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5 hours ago, PockyCandy said:

Seattle can have da hardest hitting defense in da league and a quarterback that is actually a magician, but none of that's going to matter if their line "blocks" like this:




The o line thought they were running screens on every play. 

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Week 1's come and gone, now on to the newest power rankings:


32.  New York Jets (0-1):  Their tanking the season.  Doesn't matter that they played the Bills tough, and I'll explain why.  Next.


31.  Indianapolis Colts (0-1):  If not for the fact that the Jets intend on tanking the season, the Colts would have taken my pick for worst team of the league based on what I saw out of week 1.  Not only does this team not have any talent on any level outside of a bunch of old-as-dirt receivers and runningbacks, as well as a kicker who looks way past his prime (seriously, I think this is it for the legendary Adam Viniteri), but Andrew Luck appears to be going through the same motions as Peyton Manning back in 2011.  If this becomes something indefinite, you can bet that Luck will either be banished to Cleveland, retire in his prime, or fuck off to an NFL franchise that isn't trying to get him killed and piss all over his corpse--maybe even following the same path as John Elway and Peyton Manning and becoming yet another Denver Bronco.  Seriously, I was shitting bricks watching Scott Toltzien essentially absorb all the atrocious display whatever semblance of talent that there is out of Jared Goff's rookie season, because that same Jared Goff kicked their ass on every level.


30.  San Francisco 49er's (0-1):  Believe it or not, but I actually debated between the Colts and 49ers on who looked worse because both teams look like they are in possession of some of the worst QB's that I have ever seen.  I will at least admit that there is at least a little bit of talent there on defense, and they do have an offensive building block around their running back.  Too bad whatever semblance of talent that there was wasn't even good enough to help the 49er's score a touchdown.  These clowns are now officially the Cleveland Browns of the NFC, and it looks like that's going to remain this way for a very, very long time.


29.  Chicago Bears (0-1):  I still believe this team is one of the worst in the entire league.  But given the fact that even with Mike Glennon under center, they actually came so close to pulling out with a huge upset win over the defending NFC Champion Falcons (who, as per usual, did everything in their power to choke the game away), I decided to give them a little bit of a boost.  At least there's hope for some improvement.   For now, they're now officially the new Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFC.


28.  Buffalo Bills (1-0):  They defeated the tanking New York Jets.  By 9 points.  What, you thought I was going to reward them somehow!?  Seriously, against a team that is tanking, the Bills struggled mightily to win.  The reason?  Maybe the Bills are currently planning to scout out the net worth of talent on their squad before preparing for a massive rebuilding effort.  Or maybe they're like the 2015 Denver Broncos, and they're going to derp their way to a Super Bowl LII championship even against some atrocious football teams (oh, wait!  I forgot!  They're matched up against the AFC West, NFC South, Indianpolis Colts, and Cincinnati Bengals this year).  I predict 4-5 wins tops this year!


27.  LA Rams (1-0):  As bad as the Colts were for all of 60 minutes--right on down to HC Chuck Pagano neglecting to throw an easy challenge flag that would have netted his team an early touchdown that could have at least shifted momentum a little bit in his favor--the Rams at least looked like they have been at their most dominant best since the days of the Greatest Show on Turf.  Is this enough to warrant a massive boost!?  No.  Because they defeated a Colts team so bad that they gave me flashes of the 2008 Detroit Lions.  And because similar to last season when the 49ers outright trounced said Rams team in the Week 1 opener (and the 49ers were right up there with the Cleveland Browns for worst team in football that year), I am not going to be so quick to pass this win up as something magnificent to behold.  But there is still plenty of room for this team to grow and flourish, and there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about this Rams team if they played as dominantly as they did Sunday afternoon.


26.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0):  Same thing applies to the Jaguars here like with the Rams, except they defeated a Houston Texans team that is (on paper, anyways) supposed to be a playoff contender.  And they did it resoundedly.  Now, they did sort of stall out in the second half (just one touchdown during that time) on offense, and to my knowledge, the game was won with four field goals and a defensive touchdown.  Blake Bortles really didn't do all that much to help the team win this one (but he did just enough), unlike Jared Goff.  But let's be realistic here; the Jaguars at least have a better shot at winning the division than the Rams, even though both teams currently lead their respective divisions.  But I digress.


