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Buffalo, NY - 05/16/15 - Buffalo Bounty III: For A Few Dollars Moore

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Food menu....mort recommends the "slicks platter". Also paul b. Of buffalo made this "qb bills vs qb eagles" tecmo birdhouse that ive added to the raffle prize list. Other raffle prizes include 4 $25 gift cards ( 2 olive garden, 1 outback steakhouse, 1 stoneage video games), and the 50/50.








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Tourney Results....Not sure if championship SCORE  tween me and dt is right. Teams are right. Note about pitt vs det game dt vs lou ( 8 lost fumbles, 2 for td scoopers for tds {1 for each team}, 2 blocked fgs {1 scooped up 4 a 1st down for DT} ). GOOB LOU!!!!!


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DT will be live on Tecmo Talk Radio at 11 p.m. EST right here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/flashchat/chat.aspx?HostUserURL=tecmotalk&cohost=y... TUNE IN!

cool to here d.t. talk about his love about his seahawks on the blog. Lot of season mode games tween me, dt and mort paying off. Also jason p. (Laztlain ) Of buffalo rode an 4 cylinder 73 horsepower army jeep to the tourney. Got pulled over later that night. Cops said...were just pulling you over to check out your army jeep. Got 2 drunk tecmoers and 2 tvs home!!!

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