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(NES) Tecmo Super Bowl 2012-13

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Tecmo Super Bowl 2012-13

After watching the 2012-2013 season I took it upon myself to recreate that season because of the personnel and state of the league.  There are many reasons i made this game and here they are in a list.


   - Ray Lewis' last stand



   - 3 rookie quarterbacks made it to the playoffs, (never been done in NFL history: Robert griffin III, Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck)



   - First time the NFL has had multiple mobile quarterbacks (Robert griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Michael Vick, even Aaron Rodgers on a good day)



   - Peyton Manning's first season back from mutiple neck surgeries and now with the broncos



   - J.J. Watt recording 20 sacks but most unbelievably 20 PASS DEFLECTIONS



   - Adrian Peterson's almost record breaking season in a "Passing League"






Hacks Applied to this rom



   - Kick off distance hack



   - Touch back kickoff hack



   - Must have overtime Winner hack



   - Clock countdown rate changed from default 20 to 23 (clock ticks slower)



   - Moved kickoff to 35 so the ball reaches the back of the endzone with full power (thanks to Buck for the help)



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