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Classic Tailback Highlights

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On 8/13/2017 at 7:42 PM, PockyCandy said:

Thurman Thomas has to be the best tailback that no one ever talks about. 


Not really my style of runner, but I'd definitley have him on my team as a 'slotback', or on my fantasy team as my 'flex'.......his ability to catch boosts his skill level above many other elite runners because of that alone...plus, he was always on GREAT teams...but I'm not taking anything away from his running ability, because he was very good.  Hell, he started over Barry Sanders for a year or two at Oklahoma State if my memory serves me correctly.

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^^^Walmart version???  Not quite.  Barry wasn't 250+ pounds and didn't run over anybody.........but yes, they're running styles are very similar.  He was one of my favorite players to watch back then.....He had a game in the Peachbowl in 90' where he went for over 200 yards and like 3 or 4 scores.....I'll never forget that.  A great player who seemed too big to have agility like that.......but he DID.


(p.s.  I just noticed that you had some highlights from that Peachbowl game at the end of the film!!! That took me back...great vid!) 

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