25.  Cleveland Browns (0-1):  Similar to the Chicago Bears, the Cleveland Browns did everything in their power to run away with a major upset over their division rival Steelers--who are one of the big favorites to reach the Super Bowl outside of New England, btw.  And even when things were falling apart, the Browns never gave up.  Sure, they made some costly mistakes that ultimately resulted in the team's loss--especially on offense--but that was with a rookie QB.  All things considered, at least De Shone Kizer looks like he could actually play in this league given enough time, so at least there's hope for this franchise.


24.  Cincinnati Bengals (0-1):  You know what?  I think it's about time the Bengals looked this godawful in their Week 1 debut.  Maybe if the Bengals become the Bungles once again, they will finally do what needs to be done and fire Marvin Lewis, and throw their thuggish criminal players behind bars, lock them up, and throw away the keys.  Going from being a Super Bowl contender with boundless potential to collapsing in the Wild Card Round to this, to be honest, is exactly what they were hoping for, and frankly deserve.  At least the Philadelphia Eagles main problems come from their fanbase rather than the team itself.


23.  Houston Texans (0-1):  Yes, I am fully aware of their Left Tackle's holdout that continues to drag on.  And I also know that Tom Savage was quite wretched in that game.  Rookie QB prospect Deshaun Wattson was largely ineffective, but he did provide the team's only points in the game on his opening drive.  No, what I am not too crazy about is head coach Bill O'Brien.  All the NFL experts and analysis keep shoving down our throats about how O'Brien is, or rather was, the best head coach in the entire AFC South.  That is considerably laughable because the guy has won exactly 9 games a season throughout his entire 3-year career (not that that's worth boasting about given just how awful the AFC South has been since 2013).  Yes, it's all because his QB's were quite terrible.  But it's pretty clear that Deshaun Wattson--even if he isn't ready to take the reigns quite yet being a rookie and all--is far and away the best QB that he's got.  You know who he has decided to name his starter heading into Week 2!?  The same Tom Savage trying to out-suck Scott Tolzien for sheer panic and ineptitude, and is clearly on a quest to try and reinact Mark Sanchez's most degrading moment not just of his career but any professional sports player's career--the butt-fumble.  He'll get his chance too once they play the Patriots!


22.  Arizona Cardinals (0-1):  The Cardinals for a while looked promising as it looked like one of my gutsy picks was going to burst into flames like with the Saints, Bengals and Titans.  And then David Johnson got hurt.  And then Lions QB Matthew Stafford worked his usual second half magic and scorched the Cardinals' defense for 19 unanswered points.  And then Cardinals QB Carson Palmer throws a pick-six to sink the dagger into the Week 1 game.  Whatever promise that there was in the Cardinals and their chance to win a Super Bowl appears to be doomed with all their best offensive players old as dirt, and their star Runningback out for several weeks with an injury.  If not for the 49er's lack of talent, the Cardinals look like they are fast approaching the basement.


21.  New Orleans Saints (0-1):  Honestly, I do not know what the final score for this game happens to be.  But from what I had gathered, man did this team get shredded up by Sam Bradford or what!?  The only time I checked the scoreboard, the Saints were down 26-7, and it looked like it was getting bad.  To be honest, I was fully expecting this team to finally collapse into the division gutter for the first time since 2005, if not barely (I projected them to win, what, 5 or 6 games this year?).  However, I cannot gauge properly how bad they were outside of that score I witnessed--26-7--because I was working.  As a result, I cannot act like this is the Saints hitting a brick fall finally with Drew Brees old as dirt.  I did hear, however, of the fact that Adrien Peterson was never given the opportunity to throw the football, however.  I'll know if they're any good or not next week against the Patriots.


20.  Washington Redskins (0-1):  Talk about getting screwed over by the refs.  The game was quite competitive too, until Kirk Cousins threw that endzone interception that permitted the Eagles to re-take the league.  And then that blown referee call cost the Redskins big-time as the Eagles essentially put the game away.  To be fair, Kirk Cousins was the only reason the Redskins even had a chance to compete.  Even with the elite Giants defense and the developing talents of the Cowboys and Eagles, it's pretty clear to me anyways that the Redskins look like they are the least talented team in an otherwise highly contentious NFC East division.  So, I'll have to knock them down a peg.


