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Fairfield, OH - 07/18/2015 - 2015 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament (8th Annual)

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What: 2015 Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament (8th Annual)
When: Saturday, July 18, 2015
Where: Rick's Tavern & Grille, 5955 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Buy-In: $35; includes a tournament T-shirt; Yuengling and Miller Lite prizes and giveaways; 1991 NFL memorabilia
Registration is NOW OPEN: http://mwtecmo.com/purchase-tournament-entry/
Website: www.mwtecmo.com
Special Guest: Tecmo and Former Bengals star David Fulcher
Rules: http://mwtecmo.com/tournament-rules/
Format: http://mwtecmo.com/tournament-format
Live Stream: http://mwtecmo.com/watch/
Prizes: Top performers will take home cash and trophies

New features added to the tournament this year:
1.) Whoever throws for the most passing yards with Boomer Esiason will win a prize.
2.) Whoever returns an interception for a touchdown manning David Fulcher will win a prize.
3.) The "first out" single elimination tournament. Players to be eliminated in the early stages of the main event will participate in a single elimination tournament for a prize.
4.) The 3rd Annual Women's Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament will be formatted using predetermined matchups for each round. Information can be found here: http://mwtecmo.com/womens-tournament/

5.) Ickey Shuffle dance contest. Winner will receive a ridiculous prize of some sort.


We will once again be holding a raffle that will include multiple neat items. Last year we were gracious enough to acquire two tickets to the Hall of the Fame Game. All raffle proceeds will be donated to the David Fulcher Foundation for awareness and a cure of multiple sclerosis.

If you have any questions regarding Midwest Tecmo, please drop us an email at chris@mwtecmo.com.

We look forward to another GREAT time in Greater Cincinnati!

Follow us on the Twitter: @MWTecmo | #MWTecmoVIII





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So I just found out that allegiant has cheap as shit flights from Austin to Cincinnati (bout $200 round trip), so this might be a possibility... Maybe if I could bum it at someone's place for a few days or something?

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So I just found out that allegiant has cheap as shit flights from Austin to Cincinnati (bout $200 round trip), so this might be a possibility... Maybe if I could bum it at someone's place for a few days or something?

You can crash at my house. Done.

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BTW, this is a brilliant idea!

Didn't know what kind of attention it would get locally. One of my best friends owns McKinley's Pub, so we sort of collaborated ideas and went with it. Funny part is Coconuts made a mention that he was going to make an appearance to play. If he does, I couldn't deny him a spot if he'd actually travel over 400 miles to play in a NEWB, 16-man tournament. Matt Diaz and Joey Vogt will be on the mic during the live stream all tourney long, giving their expertise at www.twitch.tv/mwtecmo. Should be an overall fun, quick day. Yuengling is our sponsor, and will provide handouts for all competitors and prizes for the top 3. First will get a Yuengling golf bag, second a Yuengling mirror, and third a Yuengling polo.

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Wanted to thank everyone who came to watch and the 14 budding Tecmoers who rekindled their love for the game. If I get half of the group from Sunday at the main event in July, the satellite tourney served its purpose. But regardless, it was a fun time to sit back and watch the new guys play. Yuengling overwhelmed us with prizes and attention, so I can only imagine what they're going to do for the main gig. But here are some photos from Sunday's satellite tourney, which was won by Fairfield, Ohio resident Nick Steer. Side note, he missed his 6 p.m. softball game to win this tournament. His brother was there to root him on. He was continually telling Nick that this was worth missing softball. And son of gun, he won the thing. And he was good, too. Toggled like a champ. He was by far the fastest tapper there.


Nick Steer and his brother.



Nick Steer and Dave Pitzer, who finished second.



Josey Lawson, who finished third. Mind you, I've known this guy for more than 10 years. He kicked his Super Nintendo through his TV twice in one night after I beat him with the Patriots against his Falcons in TSB3. He bounced back pretty well from that incident that took place roughly 8 years ago.



For those who commented during the tourney on Twitter, Joey was not playing in this. Joey and Matt Diaz kindly took to the live stream to announce the entire 4-hour tourney.



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