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1 hour ago, MartinFN said:

Ok... Brock Osweiler CUT by CLEVELAND!!!! How badly do you have to play to be sent home by the worst team in the League????


I could say the same thing about TJ Clemming getting cut by the Vikings. How badly do you have to play to be sent home by the team with the worst O-line of the new millennium? 

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2 hours ago, PockyCandy said:






didn't johnny cash write a song about a boy named younghoe?

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And then the Broncos resigned Brock Osweiller.  On the upside, from what I heard, it only cost us about 700K of salary cap, and it's only for one year.  Maybe it's best for him to be reserved as a backup, because that's clearly the best-case scenario for him and his career at this point in time.

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14 hours ago, buck said:




didn't johnny cash write a song about a boy named younghoe?


I'm not sure, but I'll do some research. 


Also, his name is 영희 which sounds like "Young-Way". But I'm sure that quite a few announcers (cough, Phil Simms, cough) will call him a youthful and promiscuous woman. 

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Okay, time to tackle the power rankings.  I tried doing this earlier before the pre-season, but I lost all my data just as I was getting close to finished, so this will be a fresh take on the NFL Power Rankings based on some offseason moves, preseason, and various off-field issues.  And needless to say, I got to ask:  Are the Patriots the class act because they are the best team in the league by a landslide, or are the other NFL squads such dysfunctional messes that if it wasn't statistically improbable, that I'd except every other team to win 10 games or less?  Well, let's find out:


32.  New York Jets:  The only easy picks when ranking my choices were what the worst and best teams in the NFL are going to be.  Considering the fact that the Jets are on their way to tanking this season, combined with the fact that they have gotten rid of pretty much anybody and everybody who was even remotely talented, the expectations come that they will be winning only 1 or 2 games this year.  Unfortunately, they have to share the division with another team who may be looking to tank away the season as well.  So their attempts to secure the top draft pick may very well be jeopardized.  Plus, there are other teams in the NFL that are virtually devoid of talent ranked just a little bit higher.


31.  Chicago Bears:  Speaking of which, not only does this team have virtually nobody other than the top drafted rookie QB, but the Bears have to deal with such a brutal start to their season that the team has little to no chance at improving upon their 3-win season the year prior.  My advice?  Stick to Mike Glennon this year and keep Trubisky benched; it would be a critical error to risk shattering your future star QB's confidence before you can properly rebuild.  And if you get the top draft pick, you can then offer up a king's ransom to a team desperate enough for a top QB--the Rams look like a good bet to exploit--and then build a sturdy defensive and offensive line around your star player.  It's best to be putrid now than later, Bears, as you are currently devoid of any such semblance of talent amongst your starters that such a massive rebuilding effort is now possible.  Don't f*** this one up.


30.  San Francisco 49ers:  I somehow have a feeling the Rams are going to be almost as bad--if not worse--than the 49ers, but I'll get to that when I get to that.  The Rams, however, at least have a solid defense and hopefully a future star RB to build around.  The 49er's, if anything, only have a Week 1 win in their back pocket and that's it.  I don't even know what this team has going for it on any level.  Maybe their RB, and maybe WR Marquise Goodwin.  But what kind of team can possibly function when their only possibly good player is a Wide Receiver and their RB is playing behind an atrocious offensive line?  There is pretty much nothing left from that 2012 Super Bowl team, much less from the era of Jim Harbaugh.


29.  Buffalo Bills:  Yet another team that is looking like it's on its way to tanking the season, though not to the same extreme as that of the Jets--at least they are retaining a couple of their best players here and there.  But with a QB controversy brewing (for no good reason) and Sammy Watkins being dealt over to another team, I am expecting possibly the worst team the Bills will have since the start of the 2000's millennium.  Unfortunately, I predict this to be a complete waste when the Jets are also tanking, and the two teams plus whatever talent that remains on the Bills squad will squander their standings in the draft and without any meaningful leverage.  The crystal ball predicts an overachieved 5-win season.


28.  Indianapolis Colts:  Yes, I dabbled between this team and the Jaguars for the worst team in the league.  Again, I'll get to the Jaguars later.  But given recent history, all points are leading the Colts to a similar outlook to the 2011 season when Peyton Manning was out for the year due to rehabbing his neck surgery.  We have no idea when or if Andrew Luck will start this season, only that he has been ruled out for Week 1.  As such, the Colts are in a worst spot than the Jaguars.  Especially since they have no offensive line, and no defense.  All they have now are an overloaded stock of receivers and Adam Vinatieri's feet.  They could very well bounce back and rate much higher if Luck's absence is to last for only a week.  Or he'll become the next Colts quarterback to be dealt over to the Broncos and the Colts will rival the Jets and 49ers for most inept team to be looking for a new star QB.  Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against this team in even getting one of the top two draft picks.  Or better yet, they can do what the Bear should end up doing and deal their top draft positioning to another squad desperate enough for a top draft pick and rebuild from there.


