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Week 1: Chiefs vs. Lions - "Heerrreess Johnny! And He's Going to Perkins"

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A much different game transpired here than the 40-7 drubbing that took place in the preseason. Blair Thomas gets the season opening handoff, rips off about a 30 yarder, and gets hurt. In comes Bruce Perkins, he of the 31ms. Ground and pound all the way, with Perkins making the splash in the EZ, 7-0. A heavy dose of run3 comes next for Detroit, and eventually on a pass3, hit JJ for the short JJ score, tied up. More clock control for KC, but Hector fumbles the ball, and the Lions recover. Things got interesting after a CC, drone bounce off, and eventually tackled. 


Marino confounds the KC defense with more JJs out of nowhere, and Byner has some more success on run3, and Marino hits Sanders on a nice post pattern past Browner, 14-7. Timm completes some passes, and eventually hits Hector for the tie score. Detroit goes for it on 4th in the 4th, but don't get it, and Hector makes up for his earlier fumble by scoring the go-ahead TD. Marino steps OOB on 1st down, and gets sacked for a safety by a drone Fletcher to Ice the game, 23-14.


GG Casual, GLRTW

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