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    • By 49ers Fathful
      Is there a possibility someone can make a Tecmo Basketball 2018 ROM? With the NBA Season coming up? Or can soomone tell me how to edit Tecmo Basketball, what programs I need, etc. 
    • By yellowno7
      Hi, anyone seen a good place with a comprehensive catalog of TSB ROM versions (different years, etc)?
      Might have someone mod a NES Classic Mini and want to pimp it with a good selection of TSB versions.
      I've seen:
      1) This url (TecmoBowl.org "ROMs by year") has a few options...
      2) ... and TecmoSB.com (clicky) has a link for "TSB Roms Collection <=== last update: 11/16/2014."  I haven't been able to open this one, but it appears to have so many ROMs, that some years have 5-10+ versions.  
      Figured by now, someone may have already edited a good catalog list somewhere.  nbd if not.
    • By buck
      This is a virgin 28-team NES TSB ROM with one big change - 
      all DEFENSIVE PLAYS have been changed to the respective "BLITZ" for every play.  So, when you play it, no matter what, the defense comes at you like they picked your play.  In addition, the OFFENSIVE PLAYS were changed to use the actual play that it would run when the defense picks the offenses play, like Pass 1 Pro T Screen for instance.
      I went in and copied/pasted the "blitz" play for every play, so that every pick is a successful play-pick.  At the bottom of this post is a screenshot of the defensive bytes that were changed to the common blitz byte for every play variation.  
      In this picture, you can see that the RUNS use a Blitz Byte of 5B, 53, 57, 5F, 8F, or 99.    Pass play Blitz Bytes are 5F, BB, DA, and 22...that's right, there are ONLY 4 variations to a Pass-Play blitz! 
      Also, in this picture, The top-left starts with the 8 variations of Run Slot 1, Play 1.  It continues (left to right, top to bottom), 8 plays for each slot, 8 variations of each play, down to the very last Pass Slot 4, Play 8.
      Now, changing the defense is NOT ENOUGH - because the offense has 8 possible variations for any given play - so I had to go in and change all of the offensive plays to run the variation that it uses when the defense picks the offenses respective play (sorry, no picture for this).
      This ROM is made for the sole purpose of practicing responses to getting your play called!  (Note - this is mostly useful for practicing getting your Pass Play called.  
      Work on those timed taps!
      Tecmo Super Bowl AllBlitzes.nes
      Have fun.  

    • By TheRaja
      Hey all. Im working on my yearly TFO Rom and last season I started to give away the prize of placing text on the Tecmo Blimp that appears at halftime. So since I have my notes and couldn't find this on the boards I wanted to post it for others... and so I won't lose it next season when I do this all again
      So I like to think of the Tecmo Blimp as having 2 Lines of 10 "Spots". These spots are filled in with 8x8 pixel images. There are 16 available characters to use in these spots (not counting spaces). You would need to go in and EDIT these with your own images/letters/characters to appear on the blimp and one could have MORE spots by doing some edits on their own but I stick with the 16 as I haven't had an issue with it.
      I know there is more "real estate" on the blimp that could be used but since it shares a pallet with the background clouds I just stick with the two 10 character lines.
      CHARACTER GRAPHIC SPOTS (17 total counting Space/Blank)
      03 = Space/Blank (DO NOT OVERWRITE)
      0B = Left Part of Helmet Icon
      0F = Right Part of Helmet Icon
      1D = E (blue)
      37 = C (blue)
      39 = T (blue)
      3D = M (blue)
      3E = O (blue)
      3F = S (pink)
      41 = U (pink)
      42 = P (pink)
      43 = E (pink)
      44 = R (pink)
      45 = B (pink)
      46 = O (pink)
      47 = W (pink)
      48 = L (pink)
      SPOTS AVAILABLE ON THE BLIMP (2 Lines of 10)
      1ST: LINE: 0x1446c   0x1446d   0x1447b   0x1447c   0x1447d   0x1447e   0x1448c   0x1448d   0x1448e   0x1448f
      2ND LINE: 0x14470   0x14471   0x1447f   0x14480   0x14481   0x14482   0x14490   0x14491   0x14492   0x14493
      PALLET LOCATION (3 colors)
      BLUE: 0x1a02d
      PINK:  0x1a02e
      WHITE:  0x1a02f (DO NOT CHANGE)
      [Recommended not to mess with the white as the rest of the blimp's white spots share the same pallet as the clouds in the background]
      Attached is TFO 2016's Blimp Have fun!!!!

    • By buck
      Ok, I have been up and down with SIM/SKP and have got SKP (teams that play season in the background) stats working almost perfect - the only problem is that the teams don't score enough touchdowns!
      For example, I have RBs running for the right amount of carries and picking up the right amount of yards BUT, they are scoring TDs about 1/2 of what I would like them to.  Same as QBs.
      *Question is:  Is there an (as of yet "undocumented") location in the ROM that essentially sets the SKP scoring ?  I want to DOUBLE the scoring, but keep the yards the same.
      Note - I have tried many, many combinations of setting the values below to get what I want - and while in some scenarios I AM able to get the TDs and Points where I want them - but then the Yards are way off!!!
      # Sim Points/Yardage Modifiers
      0x1703C-0x1703D # First Quarter/OT
      0x17F0D-0x17F0E # Second-Fourth Quarter
      # Sim Rushing/Punt Returning Modifiers
      # Sim Passing/Receiving Modifiers
      # Sim Defense Modifiers
      # Sim Offense Modifiers
      # Sim Kicking Modifiers
      # Sim Punting Modifiers
      # Sim Pocket Modifiers
      # Sim Kick Returning Modifiers
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