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Detroit, MI - 03/04/17 - Detroit Tecmo Kumite V

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Great Times Were had. Ty to @modeezie @toolie MoskaJoe and Chaz for running an great tournament. The set up was.nice. Congrats to @toolie and @diazhole for 1st and 2nd. Ty to Hendershot 4 letting me crash at his house and traveling with him.  My games i went 4 and 1 in the first round. 1st game i beat the guy who won the consolation bracket sd over den. I lost the 2nd game 21 to 2o when i was up 13 in the 4th. Decided to go for 4th 1 and up 6 with 2minutes to control my own destiny rather face an Jj.  He picked run and  i.picked pass forced.me.to.pass to.wide.open wr (which i did). The pass was blocked.by a defensive drone. Maybe shoulda punted but after that Barry scored the game winner. He seem skilled but i still should of won and.cost me the #1 to #3 seed. I beat @Toolie in matchup i have never lossed before. Got an early Int and did not look back. Won my next 2 games got philly in draft. Even in my 1st round vs Joshua Allison i played lights out defense vs Pitt in an 17 to 0 win

Qb eagles did not scramble like.normal. I need to practice that more. The next game i just had bad game vs @diazhole Chi bears. Lost a lot to liitle. Got outplayed. I threw 3 picks...2 picks on called pass plays...1 on a misread  on tge  matchup burn attempt off the screen. Then on defense i gave up 2oo yds rushing cuz refuse to pick run. Gg.  ___<<_________________________        Things i noticed ... @odell was good at Timing Jj on Pass 2 all curls and using his Nt to Legally Grapple the Nt to contain the Run 2 Proset Dive. That craiglist guy was the real deal but reached with the pick of Was in the draft. Moska Joe Played Good and partyed good. How was his Luck at the casino? Good seeeing @Coconuts and Rico R. Oh i won 2 raffles lol. Ty guys. i am freerolling at madison. 





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What a great time at KumiteV!  Definitely our best tournament to date, with a beautiful spot overlooking downtown Detroit on the 3rd floor of Detroit Beer CO 


Two weeks prior to the tournament we sat at just 13 players, which was very discouraging to say the least with all we had done in preparation of the date.  With walk ups, and further promotion we ended up with 31 players, each with at the very minimum, 5 games played, and sending many of them away with some great raffle prizes to boot!


Matt O'Toole walked away with his 1st Kumite Cup title, after two previous runner-up finishes, and our first Michigan champion - which is just crazy to think about!  Matt Diaz was our runner-up, with Rico and myself taking home 3rd and 4th place honors.  Mark Nutter ousted Ryan McKay in the consolation tourney final on a JJ at the buzzer!


Madison Tecmo Director, Dave Murray helped out the Kumite shipping over 3 Hyperkin RetroN 1 systems.  They were so helpful in the tournament cause, as they nearly got us to 1/2 NES stations to Kumite participants, which would have allowed us to breeze through the tournament.  We didn't quite get to the half way point, but the systems worked out awesome, as they seem to be much more reliable compared to some of the old Nintendo's out there.  Louis B. and Nick C. took home RetroN systems as raffle prizes.  So to Dave, thank you so much for that man!

Lastly, a tremendous thank you to the great people at Detroit Beer Co for making us feel right at home the whole day.  It can be a long day, and everyone there was just fantastic throughout, and for that we are so grateful, and hope to be back again next year!  A big personal thank you to Matthew O'Toole, Chas Claus, and Jason Ley for your contributions to the tournament cause.  We couldn't have made the day the success it was without you guys!


See you guys in Madison, and hopefully next year at Kumite VI!


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Louis with two raffles.... Lol. Crushed it in Columbus too. The Raffle King! 


Wish I could have been at this one. Lots of great players, great partiers, and WHAT A GREAT FORMAT! ;)


Toolie finally breaks through. Awesome. One of the community's greats finally takes home a BELT! Guess he's the favorite to take the most prestigious title in all of Tecmo next month! Madison? Naw... TECMO VAN CHAMP! THAT'S THE REAL SHIT! We'll be gunnin for ya!

