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Indianapolis, IN - 06/20/15 - Tecmo Indy I

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Hell of a great time guys!!  Was glad to see some familiar faces:  Derek, Matt V, Louis, Kevin C and also glad to meet some new people, who were all really cool.  Well, all except the two wasted guys who bailed, one who took mushrooms and completely left/checked out and the other who got so drunk he went looking after him.  LOL!  Put a small kink in the day, but whatever.


Big thanks to tournament direction Dan for putting the whole thing together.  You found a great venue (and a brewery!), got people signed up to play, and ran a good tourney with solid ideas.  I think that learning from this entire experience will make the Indy tournament stronger & even better next time.


I know the field wasn't the most competitive, but I have to say, that was probably the BEST tecmo I've played maybe in my life.  How I knocked off Derek (well, fumbles did him in) in a tournament setting is still beyond me.  Had a great winner's bracket final against Matty V which came down to the last 50 seconds and a hard fought defensive battle with Louis in the loser bracket championship.  


As always, the camaraderie is second to none. All the guys were stand up fellas, loved sharing stories of tecmo/life all over some damn good Apricot Wheat ale.  #YUMMMMMMM  Thanks for the great day and look forward to the next one!!



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Sadly, my weekend took me away before the stream link went up.  Are you guys uploading the streamed games to youtube, and if so, which channel should I be following to view them?


Thanks for streaming the event.  That custom NES though!  Looks tight!

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20 total paid participants... 2 left before group play was over.  2 more dropped before the double elimination bracket.


Group Play Results:  http://challonge.com/tecmoindy1/groups


28-0 Games were games that were won by 28 points or more.


Double Elimination Bracket:  http://challonge.com/tecmoindy1


All game results attached




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A massive thank you to everyone that came out and played in the tourney. We had a lot of new guys come out and it was great to see the nostalgia in their eyes and discover this Tecmo community they didn't know existed. And having some Tecmo legends come as well really rounded out the tourney.


Congrats to Matt Vogt on the win! Kind of crazy you almost didn't come out and ended up winning the whole thing.


Thanks to Derek for your help in a myriad of ways. Brad for those mad PR skills. Kevin Cabarello and Phil C for showing up early and unexpectedly helping us set up. That was seriously awesome. And all of the above for helping with the pool/bracket debacle that happened. Chris Vogt and the Tecmo Godfather himself for the retweets and promotion on Twitter. You guys rock!


Finally, to the guys behind Tecmo Madison. Without what you guys have done up there in Wisconsin, we most likely wouldn't have had this small, little tourney in Indy to run. I deeply appreciate allowing us to use your base to build upon. The respect I now have for what you guys have done, and do each year, is unparalelled. Thank you.


We had a few rough spots but I think it was a pretty good success overall. Something definitely to build on for next year. We will work on smoothing out the rough spots, adding in some really cool ideas we have cooking, and continue to build a really awesome tourney for all of you to hopefully visit one day. You guys really do need to come and try the brews at Books&Brews. Brad's not lying about that Apricot Wheat craft brew. It's unbelievable!


Thanks again for everything guys and hope to see you guys at one of our events in the future! Long live Tecmo!

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