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Players lose speed when cutting at 45 degrees hack

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Wow, I never realized that, and it just doesn't seem to play that way after I just tested it.


I took a low RS, low RP, and high MS guy and played him with your 45 degree hack, and the slowdown at a 45 degree cut was obvious.  Using the same guy in a rom without any speed hack, he doesn't seem to lose any speed on a 90 degree cut.

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@Tecmonster So you we were both right. Even when I thought I was making perfect 90 degree cuts there was at least one frame in between where the joystick hit the 45 degree angle. But in the video it looks like a perfect 90 degree cut. 


So your question might be irrelevant as it appears to be near impossible to go make a 90 degree cut without a frame where the joystick doesn't hit the 45 or without a frame where the joystick is on no direction causing your player to stop for a frame.



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Hm, interesting, so it's impossible to actually make a pure 90 degree cut.  Well, how hard would it be to adapt the hack so that the player's speed is reset to RS when he cuts at a 90 degree angle TO THE SIDELINES?


OR . . . instead of resetting the player's speed to RS at EVERY 45 degree cut, make it so that there's, say, a 20% chance that his speed will be reset to RS.


What do you think?


I've been playing with the first hack you posted, and it's a total game-changer, literally.  It makes the game more realistic because defenses seem to really struggle to catch a breakaway ball carrier from behind, but it's also tougher for a ball carrier to GET a breakaway run because of the cut slowdowns.  It's such a radical change in player movement though, I think this would require a lot of testing to ensure a good run/pass potency balance and offense/defense balance.  My first impressions though, thinking about a MAN vs. MAN game, are that this hack seems to make the passing game more potent, and the running game a little less potent, which helps make the game less RB-centric and, again, more realistic.

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