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HSTL S39 Divisions

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I want to fill the league first, then I'm making an executive decision to balance the power. If leaving your team is going to cause you to quit, please let know. If you aren't planning on playing, let me know ASAP. I don't want to rearrange and then have to rearrange again.






Bills - @hoffnasty9

Colts - @drake

Dolphins - Beastquake

Patriots - @War Machine

Jets - @bighock4you18



Bengals - @arncoem

Browns - @TimBone

Oilers - @stalltalk

Steelers - @ricor33



Broncos - @cubsfan5150

Chiefs - @toolie

Raiders - @gripsmoke

Chargers - @GameHigh

Seahawks - @kamphuna8






Redskins - @oklahoma

Giants - @dolo

Eagles - @daboy8821

Cardinals - @flash80

Cowboys - @ChaosConffetti



Bears - @Jebigred

Lions - @CASUAL_T

Packers - @Darth RockMan

Vikings - @vikingmoe02

Buccaneers - @suicideking81




49ers - @Ziur

Rams - @joeygats

Saints - @Nos

Falcons - @Prime

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@hoffnasty9  and league--   I am going to resign / take at least one season off...  As some of you may know I had a hard time getting my games in for s38, in part due to my own lack of availability.  I have a new job and lots of family stuff going on as well and need to step away for a while.  That being said I'll still follow the boards/discord on occasion and will be back on the waiting list in the future.  But being that we have some great veteran owners ready to step back in and it's prior to the draft, it is the best time to make this decision.  Thanks.


PS--  I don't want to see the league impacted by empty teams; so IF all the spots can't be filled by the draft, then I will stay and make a best effort.



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