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New York, NY - 10/15/16 - The New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2016

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I'll be posting the stream videos by this weekend, work has slowed the release of the videos a bit.


I think I had too much fun. Drank more Brooklyn Lager than I expected and it affected my play. But Jim T. handed me my ass by running all over me in the quarter finals on his way to a 3rd place finish.


You can count this swamp rat as in for next year, but I'll take it easy on the Brooklyn Lager next time.

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Thanks everyone for the congratulatory messages. It was another great weekend, and tournament in New York.  Huge shout out to Brian for sticking with it after Break screwed you all over. The new venue was perfect and worked out great. Private bar, and two bathrooms in close proximity for those who were shitting their brains out. 


More shout outs to everyone else who helped Brian run the tournament. Ryan for keeping the brackets and group play going, Matt for the video productions, and everyone else who helped set up. 


I had some pretty close games throughout the day that could have gone either way. And it was awesome playing Brian in the championship game. Great seeing everyone, and meeting some of the new guys. See you all soon. 


PS* I stayed with some friends who live in Astoria, and while walking to their place after the tournament, the Break bouncer started yelling at me because I was wearing shorts. 

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What a great Time i had. Ty to @deadfaulkner @Bad Moon Rison and Ryan Krebs for running it. Congrats to @stalltalk for the victory. Very cool to talk tecmo with @Nameless Loser @suicideking81 Teta ( rams vs eagles wasn't pretty for me in the 3rd place game).

Most interesting game= Was Marshall M. Vs his Buddy in the Elimination round...In a clear case of 2 guys not reading the rule...Marshall starts the game by accidentally kicking the table and causing the game to freeze. Normally this is automatic DQ but they talked it out and decided to reset since it happened very early in the game. Then marshall had the skins and forgot to take Sanders out  of a rb position. Marshall ran run3 vs me like 27 times in game in group play just before.  He was very committed to the run. No difference in the game i watched.  He did not do it on purpose probably a case of not knowing his wr was rb due to 3wr set up. I decided not interfere and let the "tecmo gods" handle the punishments. As Marshall fumbled down 1 just before the start the 4th qtr. Right at this moment they just both proceeded to the bar to drink mid-game. LOL never seen anybody do that before mid-game shot break lol

My games= I won my group play games. Fumbled twice vs bears for scoopers. Game vs marshall was interesting he kept calling right and a. Won 1st elimination game. Then played @tadaos kc over mia. Got some good running going scored then got a garbage fumble and went up 14-0. marino was off. ty for shot afterwards. The Final four was vs @Bad Moon Rison Pats vs Seahawks Back forth game that i lost 14-17. Got the ball back down 3 with minute left and hit a streaker from endzone to get to my own 47 with 4 ticks left. I shoulda got to the 5o but i goobed and my kick was short. The 3rd place i just went for garbage and teta and losed mightly a lot to little.

Sorry i could not stick around to go the beer gardens. I was done for. I drove to new jersey resttop and slept in car till the morning. I got to stop doing that like me and @mort1237 used to in the old days. Ofcourse anytime i get near Nyc i have car problems. I needed a jump on the way back. Listened to lot of football games on way back.

Long LIVe Tecmo

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Sorry for taking so long to upload these videos. Hopefully the quality is good enough.



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