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NFL 2014-15 Season Discussion

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east: pats again.

north: who knows who will show up?  I can see most of these guys going 0.500, might be a wild card in here

south: colts 10-6, titans/texans maybe wild card

west: denver 12-4, sd wild card, kc MAYBE goes 0.500 maybe wild card



east: shit.  who knows? probably the same as last season.

north: between GB and CHI, but Rodgers > Cutler, bears maybe wild card

south: saints, I'm curious about this division. TB with a QB, can Cam make it happen with those 25 MS receivers?

west: same as last season, physical condition will be a big factor.  aren't 49ers LBs all f-d up?

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It's hilarious to throw that kind of money at this guy, but what else can they do?  I think the Bengals had to do it.


I'm not a huge fan of Dalton at this point, but he has kept improving and I believe that he has potential to get better.  He's winning games (making the playoffs, at least) and he's slowly working his passer rating up to the high 80s.  


MGK, once Pats no longer have Brady, you'll see how hard it is and what a gamble it is to get/keep a decent QB.

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Let's shake things up.






WCs-Chargers, Patriots






WCs-Giants, Bucs


Redskins are a solid pick. But Dolphins? Seriously? ;) Pats D looks to be better than in the past four or five years.

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