19.  LA Chargers (0-1):  As a Bronco fan, the way the Broncos were playing in the fourth quarter, the Chargers definitely should have won that game--and probably would have had their kicker not gotten iced and thus the Chargers had a chance to play in overtime.  But alas, they did not, so they can't go any higher.  But in spite of the loss, it was quite a jump from where they were in my last power rankings.  Well, not only did the Chargers play very well in the fourth quarter, but a lot of the teams ranked below them were especially awful, with only three of these clubs having actually won that season (and only the Jaguars won a potential eye-opener game against a playoff prospect--the Rams humiliated an atrocious Colts team, and the Bills struggled to win against the freakin' Jets of all teams).  The only other team that actually came dangerously close to winning was the Chicago Bears (in fact, even moreso than the Chargers since the Chargers would have only forced overtime).  Still, I think the Chargers are a better club than the Bears, so the Chargers deserve this jump in the rankings.


18.  Detroit Lions (1-0):  If not for Hurricane Irma, the Lions probably would have jumped to number 16 after their performance against the Cardinals.  But more on that later.  The Lions appear to be following in the tradition set forth last year where they would struggle to put points on the board for three quarters, only to come alive and win it all in the fourth quarter.  At least the Lions buried the Cardinals this time instead of simply winning in the clutch.  First win in the last seven or eight encounters too with the Cardinals.  Play every game like this, and it doesn't even matter that there isn't much of a running game there; Matthew Stafford could become this year's surprise MVP candidate.  I don't know; personally, I would rather have it where the Lions simply make the Super Bowl and (provided of course the Broncos aren't in it) maybe even win it.  Because being named League MVP this millennium, as you all know, is a death sentence for any squad that even remotely hopes to win one.  And you can blame Tom Brady being drafted for the reason (last time a League MVP won a Super Bowl was the St. Louis Rams--a mere 3 months or so before Tom Brady even got drafted).


17.  Miami Dolphins (0-0):  Because of Hurricane Irma, neither the Dolphins nor the Buccaneers got to play.  As such, we do not know with any level of certainty how good the Dolphins actually are.  As a result, I'm not going to adjust my rankings on either the Dolphins or the Buccaneers, not even to help the Lions jump ahead to number 16.  No reason to do so.


16.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0):  Same thing with the Bucs.  Though if they actually had the opportunity to play, I did have the Buccaneers coming away with the win.  Besides, on paper anyways, the Bucs have just a slightly more favorable chance at actually making the playoffs in my estimation than the Dolphins did.  Too bad both teams have to play 16 straight games with zero breaks in-between, and if you count playoffs, then that number could even skyrocket all the way up to 19 games.  Translation; no matter how talented these two teams are, chances are, both are going to be royally fucked.  Have fun!


15.  Philadelphia Eagles (1-0):  Between the Lions and Eagles, I actually felt that the Eagles proved their worth as a collective team by beating a much better team in a much-heated rivalry.  And in hostile territory no less.  I still can't stand the Eagles, but I can at least say that Carson Wentz looks like a potential successor to the NFL hierarchy (well, if the NFC finds a way to usurp the Seahawks from power--at least Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning will both only have about five more seasons tops left in them, including this one).  Defense is pretty good, and so is the offense.  Overall, pretty balanced.  If the Giants cannot capitalize on their expectations, and the Cowboys end up losing Ezekiel Elliot to a six-game suspension, the Eagles very well could cash in with a divisional playoff berth.


14.  Baltimore Ravens (1-0):  A 20-0 shutout victory against the Bengals.  Either the Bengals are going to be quite awful this year, or the Ravens have finally come back from the dead with a lethal defense and a semi-competent offense?  Who knows?  Maybe it's even a little bit of both!  This team actually took a jump from number 18 to number 14, and is the only other NFL franchise alongside the Eagles to make a leap from the first half of the power rankings to my second half (the Eagles, fyi, were last ranked number 19).  So both are well-deserved.


13.  Minnesota Vikings (1-0):  Man, did the Vikings make quick work of the Saints' offense!  Once again, I can't judge just how good this team is because I was working when the game was on.  I did hear that Sam Bradford played very well that night.  Then again, the Saints are known for their horrific defense, while the Vikings are well-known for touting an elite defense.  Suddenly, the NFC is looking rather interesting, as 12 NFC clubs are looking to seize control of the conference as a whole (I say 12 because the Saints and Cardinals are soon to make a return to the NFL basement, while the 49ers and Bears are already trapped down there).


