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In spite of his un-glowing numbers tonite, I'm tellin' you right now:  Matty ICE?  no.  Matty "damned if I do, damned if I don't" Stafford?  yo.  Yes, Matty Stafford could be MVP this season

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Also, Younghoe, that's not the way koo my heart:  You better get your act together, or your going to be going the "h'way" of that Tampa Bay kid.



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the kid from the Amazon.

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Finally, there are some bad ass teams in the league right now, and these are among them:









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Posted this in the wrong thread, so here it is--my Power Rankings for this week:


Time for some power rankings.  I already got my numbers 21-32 down by Sunday night, but the rest of the list was fairly difficult to narrow down.  A couple of my choices skyrocketed in my power rankings while others (especially one notable case) took a steep dive from my last couple of power rankings.  And here they are:


32.  New York Jets (0-2):  As I said, they're tanking this season.  And be as it may, they were utterly clobbered by the Oakland Raiders in Oakland.  And that's in spite Beast Mode not even rushing for 50 yards in that game.  Not that he cares.


31.  Indianapolis Colts (0-2):  The good news is, they got a new quarterback to start.  And they nearly cost me a pick in that game too.  Unfortunately, even after successfully icing the kicker, they coughed up possession of the ball in the very first offensive snap in overtime, and they lost anyways.  If not for the fact that this team still has to play the 49ers, Jaguars, Browns, Bengals, Bills and Broncos (the latter team they'd probably beat, even if said Broncos were undefeated at that time while the Colts were winless),  I'd be scratching my head figuring out who they could possibly beat this year.


30.  San Francisco 49ers (0-2):  One of only two NFL franchises at this point in time that has yet to score a touchdown.  I thought about ranking this team just a tad higher, but instead, I switched them with yet another team.  Why?  Because against a team that is expected to win the Super Bowl, not only did they come oh, so close to winning, but once they claimed the league, they failed to do diddily squat to reach the end zone to ice the game for a huge upset against the Seahawks--another team whose offensive line is so atrocious that one has to wonder just how they could possibly win games.  In essence, they are the second worst scoring offense in the entire league at this point.


29.  Chicago Bears (0-2):  Another choice I could have easily switched places with the 49ers.  And this team not only got clobbered by the Bucs, but they were so close to getting shut out before they finally reached the end zone with a mere couple of minutes and change remaining.  But at least this team's offense is capable of scoring points, so there's that.


28.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1):  And thus, the Jaguars returned to their old ways of playing like utter garbage.  And it was against a Titans squad with some of the least inspired of coaching you can possibly imagine.


27.  Cleveland Browns (0-2):  I hate docking this team down so many spots, but once again, they return to being the same-old Browns and started a second QB.  At least Deshone Kizer has an alibi having to do with Migraines.


26.  LA Rams (1-1):  At least the Rams played the Redskins tough for 4 quarters.  Be as it may, Jared Goff basically sealed the loss by throwing an interception that was easily performed because he's still...eh, a work in progress to put it charitably.


25.  Buffalo Bills (1-1):  Congratulations, Buffalo!  You played the Carolina Panthers so tough that even though you only scored one measily field goal, you made a most admirable drive of your own to possibly steal a win and a major upset 10-9.  Unfortunately, Tyrod Taylor dropped the last pass that would otherwise had been a surefire game-winner, and you lost.  Still, there is at least hope for you yet.


24.  Cincinnati Bengals (0-2):  The only other team alongside the 49ers that have yet to score a single touchdown.  In spite hosting the first two games of the regular season, too.  They may have statistically out-competed the Texans, but they never made any huge plays that had helped them reach the endzone.  Don't get me wrong; they're gonna find some way to win games.  But right now, they are the worst scoring offense in all of football--only 9 points on the year so far.  My designation is that the Bengals are most likely to find themselves suddenly thrust into the basement of the NFL.


23.  Arizona Cardinals (1-1):  When I have to go out and say the words, "The Cardinals escaped Indianapolis with a win" in spite of how awful they are, you know as well as I do just how much things have gone horrifically wrong for a once-elite Super Bowl contender.  This team seriously is gonna miss David Johnson this year.


22.  Houston Texans (1-1):  They moved up just a tiny bit due to the occasional flashes of talent from Deshaun Wattson.  Should the Texans now look into investing some talent on that offensive line, maybe this team could finally break through the ice and compete for a Super Bowl.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews from Deshaun Wattson coming out of college.  Hopefully, he could become the second coming of Elway--except this time, actually honor him with a couple of Lombardi trophies during the apex of his career.


21.  New Orleans Saints (0-2):  So long as they've got Drew Brees, Adrien Peterson, and Sean Payton on that squad, the Saints are not going to remain one of the worst teams in football.  Unfortunately for the Saints, they are all old as dirt at this point, their defense is atrocious as per usual, and they are in a much improved NFC South--which features three potential Super Bowl contenders in that one division alone.  They are merely a product of being in the worst possible position for a team of their stature, and now they have to trudge through this nasty muck.


20.  New York Giants (0-2):  The good news is, the Giants actually found the endzone today.  Unfortunately, it's pretty clear that this team offensively misses Victor Cruz--who, now that I mentioned it, was the guy who made all these insanely clutch catches that helped the Giants win so many games last year.  I know he was not much else but a shell of his former self, but you cannot deny just how much of an impact he left on that organization.  Not to mention the fact that Brandon Marshall is the most cursed NFL player in the entire league--insanely talented, but everywhere he goes, his teams fail him and he fails to make the playoffs.  Sad.


19.  LA Chargers (0-2):  Better fix that issue with your rookie kicker; he looks like his confidence is dead and gone.  Those two losses?  They all came from botched last minute field goal attempts, and he even kicked it wide left in spite not even being iced by the Dolphins.


