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TSB’s Secret “Juice”

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My favorite Jstout story - People into stat-tracking were getting annoyed that tackles after a TD could cause fumbles, which would reset the stats to 0 for that play. I realized that I had never seen an out of bounds tackle result in a fumble, so asked Jstout if there was some boundary logic that could be switched to include crossing the end zone after a touchdown.


He looked at the code a few minutes, tried a few things out, and before I knew it he gave us a hack that prevented lost stats from ever occurring again! It took him about 15 minutes, and all of the leagues (and I think even TPC) adopted the hack very quickly. 


It was one of the more minor hacks ever created by Jstout, but I still thought it was so cool how he took a basic idea and turned it into reality in a matter of minutes!

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