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Metal Heads - Unite!

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Metal Heads Unite (aka davefmurray and Bodom talk about really unpopular music)!

It's ok though, scientific studies have proven that people who listen to Metal have higher levels of testosterone than people who listen to 16 year old girl music or old man music....so the joke is on everyone else.

To round out the top 5, I have
Killswitch Engage
In Flames
All That Remains
Children of Bodom

Of those, Killswitch would probably be my favorite, although their frontman, Howard Jones, just left the band earlier this year and his voice can't be duplicated. The new singer, who ironically is the band's original singer is back...and he's good, but doesn't compare to Howard. I know many people that prefer him though.

Children of Bodom used to be a daily routine of mine, but truthfully, I haven't listened to them in a while. I still appreciate the fast paced riffs and Alexi's ability to shred, but my style has changed slightly.

In Flames is the band that started it all for me and got me hooked. Melodically it doesn't get much better.

If you dig the double bass, check out ATR. Not sure why, but I unfairly view them as a weaker version of AILD. They have some really great songs though!

There's other bands that have some great tunes, but none that I listen to on a regular basis.
Parkway Drive (Carrion is a great tune)
Diecast (Nothing Left to Say)
August Burns Red
Asking Alexandria
Bullet For My Valentine
The Autumn Offering
A Day to Remember

On the lighter side, Avenged Sevenfold has some pretty decent stuff.

If you want to go Old School there's always Pantera & Metallica.
Just to clarify, Metallica 1983-1991. Unbeatable. They lost me with the appropriately titled "Load" album and have done nothing to gain me back since.


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Jesse Leach is the man. I loved Time Of Grace aka KSE1.0 v2.0. That record is super good. I love ATR's The Fall of Ideals. The rest of it sucks IMO.

Unearth - SOLID. - watching them live too. So tight.

This week I've been jamming Periphery pretty hard. Misha Mansoor is the mastermind of newer metal right now. No one can touch this dude.

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Metallica's Death Magnetic is quite good. Better than the Black Album (which I never cared for) in many ways, at least if you like thrashier stuff.

As for KSE, Howard Jones is the better singer technically speaking, but something about Jesse Leach that sticks more. I never really gave Times of Grace a chance, but I liked his band Seemless right after he left KSE. All That Remains has some great tracks. As for albums, This Darkened Heart and most of The Fall of Ideals I dig a lot. I couldn't get into their recent stuff as much.

I've been listening to new albums by Shadows Fall and Prong pretty heavily. I seriously can't believe how good Prong's new album is. Just writing about it makes me want to listen to it now.

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I don't think I ever gave Death Magnetic a chance. After Metallica put out those garbage albums Load & Reload - then did that symphony sh t and followed it up with St. Anger (which was garbage also) I gave up. It was disappointing because I saw them live 5 times and would literally used to buy everything CD, book or video they put out. Fade to Black and Puppets are two of the best albums all time...and eventhough the Black Album was pretty mainstream, it was great...but everything since 1995 has been junk. The vocals are weak, drums are slow and melody is completely gone (for my taste anyways).

The worst thing that ever happened to this band was losing Cliff Burton. And you can't even blame Newsted. He was just about the perfect replacement for Cliff and it seemed like even he jumped ship once things started to change. Oh well....

As for KSE - I've been listening to a lot of stuff with Jesse recently and it's great. He's the better "screamer" and sings with a bit more passion (at least Live, not something you'd notice on the albums) but Howard's clean vocals were just much better and what I've grown used to. Musically, they are still tight though.

Fixation w/ Jesse


Fixation w/ Howard

I actually love when Howard sings the clean and Adam jumps in with the screams.

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Also instrumental metals. This gets awesome at 2:15:


I freaking LOVE this band, Intervals. Overall I think this is the direction that technical metal is going. This is like Joe Satriani after he took steroids and hit the weights. The heavy parts are SUPER heavy, but the melodic parts are just as good as anything he or other tech-heads put out.

Buy / Download their EP here: http://intervalsmusic.bandcamp.com/

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Black Tora is awesome! I know nickyx (their drummer) very well hope when i rehab from this injury to go see them in person. They are a norm now at rocklahoma. 80's metal was and is the best in my book!

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The Accused. No one splatters more than Martha. Nuff said.

Poison Idea also.

The Gits = Amazing (RIP Mia Zapata). Gits were gonna blow up.

Macht (or Wehrmacht). Daterape put out a great tape. (no they do not condone it, more of an awareness deal). Couple local silly ones too that still rocked it, Dumt (the TWISTER) and Morphius (Pound grog, drink beer, Heineken Rainier, Turn it up I can't hear, MORE CHICKS MORE BEER!)

Then there was Forced Entry and Coven.

The preceding were bands I would go see back in the day (late 80s early 90s) in Seattle and Tacoma. Youtube and enjoy

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