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This is a little program I've been developing the past month, which takes extracted CSV files of your single games and scans them to find and track single-game records. The program outputs the records into a normal .txt file in INI form. This way it can be both read easily and can be used by other programmers who may wish to add onto it.


'm not personally really into the online Tecmo Leagues. I've had a lot of trouble connecting to the servers, finding matches, etc. But I've always played TSB with my friends or with my kids (as it is now) in normal season mode, with each of us taking a team, putting them in man or coach and trying to win the coveted SuperBowl Title. I still believe Tecmo is the world's greatest and simplest football game. That said, I've always wanted a way to have a career mode. In fact, the lot of us have used other editors found here on the site as basis for a makeshift off-season. We put together a draft system, custom teams, trades, etc. When the Stat Extractors came about, I was thrilled. And this also gave me a number of ideas and a clear path to make my own little apps to help make the painstaking process of keeping stats simpler. So, I set out a plan to create many of these apps, as among other things, I've become a modest programming hobbyist over the years. This was my third attempt at this particular app, and I'm proud to say I finally finished a version worthy of the community's viewing.


So if you want to try it out, you'll need the following items:

Extracted single-game stats from Tecmo Madisons Stat Extractor found here.

Also, you'll need this installer for the program, which I've zipped up and placed here.


Once you've installed the program, you'll notice that it will, by default, add both the shortcut to the app and the data folder to your desktop. From there, you'll want to place all the files you want to search through for records in the folder labelled "GameRecords". You can actually search for any file anywhere, but by default, this is the folder where the application looks first so it will save you some time. Next, you'll just click twice on the shortcut, or the actual EXE inside the data folder in order to bring up the application. This is what you'll see:


Once inside the program, you'll need to do two things in order to get the ball rolling. Number one, use the 'LOAD CSV' buttons on the left to upload the extracted game stat files, and click the 'Name the New File' button to use the popup record namer. This will give your file it's name. After that, you'll notice the 'Find Records' button is enabled and you are permitted to search and write records. A few notes are that I made it possible to upload 16 game files at once, that way you can do it 'weekly' or by a single teams entire season. I want to expand on this, making it have the ability to only track records for specific teams, but as of now, this is not the case. You can upload and search a single file, (between two teams), or you can select 16 files at once which should work well with a week of games played on the 32 team roms out there. Once you've searched, you'll find the records file has been output into the "OutputRecords" folder which is in the main data folder on your desktop. Furthermore, you can choose to open an existing file in order to add or change it with new records from new games. Just remember if you do this, the application will update the loaded file, and create a new one for the current records search. Another cool little feature allows you to place a 'season' value by changing the edit box which is by default 1991. This doesn't really have to come from a specific season ROM, rather it is only there for crazy people like me who want to simulate the seasons progressing. That way, if in your third season, you can say the passing yards record was broken by Johnny Strongarm in 1993 or whatever.


Number one, I've tested it pretty good, but you should still be on the look out for strange occurences when using the application. If something just isn't right in the file output or something, please don't hesitate to post here and I'll try to fix it. Next, It is always my preference to check this and anything I download from a third party website. You use this at your own risk. I know I don't personally have any thing you should be concerned with, but I won't be responsible if something goes bad when you download it. So far, I've been using mediafire for years with no problem, but just in case, it would behoove you, if you don't already, to do a quick scan of the item before installation. Just putting that out there. Hope that doesn't cause alarm.


I welcome your feedback. If there's something I can do to help you or to answer questions, I will try my best. I'm gonna try to learn a little more about hex editting here soon and try my hand at some more apps. I've got an idea for a free agents app, a career stats app, a random player generator app, and much much more.

Hope it's worthy, and keep on Superbowlin!

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