12.  Denver Broncos (1-0):  Tried to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for the umpteenth time this decade.  Seriously, the NFL franchise to my knowledge love to send more and more of their own fanbase to the emergency room because we keep suffering near-fatal heart-attacks watching this team either choke or come dangerously close to it as often as possible.  The pinnacle of their success trying to send their fanbase into panic on a weekly basis came in 2015 when they went 11-2 including playoffs and somehow pulled not just homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, but also a Super Bowl 50 championship (at least they won that game by 14 points, but it took until the final 4 minutes of regulation to make the lead that comfortable).  I probably should mark them down for their performance against the Chargers, but given the frequency that this occurs, I rather not; we have no idea what we are looking at with this Broncos team, even with new head coach Vance Joseph at the helm.  Even if Elliot's suspension is upheld, next week at home against the Cowboys should tell us a bit more about where they should truly stand in the power rankings.


11.  Atlanta Falcons (1-0):  At least the Denver Broncos came dangerously close to choking against the respectable Philip Rivers; the Atlanta Falcons, meanwhile, came dangerously close to reliving the 4th quarter of Super Bowl LI against Mike fucking Glennon.  I'm only slightly more confident in the Falcons' chances at making the playoffs than the Broncos (largely because the Buc's have to play 16 consecutive games, and the Saints might be falling apart).  Still, I saw more of the Atlanta Falcons than I did the Broncos (most of what I did see out of the Broncos was trying to throw the game away to the Chargers).  And from what I saw, the Falcons at least played the Bears more consistently for 4 quarters.


10.  Tennessee Titans (0-1):  For now, I'm going to call this more or less a convincing loss to what could very well be a really good team than anything.  Be as it may, outside of an onside kick to open the game that defies any level of logic or reasoning behind it, the coaching from the Titans' squad is, to put it very bluntly, very uncreative.  It's like Mike Mularky decided to coach the team as traditionally as possible.  Marcus Mariota's career looks like it's being pissed away by a long stretch of mediocre-to-bad coaching.  Still, it's only Week 1, so there's still time for a bounce-back.  Be as it may, can I honestly predict that this team can take on the Ravens, Steelers, Browns, Seahawks, or (if what I saw out of them is for real) the LA RAms and win?  At least Mariota is a better QB than Blake Bortles.


9.  New York Giants (0-1):  Without OBJ, the Giants' offense looks pretty dang useless against the Dallas Cowboys.  And there's only so much an elite defense like this team can do to win a game for a QB who's best shot at WR now is....oh, yeah!  WR Brandon Marshall is with the Giants now.  Got to feel bad for the guy; he's been around for over a decade, and no matter the talent that surrounds his team, no matter the record, no matter how good he is or how hard he tries, he still to this very day can't even make the playoffs!  And considering that he also has a career as an NFL analyst on the side as well, I'm just wondering when he's going to give up on the futility and decide he's had enough and that he's retiring.  Sure, Eli Manning could pull yet another Super Bowl MVP season out of his ass--preferably against the Patriots, though the Steelers would also make for a pretty good story (both teams have a chance to win a third Lombardi under their current QB regimes, thus the winner officially becomes a Super Bowl dynasty)--but man is this guy the most cursed NFL player in the league or what?  Still, the Giants are at least talented enough to make a deep run in the playoffs; but can they?


8.  Kansas City Chiefs (1-0):  Admittedly, the rankings on this list were very, very close.  I chose for argument's sake not to move the top nine teams around too much, but the Chiefs are literally the only NFL squad from outside the top 10 list from before (in fact, way outside the top 10) that I decided to move into the list.  Why?  Because of their upset win against the Patriots.  No, they are not the number 1 team in the league.  We still do not know enough to make any precise predictions like this yet.  Still, they beaten the Patriots on the road during the opening kickoff ceremony honoring the Patriots' fifth Lombardi.  So now we know for a fact that we need to respect them.  Unfortunately, Eric Berry is lost for the year, which means the Chiefs' rankings might actually end up getting crippled down the line.


7.  Carolina Panthers (1-0):  Once again, not moving around these teams all that much.  They were expected to win, and win big they did.  But by the relative margin and score totals that were definitely within expectations for this Panthers team.  Still off to a sluggish start.  But so far, they're definitely the more, shall we say, dependable team to beat up on the weaker teams.  And since they get the Jets, Bills, Bears, and possibly even worn out Buccaneers and Dolphins teams as well (okay, the Falcons get them too, but let's be honest here and assume that at least a one of these teams end up kicking their asses).  They beaten them as expected; they did so in expected fashion.  Nothing surprising here.  Moving on.


