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NHL 95

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Here's the rom for NHL 95... I did most of the player cards while a friend did the stats and names.


Some teams were made for the randomness

the only thing i couldn't figure out was the logos

some of the teams:

Nintendo All Stars

Sega All Stars

The Federation

The Borg

Detroit Dissers

Edmonton Snipers

*All stats are maxed for the difficulty

* Arena names have been changed

If you have any questions i'll be happy to answer them


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The majority love 94. The 95 version probably has the 2nd largest group but it's like comparing Texas to Vermont. 95 is completely different then the rest of the series. It really is crazy how different is than all the rest. I'm a fan of NHL98. It's a very close 2nd to TSB for me. The speed of 98 is awesome and is so much more fun for me and my friends than the sluggish 94. I want to take the 2011 rosters from that NHL94 2011 version and transfer them to NHL98. I wish it was just a cut and paste thing but it's not as the names/letters used has to match and that's tedious. NOSE is pretty cool though.

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NHL95 wasnt even close to being my second favorite lol.....NHL94 was the ultimate game. I recently bought NHL 10 and they have the classic NHL94 view.....it was awesome. WIsh NCAA 2012 would have a tecmo view :wink:

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I like basing ratings off of stats, but there aren't too many to look at as far as the NHL goes.  Do you have any baseline suggestions on how you did/would go about rating guys in each category?  I don't want to steal your formula, rather just get some benchmarks.  I'm looking at maybe just making an original 6 rom for starters

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