26.  Jacksonville Jaguars and LA Rams (tie):  This team appears to be such a colossal spitting image of one another that there is currently nothing about them that will distinguish them from one another.  They both have stout defenses, and yet both their QB's look like colossal busts.  The difference is that Jared Goff looks hopelessly incapable of throwing a football in a professional level, but they at least have a potential stud at RB with Todd Gurley.  Blake Bortles, on the other hand, can at least throw a football.  But his tenure under Gus Bradley proved to be so fatal that whatever confidence he may have had entering the pros has shattered (three consecutive rookie seasons with less than a dozen wins between them would do that).  Not to mention that stockpiling your squad with so many star players proved to be a complete mistake when they still had Gus Bradley at the helm.  If not for the circumstances that the 49ers and Colts currently find themselves in, these two teams would be ranked much lower.  The Jaguars are much more likely to be the bottomfeeder of their division than the Rams are, but such similarities these two organizations have makes them nearly identically bad.


25.  Cleveland Browns:  What a shocker that of all bottomfeeder franchises, the Browns are actually looking much better than all the other teams ranked below them.  Maybe it helps that DeShone Kizer looks like he could be the first promising QB the Browns have ever had since Bernie Kozar.  I am not kidding; that long ago, before I was even born.  As well as a last place schedule pairing them up against the AFC South, NFC North, the LA Chargers, and tanking NY Jets.  Not to mention the Ravens and Bengals are now beatable for this unit.  My dad has predicted that the Browns might very well be the next Super Bowl dynasty.  Considering the state that the Ravens and Bengals have entered, as well as the end fast approaching for the Steelers, it's only a matter of time too before the Browns come to take over the AFC North.  I still have them losing, but one thing's for certain; after a franchise-worst 1-15 season, all they have left to go is up from here.


24.  Detroit Lions:  Sad to say, but the Lions are looking to really fall apart this season.  It's becoming pretty clear at this point that Matthew Stafford is the lone bright spot on this team that essentially derped their way to a 9-3 start only to collapse down the stretch, and then only to derp their way to a clinched playoff spot because the Redskins fell apart as well, and both the Packers and Lions would have owned the tie-breaker over the Buccaneers anyways.  If not for the fact that the Vikings have no longer have an offense, the Packers have no defense, and the Bears are so godawful that a franchise worst 1-15 is looking increasingly probable, the Lions would probably not even be able to scrape off 5 or 6 wins this year.


23.  Washington Redskins:  How is it that close to every single player that is hoping to make an impact during the regular season come off as this bad during the preseason?  Yes, they won 2 preseason games.  But the preseason is more exhibition of talent than anything else--everybody on these squads are fighting for a spot on the final roster, after all.  And it never seemed like anybody here felt like they had anything to lose.  If last season was any indication, I am fully expecting this team to return to the basement--at the very least, the NFC East basement.


22.  New Orleans Saints:  Drew Brees + Adrien Peterson + other offensive weapons = at least a shot to win games.  Unfortunately, this team's historically atrocious defense dating back to the Bounty Gate controversy kicking in (seriously, the only time since 2012 where the team had a solid defense was in 2013, the only time during this five-year period where the Saints made the playoffs), mixed with Adrien Peterson being well past his prime and Drew Brees inching ever so closer to the dreaded brick wall that claims all legendary QB's one day means the Saints are getting ever-so closer to the end of relevancy.  And considering that the Panthers and Falcons should both still be a force to be reckon with, and the Buccaneers are on the rise, this season may very well finally mark the end of a 12-year tenure of relevancy for the Saints (when HC Sean Payton and QB Drew Brees joined the team), which included a Lombardi Trophy for what was once one of the most pathetic sports franchises in history.


21.  Cincinnati Bengals:  Conglaturation, Cincinnati Bengals!  You have begun a great descent into irrelevancy following 5 consecutive Wild Card defeats!!!  And prooved the injustice of you're player culture!  No go and chase all your offensive linemen out of town and kill off Andy Dalton while he's still at his prime!  The Bungles have returned from their 12-year-long slumber!  Now if only there was some way to fire head coach Marvin Lewis, who is nothing short of an absolute failure at this point in time.  Maybe Bungle fans can hope for an 0-16 record.  Though that's not going to happen.


20.  LA Chargers:  Geez, I was expecting to get to this team at some point.  A lot of the teams ranked below the Chargers (though above the Browns) are all longshot darkhorses as far as playoff aspirations are concerned.  The Chargers are closer to the no-chance-in-hell ranking than the darkhorse ranking, but then I have to remind myself that all four AFC West teams are still very good.  But that's the thing; all four AFC West teams are very good, and they continue to be so even today.  On top of it all, they really stunk in the preseason this year.  And I personally do not see this team beating the Raiders anytime soon--maybe the Chiefs, maybe the Broncos.  But most certainly not their Achilles heel that has plagued the entire Phillip Rivers era--the Patriots.  Under Phillip Rivers, the Chargers have never won a single game against the Patriots.


