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Green Majik

"Tecmo Bo" Kia Sorento commercial

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I don't have TV, so I didn't see this till Sunday night, watching the Packers get demolished by the Redskins at a bar. Interesting how the Raiders playbook is correct (other than bogus Run 2), except for Allen being replaced by more Bo.


Would make for an interesting hack ......



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    • By chunter
      Running back Gale Sayers in the new TSB3 Legends is incredible!  Even when you pick the same play, he can sometimes escape for a little bit.  He feels like the old Bo Jackson.  I know Bo Jackson is supposed to be in this version, as an unlockable hidden character, but I haven't unlocked him yet.  So far, Gale Sayers has been a fantastic replacement.  Easily the best running back in the game.  And the cool part is, I didn't know about him before this.  So I'm learning about new players as well.  
      A huge thank you again to the designer of TSB3 legends!  Awesome job!
    • By BO FB Offtackle Left
      I don't know why people are "celebrating" the 23rd anniversary of a fight, but this popped up on facebook and for some reason I think it's worth seeing. Yes, that's Bo Jackson in the middle of the second scuffle that breaks out. This is pretty crazy. And Ryan got to continue pitching. If this happened today at least 6 people would have been tossed. 
    • By Baron von Lector
      File Name: Ken Griffey Legends
      File Submitter: Baron von Lector
      File Submitted: 21 Aug 2015
      File Category: SNES

      This is the most important modification in the history of Ken Griffey Baseball! Thirty Major League teams are included, consisting of the greatest players in the history of each team, some dating back to the 1880s. The “what if” fantasy matchup discussions can be put to rest now, because with Ken Griffey Legends, almost anything is possible. Cy Young vs. Mark McGwire? Roger Clemens vs. Willie Mays? Randy Johnson vs. Hank Aaron? Tim Lincecum vs. Ty Cobb? No problem! “Wild Thing” Ricky Vaughn and the 3’7″ dwarf Eddie Gaedel even make an appearance.
      When playing, the player’s greatest season statistics with the team he’s representing is displayed. However, the ratings are based on the complete body of work of the player’s career.







      Click here to download this file
    • By Green Majik
      Epic throw by Bo during his time with the Chicago White Sox.


    • By buck
      so when I heard TecmoPsycho talking (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/57730-tecmo-talk-radio-the-revival/page-3#entry427453) about his 7 yr old son playing TSB, I got jealous.  because I have a son about that age but I could never really get him into TSB.  he does like NFL football and watches it with me sometimes.  his favorite teams are the bengals and seahawks.


      so, here is the secret to getting your young son to play NES Tecmo Super Bowl:


      1. use an updated roster version that uses similar player/team ratings as the original 1991 game (like this one http://tecmobowl.org/topic/63474-bucks-tsb-2014-15-end-of-season-super-bowl-vintage-style-rom-download/)


      2. use your son's favorite NFL team and use TSB TOOL Editor to replace RB4 with:

      a) YOUR SON'S NAME 

      b.) make player pic look like him

      c) give your son BO JACKSON'S 1991 TSB ratings (75 MS)!


      *Please NOTE - even if he begs you to "make me even faster, dad!" - DON'T.  simply tell him, "Bo is good enough, son.  You can do it."


      3. Start a season with this team, show him how to sub himself (essentially a Bo Jackson clone on a 2014 NFL team) in at RB.


      Your son will fall in love with TSB and you will find yourself watching him freak and hold his breath during long runs and giving him high-fives.  Soon, he will also be telling you that he wants to go to a TSB Tournament and asking you to hook up the actual NES so he can practice for said tournament.


      Seriously, I did this last week.  He is 12-1 in a season with the 14-15 Seahawks, with himself at RB.

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