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TSB VROM Pages - All Of Them

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    • By bruddog

      View File Nestopia_Unlimited_Sprites_Netplay
      This build of Brudtopia includes the previous anti-cheat measures for online league play as well as the following change.
      1. The unlimited sprite option will no longer be set to disabled by Nestopia during netplay.
      This will allow leagues to take advantage of ROMs with the no sprite flickering hack added during netplay. 
      Submitter bruddog Submitted 09/24/2017 Category Emulators  
    • By davefmurray
      I was doing some ROM spelunking earlier and parsed all these. It seems they are nowhere to be found on the forums. Examples are below. Download attachments for complete sets.
          300%:       sprites-300%.zip
    • By Tecmo Pro
      Does anyone know where you can find game sprites for Tecmo Super Bowl. Kind of likes these ones for Mario. 

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