19.  Philadelphia Eagles:  A lot of people really liked this Eagles team.  Carson Wentz looks like the future of this franchise--even as the Eagles collapsed, at least Wentz has a healthy dose of confidence, dedication, and talent to throw in an NFL level.  If Peyton Manning could become a GOAT following the worst rookie season ever for a QB (alongside his brother Eli and fellow QB legend Troy Aikman), then Carson Wentz should at least feel blessed to have finished relatively comfortably.  Unfortunately, this team is still rebuilding following the butchering of previous head coach Chip Kelly, but at least the Eagles are building an elite defense to help Wentz out a bit.


18.  Baltimore Ravens:  So what if the Ravens went 4-0 during the preseason?  That's surprising for the Browns since all they've been known to do is losing.  The Ravens have consistently conquered the preseason for years now.  And they've been consistently mediocre since the retirement of Ray Lewis.  And now even Steve Smith Sr. has retired.  The Ravens will need to learn how to suck, because they have never lost over a dozen games during the regular season, and they haven't even lost that many games since their 1996 season--their first in franchise history.  Seriously, they're the only NFL club out of the 32 existing ones never to have finished with a record worse than 4-12.  And I'm predicting yet another year stuck in mediocrity.  At least the Broncos were godawful in 2010, giving us a high-enough draft position to pick up Von Miller and rebuild the team into the force that would eventually await Peyton Manning.  The Ravens meanwhile, are stuck in the same place the Broncos were following the 1998 season; they're stuck in neutral with no means of escape.  All they can do now is grind up mediocre season while hoping to slowly, but surely rebuild the squad from the ground up.  Because this team isn't going anywhere!


17.  Miami Dolphins:  Maybe Jay Cutler will finally take the Dolphins over the hump?  Frankly, the wild card spots in the AFC are looking more and more like a crapshoot than anything, and they can indeed get there.  But Jay Cutler is definitely an outlier for the time being.  And they get to share early season struggles due to hurricane season, alongside....


16.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  That, and RB Doug Martin will be missing the first three games of the regular season--Miami, Chicago, and Minnesota.  Looking like a 1-2 start if you ask me.  Personally, I think a realistic shot at the playoffs might actually be determined by whoever wins the Week 1 matchup between these two squads.  They're practically tied, though the Bucs have an easier road back to the playoffs than the Dolphins do.


15.  Houston Texans:  Deshaun Wattson might very well become an elite NFL QB someday.  But as he's still just a rookie, the Texans will be starting Tom Savage.  The Texans should win Week 1 against the Jaguars (though that game isn't even in the bag), and I like them a lot more than I do the Bengals.  And then Week 3 will come against the Patriots.  They are basically in the same boat as the Dolphins as far as playoff aspirations are concerned.  At least they have an elite defense.


14.  Kansas City Chiefs:  They dealt Jamaal Charles away to the Broncos, and now his successor, Spenser Ware is out for the year with a torn ACL.  On top of that, there's a QB controversy brewing over in Kansas City!  The Chiefs went from a top tier rival to the Raiders for division supremacy to a mediocre implosion just waiting to happen.  They now went from a likely candidate for a playoff berth to having to compete with the Dolphins and Texans for a wild card berth.


13.  Minnesota Vikings:  I do not believe the Vikings will be competing for a wild card spot.  Their only chance, if anything, is to usurp Green Bay to maybe win the division.  With the Viking's defense versus the Packers' offense, that's possible.  However, the Vikings may very well be forced into winning with Sam Bradford carrying the squad on his shoulders.  Because it's looking more and more like if Teddy Bridgewater ever does make it back into an NFL uniform, he will be a shell of his former self.  Looking across the Vikings' schedule, they definitely have quite the favorable lineup.  But keep in mind that Adrien Peterson is now gone and it's Sam Bradford that's going to have to lead this team.


12.  Arizona Cardinals:  Speaking of a favorable schedule, the Cardinals definitely have that.  Unfortunately, there's even a pathway to a straight-up collapse down the stretch, and the Cardinals' offense is aging badly.  If the Cardinals want to so much as hope to hoist a Lombardi trophy, they will need to get it done this year.


11.  Denver Broncos:  Yes, my Denver Broncos had went from competing with several other AFC teams for a wild card spot to sitting comfortably ahead as a highly probable wild card.  At least half their divisional matchups are now winnable; we're getting the Giants and Cowboys early in the season at home; the Patriots later on in the year also at home, and the Jets and Bills are looking to be tanking their seasons.  Right off the bat, that's roughly 8 wins the Broncos' defense can clinch.  Can we potentially sweep the Raiders, Chiefs, and/or Chargers as well?  What about late road games against the Eagles or Redskins?  That then pretty much leaves us with the Dolphins and Colts--on the road, the Dolphins are the bane of our existence; and the Colts have always been the bane of the Broncos' existence ever since they were forced to deal John Elway away to us.  2 losses for sure, with 3-4 additional losses highly likely.


And I'll cover the top ten teams later.

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A loss is fine... but I am legitimately concerned about the Pats defense this year. This bend but don't break (but sometimes break) D is getting old. Bring some MFing pressure! 


KC seems to have the Pats number (in the regular season anyways ). 

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