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League Update - Playoffs and Draft (No Trades Yet Plz)

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First round of playoffs is out.


BUF won tiebreak over DET due to tougher Strength of Victory 80-96 vs 76-100 (yes it had to go that far) for home field. PHI over CIN for homefield due to sweep.


Diff thread will be released about that later, but rom is out.


As for Draft


Colts didn't finish their own season. Penalty is they are the last draft spot before playoff teams, slotted at 14.

Tiebreak for the shot at 9-12 in the 1st round lottery vs slotting at 13 between HOU and ATL was an absolute fuckfest. Same strength of schedule. Has that happened before? Not that I can remember. So we go to Conf Rec. Common Games, turns out the whole schedule was identical, (Yep, Fuck me) so we go to Strength of victory (AGAIN tonight) and ATL was 65-95 while HOU was 57-87. Weaker strength of victory gets the spot so Hou in the lotto, ATL at 13.


the draft lottery is done
top pick
1. RAMS - Bongjack, 2. T.B. - RetroNathan, 3. N.O. - RZALBC, 4. G.B. - Stalltalk
5. DAL. - jesus, 6. CLE. - BigFatPaulie, 7. S.L. - Rico, 8. CHI. - SLIM
9. HOU - Purplehaze, 10 PIT - Swamp, 11. MIN. - ShreddedArse, 12. JETS - Timbone
13. ATL. - Prime, 14, BAL. - REG
i'm just realizing that YES i do still need to fucking do the SOS for draft tiebreak for the rest of the rounds
fuck me
Lottery was rolled in champagne room in aim


I will finish up the tiebreaks and rookie tweaks tomorrow.

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PreLottery Draft order


1 NO  2-14 0.519531

2  GB  2-14  0.523438

3 TB   3-13   0.496094

4 RAMS 3-13  0.542969

5 CHI   4-12

6  CLE 5-11 0.527344

7  SL  5-11 0.542969

8 DAL 6-10  0.527344

9 MIN  6-10  0.535156

10  PIT   8-8 0.503906

11 JETS  8-8  0.570313




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On 7/1/2016 at 7:57 PM, cubsfan5150 said:

It's my old team... would be interested in them, but otherwise, I'll stick to TMNT SNES


FYI your old team resides currently in St. Louis due to relocation

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