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Nintendo Switch Reveal

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4 hours ago, slim_jimmy7 said:

Been hearing some mention of hardware issues as well, scratching, dead pixels, docking station not working right. Hopefully it's just the small percentage of people being extra squeaky.


Upon release, and recognizing that the device didn't fit into the docking station comfortably, about a dozen device peripheral companies started to design screen protectors. Brutal. I expect more out of Nintendo creating a 'new console' than to not account for screen protection within the included docking station. Fucking brutal. Screen protection because it's a handheld on the go? Totally. Screen protection because it doesn't fit into the console's own docking station without issue? No sir.

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If the Switch does allow for NES/SNES game play, why couldn't Nintendo just release Tecmo Super Bowl with generic teams and rosters and go around the NFL issue.  This is just my lame attempt to get the game we love on the new systems.  Tecmo Bowl Kickoff comes to mind so I should stop typing now.

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If anyone wants to play Tecmo Super Bowl online on the Nintendo Switch, they should call up Nintendo and Tecmo or even write a letter. They have the technology. They may not have the will to pay the NFL's exorbitant licensing fees, but Tecmo Bowl came out on the NES Classic with numbers and no names. Perhaps they could do something like that with TSB. No names is very lame, but online play? Hell yeah.


Aside from the NFL evil empire thing, part of the reason Tecmo Bowl gets the nod over Tecmo Super Bowl over and over again for these re-releases is because this community is poor at making their voices heard. At its most basic form, we need to be sure to refer to the game we play as Tecmo Super Bowl, not Tecmo Bowl. If we made ourselves heard loud enough, perhaps they might even look for a way to work with Roger Goodell and the NFL cash gobblers...


Sounds a little far fetched maybe but I think if we get a movement going.... anything is possible. They haven't announced exactly how NES online play will work yet, but there is a lot of potential on the Nintendo Switch.

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