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tadaos' games- the big kamp HUNA!!!

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Availability: Usually evenings after 8pm, weekends anytime

The best way to contact me is via TEXT MESSAGE OR AIM! I can't emphasize that enough. 2nd best way is through the forums or facebook. Email I don't check every day!!!

Cell # 203-521-8786


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Nice on the "El Scorcho" lyrics Brooks!  :) 


Kevin I'll be on tonight if you have some time for WTF...this weekend will be a little sparingly on Saturday, not much on Sunday. 


In this WTF game I hope I'm not, "Shaking, cause Im not faking I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon."

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i think i'll have a window tonight 8-9:30 after i put my son to bed and before my wife gets home from work.  saturday morning i'm playing odell in 2.0 for about 8:30am but if you have time for "wake n tecmo" on saturday let me know.

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bump for updated opponents!


the only people talking to me on a regular basis are opus and chaos!  where are the rest of you?  jfag we have a double header.  availability is severely limited right now because i'm hosting christmas this year and i have a zillion things to do to prepare.  lasagna for 20 people?  no problem!  (ugh!) best times to catch me are at night i'll do my best to squeeze in a couple before wednesday

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bump for updated opponents!  jfag where you at man this doubleheader is hanging over both of our heads.  berger?  sowa i saw you messaged me last night but i was unavailable sorry.  how's the weekend looking fellas?

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seriously what the french toast?  where the hell are you people.


jfag is MIA - i know he's working on a ton at weird hours but at least give me something to work with or at least some kind of response.  DOUBLEHEADER!!!!


skinsfan - i've aimed a few times and i don't get responses.  help me out here bro!


berger - we've exchanged texts and have come frighteningly close to playing but still working on it


sowa and brooks - roms recently came out but please respond with some time frames.


you people think i enjoy being behind?  wrong.  i got in 3 games yesterday in other leagues because people were actually around to play.  what a shocker!

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I've been around as much as you just on opposite times apparently. Yes this weekend I was MIA but I put that up over a month ago..... 


I too have a schedule page that's: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/54245-jfagundes04/  and I'm on those times pretty accurately.  You could easily reply to my aim message (Ive sent u the last few on these games) with a time in one of those windows you'd be on.  Or have left me a night/time you'd be on and Im very good at showing up and being there if im not working or sleeping.  I forget to check these scheduling forums and any posts quickly gets hidden by one of Franks "hello league posts" every few hours :).


Unfortunately tonight was the best night to grab me, I didn't AIM u tonight as your name never changed from grey and I didn't see you on forums.  But Im going to my regular work schedule then out of town Friday-Monday.  New Years eve is usually slow for us if you happen to be awake around 11-1am pst, I should be home and wife will be in the city.  Those morning times always work, other than that Monday Jan 6th I should be on all night.  Then I'm finally done with my work/family commitments for weekends the weekend of the 10th, next work weekend is likely to be the 17th weekend though as my boss isn't taking off the 26th weekend and I wont work superbowl weekend.


We'll hook up sooner or later hopefully, sorry for the scarce times in the holiday season.  Degenerate gamblers seem to spend more $ this time of the year and I gotta stack that cash as the homies say.

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bump for updated opponents


special thanks to jfagundes for getting our double header in late night new years eve in a equal party drunken stupor!


berger - how's the weekend looking?


sowa - i forget your availability so what are the best times?


brooks - i know you're usually on late night let's see what we can do for tonight/fri night/ sat night


kamp - i know we're both working around a baby so let me know what works for you this weekend


happy new year everyone!

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friday night we're driving back to NC, so that won't work.  because of that i'm going to try and go to bed early tonight, so unless you're on around 8:30-10 i'm not hopeful for tonight either.  saturday may work, but i may be pretty tired and crash early then, too.  we'll see.

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SO tonight. What times be good? I'll be home at around 7:30. Not sure when I'll be able to carve time out, but I could if I know ahead of time when you're available.


Let's make sure we knock it out tonight since deadline is the 20th.

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Well better start scheduling for our yearly doubleheader Kevin :).


I'm in the middle of a long work week.  I might have some time after dinner with the wife tonight, but not likely.  The next three days (tues-wed-thurs) I work and all open to close shifts.  Friday night I should be free the whole night from 5pm est. on.  Saturday and Sunday are always spotty, but good new my Hockey games at 12:30 am est. now, so before then I have time (8am-11am) and maybe sometime afterwards if there is not plans around the house.


Let me know if anything matches up with how your weeks looking,


thanks man. 