6.  Oakland Raiders (1-0):  They got to move up a bit because they easily took control of the game against a projected top 10 football club.  Their defense looks much improved, and Beast Mode looks like he's still got it.  Personally, I can still see the possibility of the Raiders and Seahawks clashing in the Super Bowl, and I know that will definitely be a big story all things considered.  Perhaps that was Marshawn's plan all along; retire quietly during the Super Bowl, lay low for a year and have fun, and then after the Seahawks well moved on from him, find another team to play for--preferably the Raiders since that's his hometown.  It's definitely going to be interesting to see how the Chiefs/Raiders rivalry ends up going.  Hopefully with both clubs killing each other off so badly that the Broncos can sneak in and clinch the division right from under their noses.  Fingers crossed.


5.  Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0):  They played the Browns tough, and escaped Cleveland with a 21-18 win.  Maybe this is a product of the Browns getting better and all that, but the Steelers did struggle a bit, and merely cashed in on Cleveland's mistakes.  Okay, sure; the best teams ought to be doing that, no matter how good or bad that they are.  But of the top five teams, they kind of looked like the least impressing (which is incredible given that two of these teams actually lost).


4.  Dallas Cowboys (1-0):  I'm not ready to peg them as Super Bowl contenders yet.  The reason?  Because of the Ezekiel Elliot case in Court, but that's besides the point.  For the time being, they at least deserve a bump up two slots, especially given how handidly they won, too (okay, so they only scored 19 points, including just one touchdown, but hey?  Not bad facing a defensive unit like that).


3.  Seattle Seahawks (0-1):  ...Eh, yeah!  Thought about keeping them at number 2 because of what I said, but then I had to receive just a steady reminder of just how putrid that offensive line is.  Not that it's impossible to win the Super Bowl without an offensive line; the 2008 Steelers and 2015 Broncos all did it.  And like those two teams, the Seahawks still have an elite defense in their Legion of Boom (a defensive unit that would be forced to play for 40 minutes and still not appear remotely gassed), and Russell Wilson is still a star QB and one of the best in the NFL to boot.  And so long as they have the scariest place for any team to play in (unless you're the Rams or Cardinals, in which case, they'll just come in and kick your ass for no discernable reason).  All things considered, I still think they're the team to beat in the NFC.


2.  Green Bay Packers (1-0):  I'll give the Packers the benefit of the doubt; they won a defensive slugfest, where the Packers won out in times of possession, and ultimately in the field position battle.  Oh, and in Hard Snap Counts forcing the Seahawks' defensive line into jumping at the line of scrimmage, and still looking for that big play to possibly exploit.  In which, nobody does it better than Aaron Rodgers (Tom Brady's pretty good too, but doesn't normally make a big play when he does so).  Kind of reminds me of John Elway or  Steve Young.  Except boring as fuck to listen to (at least Bill Belichick simply doesn't like talking to the media and is otherwise a very fascinating person).


1.  New England Patriots (0-1):  Yes, they had a pretty ugly loss to the Chiefs (well, a pretty ugly 4th quarter that resulted in said ugly loss).  But I'm not ready to press the button and start demoting them quite yet.  The Chiefs were at least a projected playoff contender and were at least really good.  If the Patriots can't win against the Saints, then there's cause for concern since only 3 NFL clubs ever won a Super Bowl following a 0-2 start.  Besides, I think that even if the Patriots fall apart, they will still find some way to win the division for the 15th time in the Tom Brady era (not even exaggerating, either; since 2001, they won the division every year except 2002 and 2008 when they missed the playoffs altogether).  So, they're pretty much as reliable as they come until shown otherwise.

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Some thoughts on the game last night:


1: So it turns out that Bradford can absolutely rifle the ball downfield if he actually has time to throw. 


2: The offensive line looks to be improved from "Worse than the Seahawks" to "Somewhere in the bottom half of the NFL". I'll ****ing take it. 


3: Dalvin Cook looked good. He doesn't appear to be quite as fast as McKinnon, but he has good vision and looks slippery. 


4: **** Drew Brees.


5: **** a suddenly obese Sean Payton.


6: I wanted to mute the TV after listening to Gruden after 5 minutes. He makes every player sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread. I thought Alvin Kamara was dope at UT, but he's DEFINITELY NOT the next Marshall Faulk. 


