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Sorry for my continual posting in this thread, but it has been a major part of my creative process.   At any rate, I would like to inquire if the season stat extractor could extract the conditions of offensive linemen.  I realize they don't have stats, but for the purpose of my career stats program, I wanted to create a way to 'retire' players when they reach a threshold based on their end of the season conditions:

Each player has a retirement stat which starts at 10.  After each season, their end of the year condition correlates with a value:


Bad condition: -2

Average condition: -1

Good condition: 0

Excellent condition: 1


When compiling to the player's career stats, each season's conditional value is subtracted from or added to the 10.  When the player reaches 0 retirement points, they are retired.  As you can see, this will make it so that all players get at least 4 seasons, and those that are able to stay in pretty good health over the years can play much longer.  I've simulated 5 seasons so far with this system, and no one has retired yet, but there are players that are down to 2 or 3 points.  

I know that's all irrelevant for the request, but having to manually track the stats of offensive linemen is kind of aggravating.  So, that's why I just need the condition values of the OLs placed in the season stat extractor's output csv file.

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