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What a great tournament.. slightly different  then most tournaments.. Witch  is really nice.. Group Play pins people of equal Talent against each other.. I think it's awesome for all levels.. I highly suggest this tournament to it anyone and everyone.. the five and a half hour drive really did suck but it was well worth it and I will be returning next year

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I am one of the local guys that showed up to the last 2 tourneys in Auburn Hills, but I didn't make it this year. A friend invited me to go to #motorcitymadness at Joe Louis Arena on Saturday so I ended up choosing that over Tecmo.

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Retron 1

Louis and I played on it all night before tourney. I took it to the tourney.

I've had a few of these systems. I love them. I love my OG toaster style but it gets frustrating at times. I Love the Everdrives! And I'm not slamming that puppy into the toaster because the SD card sticks out just a bit. So the retro clones are perfect for a top loader. (OG top loader will set you back quite a bit) clones are less than $20. I can't say as though I've used the controllers included.. they are suspect at best lol. But using the original controllers are always the best option. I will say I have a very nice after market N85 controller that is the best feeling controller vs tomee and other cheap China ones. But I noticed over the weekend that it had a lag playing on the console. After switching out controllers I was back in Tecmo business. I had a problem online using it but figured it was online lag. Will post more on that once I play on the toaster. Anyway.  The retron 1 is awesome and well worth the money. Buy OG controllers. YouTube how to clean them properly and take apart and will feel brand new. Word to the wise...  I blew up a retron 1 and 3 by using a wrong power adapter. Couldn't find the stock one and used a Original NES power box. So it smoked and smelled and was broken. 

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Eric, Matt, Joe and Chas ran a great tournament last weekend!  If you haven't been to a Detroit Kumite and are on the fence, this is a great tournament to attend.  There was a nice mix of players - some who have attended for years to many different tournaments, some only to this tournament and some new faces as well.


This was the third Kumite I attended.  Having run tournaments myself as a host and competed in quite a few over the past 7 years, I know how much preparation and work go into these events.  Eric, Matt, Joe and Chas did a fantastic job as usual.  I had the opportunity to meet some tourney vets that had I never met at previous events, the opportunity to connect with old friends and meet some new ones as well.


I loved the format as it allowed "2nd tier" players like myself the opportunity to play a lot of meaningful games even if we didn't make the top 16.  Being matched up against players with similar records for the first 5 preliminary rounds left me at 2-3 and the 4th seed in the lower 16 bracket.  Two of my three losses were to Eric and Matt who are both great players.  


Shoutout to Matt on capturing the title this year as it was only a matter of time before he got one.  It's hard enough to win a title at one of these tournaments but even more when you are hosting and trying to keep everything organized and moving along!


Two highlights of the day for me were:


1) Playing a close game vs. Eric on the stream where I missed a long field goal that would have won the game as time expired.  Final score 14-12 (DET over SD).  


2) Losing on a last second Hail Mary pass against Mark Nutter in the lower bracket finals. Final score 17-14 (DET over MIN).  


I have seen other players talking on the boards about "quality losses" and having the ability to play against top competition makes everyone better.  Eric and Matt have uploaded all of the streamed games to Twitch and YouTube which is great to analyze how other top players compete.  I enjoyed watching the replay on Twitch to see what other players were chatting about while I was playing and watching games I didn't have the opportunity to see while I was playing another game.  It's always nice to see others critique especially previous Madison champs like Derek and Joey offering their insight.


The ability to draft a team in the bracket round based on seeding and keeping them for that portion was a nice touch (heard DT came up with the format so shout out to you brother)  49ers, Giants and Bills were excluded but every other team was fair game.  Nearly everyone stayed until the end and people who were eliminated from the bracket round stayed to play pick up games on extra systems or watch the bracket games still in progress.


i also connected with a number of new players from the Cleveland area close to where I live and we exchanged email and phone numbers.  Would love to put together a group that gets together a few times a year to play Tecmo and perhaps a fantasy football league as well.


This event got me even more excited for Madison next month.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Long live Tecmo



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