7: Thanks Sean Payton fo having some seriously misplaced faith in your defense, and for using your timeouts in the final two minutes of the first half. That really helped out on the final drive.


8: AD should just retire. 


9: I'm hoping that the Viking defense can sustain their production over the entire season and be the #1 rated defense they should be. 


10: Sam Bradford for MVP. Seriously though, the gap in talent between Bridgewater and Bradford is enormous. Bradford has a bazooka arm that Bridgewater doesn't have, and Bridgewater probably won't have his decent mobility after his injury either. Bradford can just make some throws that Bridgewater never will be able to. 

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5 hours ago, PockyCandy said:

10: Sam Bradford for MVP. Seriously though, the gap in talent between Bridgewater and Bradford is enormous. Bradford has a bazooka arm that Bridgewater doesn't have, and Bridgewater probably won't have his decent mobility after his injury either. Bradford can just make some throws that Bridgewater never will be able to.


Oh, boy. Here we go again. Vikes come out and have a good first game against a wretched Saints D in Week 1, and Pocky's getting all pre-ejaculate about Sam Bradford. I feel you, dude. I hope that the NFL is much more competitive this year. But, once again, Sam Bradford is not going to prove a savior for the purple people eaters. Not happening!

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2 hours ago, Maynard_G_Krebs said:


Oh, boy. Here we go again. Vikes come out and have a good first game against a wretched Saints D in Week 1, and Pocky's getting all pre-ejaculate about Sam Bradford. I feel you, dude. I hope that the NFL is much more competitive this year. But, once again, Sam Bradford is not going to prove a savior for the purple people eaters. Not happening!


I'm going to enjoy the fast start before the inevitable mid-season collapse. Let me have this. 


And honestly, I know that Bradford isn't in the Rodgers/Brady tier or even the Luck/Wilson/Ryan tier, but I think that he can certainly play like a Rivers-caliber QB if he has time to throw. If the defense can play up to their potential, then that's all they'd need to be a contender.  

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Early post-Week 17 Top 6-picks.  :wink:







Steel City





cow boysIImen


Camthers ..................  ACTION!!!!!!

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2 hours ago, Knobbe said:

Is Seattle finally going to beat San Francisco or are they rolling out of the gate 0-2?


It's not too late to join our week-by-week pickem, Knobbulus(/@Maynard_G_Krebs)/others ...




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Speaking of "modern day" drop-backs (thank you, Tom Savage) ...


Anyone ever seen Dan Fouts drop back?

THE Most ungainly drop-back I could ever imagine from a HOFer.

Like seeing a moving furniture cabinet, or something...



(like one of these puppies:)    th?id=OIP.60yQYX6RIVZJLfp-xRAfRwDhEs&pid=15.1

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14 hours ago, bruddog said:

@Knobbe Sf looks like a turd sandwhich for another year. I wouldn't pick them to beat hardly anyone this year.  There is almost no unit you can consider to be a strength.


I had the wrong team...it's the Rams that beat the Seahawks

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14 minutes ago, SBlueman said:

Wow was last night's game painful to sit through or what? If the Bengals tank this year, it has to be Marvin Lewis' swan song, right?



 Yeah, that game sucked.  Cincy canned their OC afterwards.

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16 minutes ago, SBlueman said:

Wow was last night's game painful to sit through or what? If the Bengals tank this year, it has to be Marvin Lewis' swan song, right?




Marvin Lewis' playoff meltdown at the hands of Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones was his swan song, he just didn't know it yet. (Or maybe he does?)

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56 minutes ago, SBlueman said:

Wow was last night's game painful to sit through or what? If the Bengals tank this year, it has to be Marvin Lewis' swan song, right?



Based on the highlights my baby prep class was probably more entertaining sans that long QB run. 

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Got any thoughts on Roethlisberger, this year?



Judging from afar (and this is just, judging from afar...), seems to me he's not really into it anymore


... Like Brett Favre, his last season on the Vikings.

(Like Obama, his 2nd term.)  (don't say that.)



I don't know - just seems like Steelers are not to be trusted, with such a dispassionate leader at the helm...


Then again, maybe he/they'll build enough momentum to take it a deep run into the PLAYOFFS, mon.  Otherwise, I don't see it even happening for Steel Magnolias.


(They should be good to go, @ the Mustard Bowl, this-Sunday against Minnie Driver, though.)  "How do you like that burger?!"



