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2004-10-20 - Dream Teams TSB III Rom

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"TSB III has been replaced by Dream Teams Football!

Retro Uniforms by RaiderKtulu:

The new look uniforms already takes you away from the TSB III image and into the Dream Teams era. This is the beginning process to reprogramming your mind.

Dream Team Rosters by RushyDaRabbit:

Not Legends rosters. Not best season ever rosters. We're talking about "DREAM TEAM ROSTERS." Stars from the past teamed up with stars of the present to make kick ass rosters across the entire NFL. (if you only knew how much work that was) Being to use such rosters in TSB style season mode is a 1st for football gaming. Never before could you have so man old school players with new school players and play multiple seasons.

The rosters are one thing that will blow you away but the next is the change of speed of the game. This is what completely takes the game away from being TSB III and transforms it into Dream Teams Football. Once you cross that line you will see you're playing a different game. A game style that means the end of the "JAIL BREAK DEFENSE." Jail Break my ass. It's just an all out blitz now that can be beaten by clever quarterback footwork or a simple runningback spin. You will see yourself doing things against that all out rush that you could never do before.

Getting hawked from behind will also come much less. The defense can speed up all it wants to you still will leave them in a cloud of smoke. And you won't have to run up and down like in Tecmo Super Bowl. Burst down the sidelines to run 90 yard interceptions back, get your first long punt return for a touchdown, and do a Tony Dorsett 99 yard touchdown run and you will see the power of Dream Teams Football."

Here is a link to all the download files sorted by the date they were added.

Here is a link to the thread about the Dream Teams rom.

Here is a link to RushyDaRabbit's message boards about the Dream Teams rom

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