better than all the QB's the 49ers started this year, but his NFL exile began when he bailed on his contract with said team and left for free agency.  As such, comparing Kaepernick to anybody on that squad is irrelevant.

Seattle Seahawks:  Considering how much the Seahawks have been collectively trying to out-Kaepernick Colin Kaepernick when it comes to the National Anthem Protests, this is perhaps the only NFL squad that could recruit Kaepernick and not suffer much consequences for it.  Unfortunately, we all know that Russell Wilson is vastly superior to Kaepernick, and both QB's are virtually identical in every way physically except for stature (Wilson is short for an NFL QB, while Kaepernick is on par), so the only realistic shot at a starting job in the NFL right now would be with Seattle, and that's only IF Russell Wilson is lost for the season due to injury.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Roughly on par with both Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick.  And not worth the distractions.

Tennessee Titans:  Marcus Mariota is a more talented QB, and I doubt Kaepernick would make anything work with such a pedestrian coaching staff.

Washington Redskins:  Do you honestly think Kaepernick could have successfully led that game-winning drive in Seattle?  Or scored nearly as many points on an exceptional Vikings defense as Kirk Cousins?  Yeah, me neither.


Seriously?  Off the top of my head, there's nobody in New England, Green Bay or Minnesota that are inferior to Kaepernick, and the only team whose entire Quarterback roster is bad enough to be compared favorably in Kaepernick's favor would be the Jets.  He is presumably better than most 3rd-string QB's and at least half the backups as well.  That means he is comparably equal to about ten NFL starters, is better than one or two others,  and is vastly superior to everybody else.  And when you take into consideration the late stages of the season, Kaepernick isn't going to be able to contribute positively to any team under any circumstances.  And the distractions isn't gonna even make him worth a backup tag.


Not to mention Kaepernick is pretty much going to go out of his way to attract all sorts of negative attention towards his teams.  If anything, he might become a Seahawk if something bad were to happen to Russell Wilson, and he might become a Jet in the offseason.  But even if one were to remove the whole "distraction" moniker from him, would anybody honestly think Kaepernick would be that vast improvement as a starting QB for any one team, like, say, the Browns or Jets?


The answer, methinks, is a resounding NO.  The only reason why he even made it to a Super Bowl to begin with was off the heals of Alex Smith's 7-2 start on the season, and his 49ers squad played relatively well in 2013 in SPITE of his QB play because the 49ers were absolutely loaded with talent.


The fact of the matter is, Kaepernick isn't motivated to win games.  He just wants to fleece his organizations while using the NFL stage as a pedestal to express his grievances as one of the 1%, and he doesn't want to work for his success.


Seriously, if every NFL organization practiced the same philosophies as the Patriots, the Patriots would never have won 5 Super Bowls in the Brady-Belichick era.  Maybe the 3-in-4-years, but they would have faded away years ago.  Instead, the quality of the NFL is dropping big because every player on every team (except the Browns because nobody wants to play for them) is fleecing their organizations of as much money as humanly possible, and bleeding them dry.


I say, if we need a celery cap, it should be to restrict how much money the players should be paid at all.  Greedy bastards.

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On 11/13/2017 at 3:21 PM, buck said:

“Approximately 90 men are currently employed as quarterbacks in the NFL, as either starters or reserves, and Colin Kaepernick is better—indisputably, undeniably, flat-out better—than at least 70 of them.”




watch out - major 1/2 white man afro alert.



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On 11/13/2017 at 10:38 AM, buck said:



I don't know about the RAMS because I really haven't been able to see much of them, they are a mystery to me.





There is no mystery.  They invested some better linemen and a new coach, got some recievers who Goff can throw to, and have undeniably the best Tailback on the whole fu**!n planet......Speaking of Todd Gurley,. havn't heard much on this thread about him, just a bunch of bull$#!t about a buncha' teams that don't matter.  Never the less, he's still carrying the Rams on his back and has still got to be one of the top 3 players in the league in contention for the League MVP....the journey continues........

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5 hours ago, ~Tailback King~ said:


There is no mystery.  They invested some better linemen and a new coach, got some recievers who Goff can throw to, and have undeniably the best Tailback on the whole fu**!n planet......Speaking of Todd Gurley,. havn't heard much on this thread about him, just a bunch of bull$#!t about a buncha' teams that don't matter.  Never the less, he's still carrying the Rams on his back and has still got to be one of the top 3 players in the league in contention for the League MVP....the journey continues........


Cool, I hope I get to watch them someday. All they show on tv where I live is afc west and cowboys games. Sux.

Edited by buck

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15 hours ago, buck said:


Cool, I hope I get to watch them someday. All they show on tv where I live is afc west and cowboys games. Sux.


This has saved me frequently. I'm in a shitty New York football market now, forced to watch their shitty football teams.



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5 minutes ago, Maynard_G_Krebs said:

God damn, I love watching the GOAT play football.


And if you want to experience the exact opposite of that, you should tune into the Bills V Chargers game, where Nathan Peterman has thrown 5 interceptions at halftime. 

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I won't edit the celery/salary confusion.  Still, fuck the NFL players who only care about their precious celery.  Unless you add in peanut butter, nacho cheese, or a clam dipping sauce to go with your crackers.  Or in a tuna sandwich.  But I digress.


I am now officially updating my Power Rankings.  I will henceforth be taking into consideration not just the overall quality of each team, as well as their tiebreakers, but also their overall path to the playoffs in relation to the teams' overall skill.  I will be estimating their overall ranges in records.  For example, how does one determine the quality as well as the likelihood of two 4-6 teams making the playoffs?  Well, it's easy.  Let's take two fairly extreme examples in the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders.  The Jets' remaining schedule isn't exactly a very friendly one as they have to face a bunch of teams that I can easily say are better.  But there are two games where it is probable for them to win against--the Broncos, and either the Chargers or a potentially meaningless season finale for the Patriots.  The Raiders' remaining schedule pretty much ensures the Raiders will win at least two more games--the Broncos and the Giants.  However, the path is very much there for the Raiders to run the table and make the playoffs (yes, they are one of three teams that I am willing to predict the possibility of winning out).  Because they also play the struggling Chiefs and Cowboys, and they get a rematch against the Chargers--that, yes, if they win out too, have a shot for a winner-take-all season finale with the Raiders.  The only big difference between the Chargers and Raiders is that the Raiders have to play the Eagles, while the best team left on the Chargers schedule outside the Chiefs would be either the struggling Cowboys or the Redskins.


Hence, the Chargers as a slightly better shot at the playoffs at 4-6 than the Raiders, but both have a much higher shot at it than the Jets.  And of course, these estimations are adjustable on a week-by-week basis, especially as many of these teams begin to demonstrate what they are truly made of.  The only exceptions for the time being are the teams that are either officially out of it, or have next to no chance at making the playoffs anyways.  So the trash tier henceforth will consist of the eliminated teams.

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