Bytheway, AJ McCarron needs replacing the red barron.

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Hard to say off one lackluster game. Big Ben is 35 and after 14 seasons I am sure his body isn't as spry as he once was. I'd be more worried about him hitting the wall before being an unmotivated leader.

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I think this could be Big Ben's last year. If the Steelers management doesn't continue investing obvious dollars to make the team clearly better in each offseason, that's when I'll expect Big Ben to hang it up, which could even be in this upcoming offseason. Dude's body has taken a beating throughout his career.

Edited by Maynard_G_Krebs

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I think all indications Roethlisberger's given are that he's not going to play beyond this year.  But then, maybe like BFavre he's just doing that for kicks, too ...


I'm talking about this season, and doubting his commitment for the year he's in (dating back to the last playoff game he lost - actually - and maybe before that).

Edited by Bolt

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The Steelers were cooked once Bell was out of the loss to the Pats. Once Bell came out the Steelers couldn't convert a short goal to go situation when the game was in reach. The defense was horrid as well in that game. I can't pin the playoff loss on Big Ben.

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1 hour ago, SBlueman said:

I can't pin the playoff loss on Big Ben.


I don't either (not exclusively, anyway):  I just didn't observe a very competitive attitude out of him (nor Tomlin, etc.), before/during that game ...


More like, Brady-worship.


Edited by Bolt

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        @    =  JAX
       @    =  N.O
    • By Respectedgen1us
      Hey guys, I almost feel bad for coming here and asking a bunch of questions. I've lurked the boards for a few months and finally have some time to set aside to ask some things. Please don't be offended by my newbiness. 
      A group of friends and I want to SIM football. We are Simmers, mostly we SIM Fire Pro Wrestling  (before Returns and now Fire Pro Wrestling World). That community is much like this one, we've been making new memories using our favorite classic game (which is now having a rebirth with this new steam version). 
      Essentially we want to start out with the original 32 teams and rosters, pick our teams and simulate the games (one person would likely do the simming from their PC) the results would be posted. And we would come up with all kinds of other storylines and stuff that would make it more of an interactive story. We also want to track stats, assign awards etc, and then draft players and start a new season.
      Is this possible with TSB? 
      If so, would anyone be able to point me in the direction of the stuff we need? I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, and I want to make sure I get the right mods etc. 
    • By Bolt
      Not great, but pretty good Regular-Season results from everyone involved...
      1. @Mike Gordan  174-82  {68%}  =  "11-5"
      2. @buck  170-86  {66%}  =  10-5-1
      3. @Bodom  169-87  {66%}  =  10-5-1
      4. Bolt:  158-98  {62%}  =  10-6
      5. @TecmoSuperFan  155-101  {61%}  =  9-6-1
      6. @kamphuna8  144-112  {56%}  =  9-7
      However, I commend everyone for having the nuutsacken not to go 0-256. 
    • By Bolt
      One of you is getting surly / and 17 games ahead // But WILL catch back up / and- awww, fock it
      Sunday, 12/31 1:00pmE.T.
      Green Bay @ Detroit
      Chicago @ Minnesota
      Houston @ Indianapolis
      Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
      NYJets @ New England
      Washington @ NYGiants
      Dallas @ Philadelphia
      Jacksonville @ Tennessee
      Buffalo @ Miami
      Cincinnati @ Baltimore
      Oakland @ LAChargers
      Arizona @ Seattle
      San Francisco @ LARams
      Carolina @ Atlanta
      Kansas City @ Denver
      New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
      Re-cap o' WEEK 16 Borgger picks:
    • By Bolt
      We're barreling headlong toward Playoffs, friends

      Saturday, 12/23 4:30pmE.T.
      Indianapolis @ Baltimore
      Minnesota @ Green Bay
      Sunday, 12/24 1:00pmE.T.
      LARams @ Tennessee
      Buffalo @ New England
      Cleveland @ Chicago
      Atlanta @ New Orleans
      Detroit @ Cincinnati
      Tampa Bay @ Carolina
      Miami @ Kansas City
      Denver @ washington
      LAChargers @ NYJets
      Jacksonville @ San Francisco
      Seattle @ Dallas
      NYGiants @ Arizona
      Monday, 12/25 4:30pmE.T.
      Pittsburgh @ Houston
      Oakland @ Philadelphia
       Re-cap o' WEEK 15 Borgger picks:
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