Possible to "swap" PC and PA?? (NES TSB)

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So, like many before me, I am looking to do a very simple "re-do" of 1990 TSB. 


as the NES TSB game works in it's natural unmodified state:  Pass Control (PC) is THEE QBs variable for how "on target" a pass is; and it also is the variable for whether a pass will be "completed or intercepted".  (Pass Accuracy (PA) does nothing, without a "hack").


I was considering the usual jstout PA hack - where PC is "target" and PA is "comp/int"...  


But I got to thinking - that it would make a guy like Elway TOO good.  look at his 1990 stats, off the top of my head - 15 td, 14 ints.  Anyways, that shouldn't deserve a 69 "completion/INT" variable!  


On to my point/question - I want to implement a version of the jstout "PA Hack"  - BUT-  "swap" the function of PC with PA for this hack ->  So that PC is the "completion/int variable" only and PA becomes "on target" only.  It seems like I've seen something discussed like this before (maybe bruddog talked about it?).


so, for the Elway example: he would now throw a 69 (pretty good) "on target" pass, but his "completion/INT" variable would stay the same at 31, which is pretty bad.


I suppose I could just physically swap (cut/paste) the attributes around in TOOL or something and do jstout's hack, but I wanted to keep the attributes looking the same.  So, how can that be swapped around behind the scenes in the ROM?


Anybody have ideas how to do it; and does it make sense within the original QB attributes to do this?

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I re-wrote some of the dialog of my 1st post to make things clearer, I hope.  


looking through the QBs, I believe this will be a subtle change for most QBs, because most will only differ by +/- a single notch.   some of the "best" QBs will not be affected at all (QB BILLS, Montana, moon)


but here are the starting QBs whose "on target" throws would be significantly affected by my suggested mod:


player ("on target" throw change)


boomer (56 to 69)

bernie (75 to 50)

bubby (25 to 56)

elway (31 to 69)

silver spoons (31 to 44)

harbaugh (25 to 56)

peete (44 to 31)

vinnie (56 to 44)

chris everett (63 to 50)

walsh (38 to 50)

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possible... yes. I had notes on how to do it but don't have them anymore. Would take me a bit to inspect the hex to remember how I did my hack. 

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Change x29FEC from x87 to x88 and change the x88 to x87 in the PC/PA hack to reverse the values.  Or you can flip the ratings for all the QBs.

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in summary, this hack is a combination of jstout's original "pass accuracy" hack (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/9494-nes-pc-and-pa/) and this little twist.  


Pass Control will now be the "completion/interception" variable and Pass Accuracy will now be "on target" ability variable.


or as jstout would say:


Pass Accuracy= Ability to throw on target
Pass Control = Ability to complete a pass



At x29FEC:88        ;new "target" PA read ( replaces $87, PC)At x29E54:20 F7 9F   JSR $9FF7 ; Go to new "comp/int" variable read (PC)At x2A007:A0 87      LDY #$87 ; Read PC (was read PA)4C DD 9F   JMP $9FDD ; Go to Normal Code
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Big help.  Bruddog has written that it's possible to shift around the functions belonging/assigned to these different attributes: 


He said he'd lost the notes, but it'd be cool if anything could be posted on this.


Edit:  The link I'd intended to post is:  http://tecmobowl.org/topic/52872-new-base-nes-rom-w-authentic-nfl-experience-hacks/?hl=+experience%20+rom.


I thought I'd written out that I want to know how to combine "jj intercepted" with "completed/deflected/intercepted on non-dive or jump attempt with defender in coverage" in the redone PC rating.

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I was going to make a case at how it seems the PA ratting seemed better for most QBs based on 1990 stats...then I saw what a phenomenal season DeBerg had.

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Definitely a career season by deberg with I'm sure a little luck. Only 4 ints is pretty amazing considering KC was also third in yards per completion and the WR's caught 65% of the passes so its not like he was just dumping it off. 


Strangely enough 3 of his interceptions on the season all came in one game vs the colts "awesome defense" that only managed 9 ints on the season. 


Deberg also threw 7! ints in a game vs SF 4 years earlier and finished with 5 TD's to 12 ints. LOL.

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I've been through most of the TSB qb ratings and '90 stats for these qbs.  I think that PC as "comp" and PA as "target" is solid.  

In most cases, difference (from original, with no hack at all) is subtle.  The cases where there are more than 2 notches involved make sense to me.


thanks again, jstout.

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      3 - This value is unknown to me.  It must be a good thing for a pitcher to have a higher rating, as Italy has the lowest values, but I’m not skilled enough at ROM hacking to figure it out.  
      4 - Again, this is unknown to me.  The values only range from 02 to 0F.  Still need to figure this one out.
      5 - always 00
      6 - always 00
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      Other data:
      Lines 0x01FAD0 and 0x01FAE0 - these are the colors each team wears both on the field and in the bat throwing cut scene.  There are two colors for each team and they follow the team order as shown above.
      Starting at address 0x0116DA and continuing until 0x011769 are the starting positions for each player in your lineup, following the team order mentioned above.  So, for instance, Japan is 08 16 29 31 42 57 65 73 84.  The first digit is the order in the line up (0 thru 8 aka 1 thru 9) and the second digit is their position on the field.  The position numbers follow normal baseball scoring numbering… so 1 is pitcher, 2 is catcher, 3 is first base, etc.
      Starting at address 0x01176a is the FLAG data for each team, for the flag that appears on the team select screen, in the team order we’ve come to know and love.  48 is USA, the others you can figure out by just writing them out.
      Team names and abbreviations are fairly easy to find.  I haven’t mapped out specifically which correlates with each screen yet, as that will be the easy part once this is all done.  Also, I am pretty sure that the sliding bars on the POWER ANALYSIS screen are controlled by the values starting at 0x00F234, in team order.
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      If you grew up loving this game like I did, you probably know the in’s and out’s of a lot of the teams, even without having the ROM available to look at the player stats… BUT I feel that I cannot truly customize this game without knowing the following - and I’m listing them in their order of importance.

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      02. Chris H.
      03. Jason A.
      04. Cliff P.
      05. Steve R.
      06. Clarence J.
      07. John C.
      08. Jon R.
      09. Louis B.
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      -NES Controllers
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      -Extension cords
      -Power Strips
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      If time permits, we will also have a single or double elimination NFL Blitz 2000 side tournament on N64.
      Participants are welcome and encouraged to order from the menu and BYOB. I have eaten there a number of times and everything is great - the dough is homemade every day and they make awesome pizza (I also love the JoJos) below is a link to the menu. Hope to see you there!
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