18.  Minnesota Vikings (1-1):  That injury sustained by Sam Bradford is a reminder--things could always end up turning south for this team at any moment.  Their QB's all have long injury histories, and none of them even have the capacity of carrying their teams on their shoulders.  They are still a dark horse playoff contender, though they got to stay healthy if they are to stand a chance.


17.  Washington Redskins (1-1):  Sure, the Redskins are a one-man show at this point, but give the guy some credit; Kirk Cousins is at least a highly talented and motivated QB.  And he even helped carry the team on his back in hostile territory in LA.  Not much else to say on the matter.


16.  Miami Dolphins (1-0):  That game against the Chargers definitely went their way; they could have just as easily lost that game as anything.  As such, they are fine just where they are for now.


15.  Philadelphia Eagles (1-1):  Sure, they may have lost that game against the Chiefs, but they kept in interesting and entertaining for four quarters--even when down two scores, they scored a touchdown with seconds to go, and successfully recovered the onside kick too.  I may hate this team, but at the very least, they could be fun to watch this year.


14.  Detroit Lions (2-0):  And here's where it gets a little bit controversial.  But the rest of this list was very difficult to sort out.  And especially given just how crowded the playoff race is gonna be, we're gonna have to keep a close eye out for a few other teams before the Lions can even begin to crack the top 10 or beyond.  At the very least, Matthew Stafford looks like an MVP-caliber QB at his age 30 season no less.  And while he didn't exactly put up the glowing numbers on Monday night, he at the very least was able to come away with the win.  My guess is, either their defense is really legit this year, or they finally found a solution at running back (or both; I didn't watch the game because I was working).


13.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0):  They dominated the Bears resoundedly.  They're legit.  What else is there to say, really?


12.  Dallas Cowboys (1-1):  Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they got utterly manhandled by the Orange Crush defense in Mile High stadium.  Their defense was shown to be rather awful, and as good as Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot can be, once the latter is successfully shut down, it's all up to Prescott to carry the team on his shoulders--the last thing the sophomore duo would want.  Now the NFC East is officially up for grabs yet again.


11.  Baltimore Ravens (2-0):  Better fix that turnover issue, Joe Flacco; you now carry the longest active streak of consecutive games where you throw an interception.  At least that defense looks dominant.  But we'll wait and see; I've seen the Ravens start out strong only to end flaccidly.


10.  Carolina Panthers (2-0):  Not only did this team come dangerously close to losing to the Bills of all teams, but they failed to reach the endzone against that defense.  Sure they won, but the worst part about it is the injuries they have sustained.  Greg Olsen is gonna be gone for quite some time just to name one example.  And I know Kelvin Benjamin is hurt as well.


9.  Tennessee Titans (1-1):  You went from looking rather pedestrian against the Raiders to utterly annihilating the Jaguars.  They probably are nowhere near the best team in football.  But as is, they're probably talented enough to win that weak-ass division anyways.


8.  Seattle Seahawks (1-1):  If not for the fact that the Legion of Boom is still lethal, and the NFC West is problematic, I'd rate the Seahawks real low after those first two weeks of the season.  That offensive line is probably gonna get Russell Wilson killed; it's that bad.  Like, even compared to somebody like the Texans or the Bengals, that Seahawks' offensive line is such a colossal trainwreck that I was gobsmacked at how dangerously close they actually came to losing AT HOME against the 49ers of all teams.


7.  Green Bay Packers (1-1):  Jordy Nelson got hurt, and it was all downhill for them after that.  Heck, at least the Broncos played the Seahawks close back in 2014 during their rematch of the Super Bowl.  Then again, the Packers haven't done much to improve their defensive unit, just leaving it there to rust up rather badly.  If not for the fact that Aaron Rodgers is their QB, one would be made to wonder just how this team even makes the playoffs at all.


6.  Denver Broncos (2-0):  I am now proud to congratulate my team on this thorough thrashing of the Dallas Cowboys that next to nobody even saw coming.  It's too bad the AFC West is one of the toughest divisions the league has ever seen.  Yes, their left tackle went down to an injury, but at least he's day-to-day and didn't suffer anything major.  And yes, once he went down, the Cowboys began to rally.  But not much came out of this.  But on the plus side, this was the first game since 2014 that the Broncos actually racked up 40+ points in a game!


5.  Kansas City Chiefs (2-0):  A dominant performance against the Patriots and a tough-as-nails win against a really good Eagles team as well.  The Chiefs have earned both of these wins, I got to admit.


4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0):  They barely even moved up on my power rankings.  That's because they battled the Browns and barely escaped with a win, as well as the fact that they clobbered a Vikings team that was forced to start Case Keenum.  Not exactly the most convincing of victories.  Once they beat a team like Kansas City or New England, then I'll think of them as legit contenders.


3.  Atlanta Falcons (2-0):  Boy, this team torched the Packers yet again!  This was definitely a statement game for the Falcons.  I firmly believe that they are not gonna allow their Super Bowl collapse to doom them but will instead use it to harden their resolve to atone for their error no matter the cost.  I must say, it's actually quite admirable, and it's probably the one team in the NFC I would hate to see my Broncos potentially face in the Super Bowl.


2.  Oakland Raiders (2-0):  It's not exactly much of a statement to humiliate the Jets the way this team did.  But one cannot unmask the fact that of all the teams in the NFL, the Raiders look like the most dominant unit that there is after the first two weeks of the season.  So why aren't they number 1?  Simple.....


1.  New England Patriots (1-1):  They are still the class of the NFL until Tom Brady runs into a brick wall.  End of story.

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