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TBone's 1985 Mock Draft

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Team/Owner            #Pick  Player                                  Mock roll/stat line
Bears/Arn420             1      QB Randall Cunningham    31ms 56ps 50pc 50ab
49ers/ArnC                 2      WR Jerry Rice                    44rs 69ms 81bc 81rec (OG)
Bills/RedskinFan        3      DB Eugene Robinson         63ms 63hp 63int
Packers/Stall              4      DL Bruce Smith                  56ms 81hp 13int
Colts/Cubs                 5      QB Bernie Kosar                13ms 50ps 56pc 44ab
Bengals/Baxter          6      QB Doug Flutie                   19ms 44ps 50pc 56ab
Cardinals/Rico           7      DL Chris Doleman              63ms 63hp 13int
Browns/Paulie           8      WR Andre Reed                  25rs 56ms 56bc 69rec (OG)
Saints/Drake             9      LB Kevin Greene                 56ms 50hp 19int
Oilers/PurpleH         10     WR Al Toon                         38rs 44ms 56bc 63rec
Falcons/Prime          11     LB Simon Fletcher              63ms 56hp 19int
SeaHawks/DT          12      DB Jerry Gray                    44ms 44hp 56int
Jets/Bone                 13      OL Lomas Brown               50ms 63hp
Lions/Nos                 14      RB Herschel Walker          38rs 38ms 44hp 50bc 44rec
Vikings/Kamp           15      LB Duane Bickett               50ms 50hp 31int
Giants/Dolo              16      WR Eric Martin                   44rs 44ms 50bc 56rec
Browns/Paulie          17      OL Jim Lachey                   44ms 56hp
Patriots/Dukesta      18      LB Jack Del Rio                  44ms 50hp 31int
Buccaneers/Nate      19     DB Mark Kelso                   38ms 63hp 56int
Raiders/Gats            20      WR Reggie Langhorne      38rs 50ms 50bc 56rec
Chiefs/ChiefsJR       21      TE Jay Novacek                44ms 63hp 44bc 44rec
Buccaneers/Nate     22      OL Kevin Glover                38ms 63hp
Steelers/SwampC    23      DB Issac Holt                     50ms 44hp 50int
Eagles/Bo                24      OL Ken Ruettgers              44ms 44hp

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