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Tecmo Super Bowl II - Hacking/Resource Documentation

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Hey Tecmo Super Bowl II fans,

I don't play the SNES/Genesis versions of this game, or later generations after NES TSB, in general. In fact, I can't think of anyone that prefers Tecmo Super Bowl II over any other version of this game. It's kind of the bastard child of the original three. Not as bad as Star Wars: Episode III, but close.

Thanks to Xplozv, there IS some documentation for TSB II hacks, however. If someone will volunteer rounding up all of the hacking documentation that's been written, I'll be happy to pin the thread in this forum.

Good luck and God Speed.

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I think I am the only person on the entire internet who has a love for TSB II. It's just something about this game that draws me to it above every other version. One of the things being the harder difficulty, along with better chances of returning interceptions for touchdowns, and the whole 3 year mode with rosters. 


Some day I would like to do my own hacked ROM of this game, and do a complete 3 year mode. My pick would be the 1989, 1990 and 1991 seasons. The main reason being that it would be a prelude before where this game starts (with the 1992 season) and I think it could be done with minimal requirements of graphics updates. (Only the Patriots old white and red uniforms I think would have to be tweaked in here). 


Some other things I would like to fix in this game - 


One major thing I'd like to tweak is turning off the 2 point conversion entirely, or at least tweaking it how the COM don't stupidly go for 2 every time they're down only by 7 points in the second half of games. (Because I would use seasons before 1993, the 2 point conversion should be eliminated for accuracy). 


Graphics fix and this is just a minor thing that gets under my skin. I would like to some how, some day, set the uniforms accurately for teams that wear white at home. This would be the Cowboys, Redskins and I think the Eagles from time to time used to wear white at home during these years. It would be a nice little fix there, to at least have the Cowboys and Redskins wearing the white jerseys at home. Would like to also fix this how the AFC winner can wear colored uniforms in the SB instead of always white. 



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I own the original TSB II Special Edition SNES cartridge. I'm looking for the manual In pdf form or any downloadable form for that matter. Any idee of where I can find it ? Getting nowhere with google. Any  info would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you 

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