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Dreamcast Emulation

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Can anyone point me to a tutorial of how to emulate hacked rom's of Tecmo Super Bowl on the Dreamcast? I downloaded NesterDC SE, and after using the builder executable file, the only version of Tecmo Super Bowl that is recognized by the software is the original '91 rom version. No edited versions worked.

Can someone help? Mucho thanks.

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I wound up having to do a lot of extra research not provided by that tutorial, although it was a good starting point--so thank you for that.

The tutorial also pointed me towards a direction that didn't help facilitate playing hacked versions of the Tecmo Super Bowl rom file, as it had me using NesterDC SE (which uses a pre-defined master_library file to denote rom compatability), or a similar rom packaging software.

This is what I wound up using:

NesterDC 7.x along with BootDreams to package the hacked rom files.

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I'm putting here this tutorial, (but most of the links in there are dead now..)




So, Here's another PICTORIAL for Burning a SELFBOOT NESTER CD for the DREAMCAST:

(As it is mentioned on this same thread, NESTER DC-SE needs to download a library (which most URL-mirrors are dead-links now) for it to "compile" the ROMS and "BUILD" a new library of its own , that's why most hacks won't work).

Because this NES emulator (Nester DC-SE) is the best one created for the DC, there are "hacked" (unofficial) versions out there that allow you to play hacked roms in it. (Yes there are some, I just couldnt find any that really worked)(Not even the one with the hack provided by its creator, ment to browse the files into another library within the CD..)


But still, Most hacked roms can be played with NESTER DC.v.7 anyway, and here is a way to do it with  the DISCJUGGLER IMAGE burning program:

First you'll need these:

BOOTDreams - http://theisozone.com/downloads/dreamcast/other/bootdreams-106/

NesterDC.7.1 - http://www.theisozone.com/downloads/dreamcast/emulators/nesterdc-v-71/

DISCJUGGLER - http://theisozone.com/downloads/dreamcast/other/discjuggler-v35-full-version/

NES roms - Of course this thread is ment to be a TSB based one, so check all the TSB-hacked-roms uploaded in TECMOBOWL.org ROM section.

There is also a very interesting collection of hacked-roms in this site: http://romhustler.net/roms/nes


Im putting all of the TOOLS you'll need here in  .zip files as well:





The Bootdreams v.1 had a problem building the Games Library (only noticed after burning the CD and running it in the DC) The emulator only showed 8 characters of the Roms' names. So they came up with a "patch" to solve that. ROCKRIDGE compiler can "build" a library with roms up to 40 characters long.

RockridgeC.zip  ** This compiler must be put inside the BOOTDREAMS folder after it is installed in order for the Emulator to show the complete name of every Rom in the library.


First install BootDreams_106b.exe into your C:/ drive (this is highly recommended everywhere, I don't know why, but never caused me trouble)

then install the DiscJuggler_3.5.exe into your computer.

extract from the files.zip the folder named nesterdc and put it in your C:/ drive, then open it and youll find a folder called games. PUT ALL YOUR ROMS IN THERE. (in order to use this emulator you have to make your library with UNZIPPED .nes roms)

you will also find another folder called pics, and 2 .bin files: ip.bin, and 1st_read.bin.


Because I'm using DISCJUGGLER for this tutorial, First I will need to open the BootDreams.exe ( installed in the c:/ drive), and you'll see something like this:


where DiscJuggler IMAGE (.cdi format is set by default). If you have another Burning software, select it by clicking its logo, like this for NeroBURNER:


You click the Browse button, and you are in to select a folder. Look for your nesterdc folder in c:/ and select it OK, like this:


Now LABEL your CD IMAGE, and select the DATA/DATA format at the bottom, like this:


(To make NERO IMAGES, FORMAT TAO must be selected. BUT of this I'm NOT certain, 'cause I don't have NeroBURNER anymore)

then click the PROCESS button, where you'll be asked if you want to proceed making a Discjuggler image (in this case, because I chose Discjuggler image format) and selecting its destination folder. After that a DOS-type window will open showing the process of creating your DC image. Wait 'till it is completed ( it all depends on how many files you have in your Games library) and it will finally show a message saying: IMAGE 100% completed, or so..


Now, open your Discjuggler (or the burning program of your choice) and select New Task (Ctrl+N) in the File menu, then select BURN CD and DVD images, like this:


It will open a new window called Task1, here click the source button like this:



then browse for the .cdi IMAGE in the folder in which BOOTDreams asked you to be its destination folder and select it. Or simply "drag and drop" your IMAGE file onto this Task1 window. (DISCJUGGLER ONLY BURNS CORRECTLY .CDI IMAGES). After doing this you'll see that the Action menu (to the right of this window) is now "selectable". Insert a recordable CD-R (unused) into the CD drive of your computer and now the Start button at the bottom will become selectable too.

Finally in the Action part of the Task1 window Select the 8x speed (it is said that exceeding this recording speed produce errors), and hit the START button to begin burning your  SELFBOOT NESTER disc for the DC, like this:



***MOST OF THE BURNING ERRORS had happened because:

- recording speed was exceeded (never happened to me, not even at highest speed...)

- Bootdreams.exe was not installed in the C:/ drive (I had it in my E:/Program files folder and it never caused a problem there...)

- Bootdreams is executed in another Admin. account for WINDOWS, rather than in the MAIN Admin. account

- IP.bin in the files folder is not "building" the games library correctly (because of the ROCKRIDGE files compiler was not inserted in the Bootdreams folder)

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dreamcast still holds its own with some games/graphics.  especially japanese/import 2D shooters (that have been continued to be made even after the dreamcasts "death").  and the fact that you can play burns without modding the console.


I need to get my dreamcast set up again.


nice post, 

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