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Tecmo Psycho

Custom Tecmo Avatars

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About three weeks ago I started creating Tecmo Avatars for the owners of ATA. I am nearing the end of this process and will soon open up the opportunity for all online Tecmo Players to have a Tecmo Avatar of themselves.

The process of creating one avatar does require some time. The only time I work on these is on Friday and Saturday nights, so in other words, it will be a while before they can be finished.

I will create avatars for people under these conditions:

1. You promise to upload the avatar to your forum profile.

2. You can provide me with a GOOD picture of yourself that is not 5 miles away.

3. The avatar will resemble/be created according to the picture that is sent/used.

4. No bitching about how your avatar looks nothing like you (c'mon it's Tecmo).

5. No excessive hasseling me to change something on the avatar.

I will use this thread in accordance with the PT forum thread as a waiting list for people after I finish the ATA league owners.

1. kamphuna8

2. eodell42

3. Matlisab

4. brookstonfowler

5. bradbears81

6. ChiefsJr83

7. davefmurray

8. Bad Moon Rison

9. urLocalTecmoguy

10. Tecmo Turd


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Tecmo Psycho, your cover image for TSB 2012 was awesome. Truly. Have you thought about posting .PSD files of your work for people to edit?

Or, have you thought about doing some graphic touch-ups to other TSB classics, like the outside box art? Official instruction manual? Your work is good; I'd hate to see you head back to life at some point without polishing off updates to the official Tecmo Super Bowl packaging. Also, have you thought about making revisions for the TSB 1 SNES, and TSB 3 SNES labels?

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