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Changing offensive play slots (pass to run and vice-versa)

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This has been found out (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/12045-rom-tecmo-super-coach-2010-11-beta-101/page-5?hl=%20run%20%20slot) avoiding the bugs that were initially pointed out (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/7059-change-the-number-of-run-and-pass-plays/?hl=%2Bchanging+%2Brun+%2Bpass), but there was no explanation / documentation given.  (It was only stated that Jstout knows).  I know you can edit the default playbooks to whatever you want (http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11494-playbooks-ghosting-plays/?hl=ghosting), but the plays are not then assigned to a different slot (so that they can be picked again if you change the play out).


How can you put a pass play in run slot (or the verse)?  Thank you.

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Dear Promising Hacker:


You can not only set each SLOT to be whatever you want, you can set each PLAY!


credit jstout.


at x29129 write (this jumps to the code jstout wrote down at x2bfbb):




at x2bfbb write (this is the actual code):





finally, the "index" is at x2c005-x2c00c 

For the index, each slot is a byte with each play being a bit. 
%00000000 (x00) = all runs and %11111111 (xFF) = all passes


(This is assuming that you do not already have some additional code at the 2bfbb location)

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NEEDS TO BE MOVED, because this hasn't been "officially" documented.


it's a "hack" that needs space for extra code, and "instructions" (index)


like the original topic name:

maybe label as: "code to change NES TSB offense play slots (pass to run and vice-versa)"

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But if you have. Then how can  you point to a new direction?


I don't think you can just put it somewhere else and point to it.  

because inside the code itself (the large chunk of code) there are references to other locations relative to the inside of said chunk and the index itself.  

I have never broken down the code to find these references, and I won't be doing that.  So, you would need to decipher jstout's code and find all the jumps to make them relative to the location you end up placing the code.

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