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      This post will be a yearly occurrence where I will discuss everything from gains, retirements, and WTF record-book keeping.  
      Notable Retirements
      This year saw a slew of running backs call it a career in the WTF. 
      Most notability Chuck Muncie of the Miami Dolphins:
      Muncie spent five seasons with the San Francisco 49ers where he was elected to five straight Pro Bowls. He also achieved All-Pro three times (82, 83, 84). After the 1984 season, Muncie was traded to the Dolphins for a first round pick in 1986. This pick was later used to help the Niners acquire Dan Marino.
      Muncie was heavily underutilized in his final season in Miami, rushing for 470 yards on 78 carries. His constant clash with head coach Don Shula surely was a main cause of his retirement, although he would have been heavily sought out for via trade in the off season.
      Chuck rushed for 10590 yards in his career, which is good for third all time. He also ran for 108 touchdowns (2nd all time). 
       Another big-name RB to call it a career was Franco Harris of the Kansas City Chiefs. Still battling in the playoffs, Harris has a shot to add another Super Bowl ring to his finger. He helped the Bills win the first two WTF bowls in 80 and 81. 
      Harris was also named to the Pro-Bowl and All-Pro teams in 1980 and 1984.
      Like Muncie, Franco was traded from his original team after five seasons and promptly retired. Harris was involved in the blockbuster trade that saw Marcus Allen arrive in Buffalo. 
      But unlike Muncie, Harris was a shell of his former self in his sixth season. Now only 44 max speed, Harris ran 21 times for 184 yards for the Chiefs. Harris is currently seventh all time in rushing yards and sixth in touchdowns. 
      The Lions saw two of their running backs retire in Mike Pruitt and Joe Washington. Pruitt, an original draft pick of the Lions, had a serviceable career after starting at 50 max speed. Pruitt, a pro bowler in 1981, currently sits at the No. 10 spot on the rushing yards and touchdown list.
      Washington, a change of pace back for the Lions, was acquired from the Patriots for two draft picks. In his last season, Washington actually outperformed the faster Pruitt, averaging more yards per carry and running for one more TD.  Washington's best year came with the Patriots in 1981, where he rushed for 1315 yards and had 16 total touchdowns. 
      The best of the rest include Pete Johnson of the Packers, the Jets' Curtis Dickey, and Gary Anderson of the Buccaneers. 
      Anderson was never given a chance with Tampa Bay only carrying the ball three times in his three-year career. The 24-year-old 44 max speeder decided to hang up his cleats after a disappointing career.
      Johnson and Dickey had similar careers in their WTF tenure. Dickey was traded to the Jets from the Packers for four players to make room for Eric Dickerson, but the Packers later moved Dickerson in the John Elway trade, which also included Johnson.   
      Speaking of early retirements, QB Mike Tomczak drafted in last year's draft by the Giants called it a career after one season. 
      Sticking to offense, the Seahawks lost two WRs who have been mainstays for their franchise. John Stallworth and James Lofton are no more. Drafted in the third and fourth rounds of the original WTF draft, the duo teamed up for 78 touchdowns. 
      Another set of players who put up similar numbers are linebackers Harry Carson of the Niners and Clay Matthews of the Bears. Both players spent all six seasons with the same franchise. 
      Matthews, a two-time pro bowler and 1983 All-Pro, made 225 tackles and 45 sacks in his career. In his All-Pro season, he had 13 sacks for the Bears. 
      Carson also made two Pro Bowls and was named to the 1980 All-Pro team. He made 210 tackles and 48 sacks in his six-year career.
      1985 Record Watch
      QB Warren Moon of the Dolphins broke two single-season records previously held by.... himself. Moon completed 157 passes and threw 313 times, both WTF records. He threw for 3938 yards, good for second, behind himself again (set last year). 
      The 49ers rookie Herschel Walker ran 321 times this season, which is 6 carries less than what Chuck Muncie did in 1984.
      Robb Riddick of the Seahawks returned three kickoffs for touchdowns in 1985, a WTF record. Riddick returned two in one game against the Packers in Week 5. That feat is also a single-game record. He also amassed 268 return yards in that game, another record! 
      Dolphins DB Felix Wright had four sacks, another single-season record for the Phins. 
      Packers DB Tom Pridemore broke his own season tackle record with 107 tackles, 13 more than the previous season. 
      As a team the Steelers continue to shine on offense. Joe Montana and company went for 5133 yards this season, a new record. 
      Note: If I missed one of your players, don't be mad I just didn't see them. Give them a shout out below. 
    • By Maddog Haddix
      If you have a game with me text me when you are ready




      Texting after 10:30 pm cst during the week would be inconsiderate on the weekends it would be good.

    • By elway41177
      MON: 5pm to 8pm sometimes later

      TUES: 5pm to 11pm

      WED: 4pm to 11pm

      THURS: 5pm to 11pm

      FRI: 4pm to 11pm

      SAT: 3pm to 11pm

      SUN 3pm to 11pm


      my email is: elway41177@gmail.com my aim: elway41177


      If I dont respond right away give me time I will get back to you. I just dont always have my phone with me.



    • By Tecmo Psycho
      To schedule games please contact me by:

      Text:  765 730 5599
      Email: tecmopsycho at gmail dot com
      Facebook:  profile = drube4
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