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TECMO 2008(16-0 Patriots)

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I've been working on a version of tecmo ever since i realized i was able to do so.  In 2007-8, after seeing the patriots go 16-0, brett favre and the packers go 13-3 along with the cowboys, colts, and chargers i knew i had a year to remember.  so i decided to make a Tecmo that i thought was very playable.  I basically used the same formula for stats as the original 1991 tecmo.  I've seen too many custom Tecmo ROMS give out maximum speed like candy. Keeping in mind that Ted Ginn JR. was the fastest player in the league this year (2008), but also keeping in mind that dolphins went 1-15 this year, so I gave ted Ginn Jr 50 maximum speed vs Randy Moss(69 maximum speed) who is clearly slower than Ted Ginn Jr. 


The formula used was *actual speed x production in 2008*.  Seeing as Randy moss set records that season (2008) it was only appropriate to give him 69 


*Actual speed x production in 2008 formula*  was applied to all positions.


Another thing I did was combine formations for better game play, I removed/edited almost all of the pre-snap motion plays and used formations like: *oneback* and *pro t*

(PS,  I extracted the 2008 rosters onto a knubbe's 2013 Tecmo super bowl.nes , so that i could take advantage of the upgraded kickoff's distances, and the madden style playbook color.  Just a warning as to why it says 2013 in the start screen but Steve Mc'nair is still on the ravens :P)


****Check out the new WR SCREEN on the redskins and saints****


2008 Tecmo(16-0 patriots)-


I really hope you tecmo'ers out there give this game the time of day because I've put a lot of effort into it and I think its an amazing product

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players seem to be rated pretty fast in general, but it seems like it plays well.  


did you tweak faces?  









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After realizing what the play editor can really do I edited/changed a few more plays and this is my final release. (so they say)
    - added/merged double TE(2 plays added)

    - added a full set of plays for offset I (best used with 2 quality running backs)

    - Removed Pre-snap motion and merged plays into oneback formation

    - Added a WR screen with matching pass plays

    - moved/added playactions

    - run and shoot draw *R2* is now useful in man vs man

    - last few edits and tweaks on rosters






With more gameplay noticed some minor things that needed to be edited


-jaguars jersey's conflicted with seahawks.   so thats fixed now

-shotgun trips right pass plays had issues with defensive motion.  fixed and removed


*****Edited or NEW plays*****



Tecmo Super Bowl 2007-08UPGRD.nes

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